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The Wizard

Lauren Godbout

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The Lonely Wizard
By Lauren Godbout / Picture of the wizard
Once upon a time there lived a lonely wizard. One day he received an invitation to the royal ball. / Picture of man handing over an invitation
The wizard knew that anyone who was anyone would attend so he wanted to look his best. He went to his closet and dusted off his nicest most fancy clothes. / Wizard in front of closet
He put on his favorite dress shirt, and his best pants. He topped it off with his dressiest belt and shiniest boots, these garments were the standard issue for wizards in those times. / Collage of all different garments
Before leaving his checked himself in the mirror and thought “Not bad Ol’ boy!” / Wizard standing in front of mirror.
The wizard hopped in his carriage and headed off towards the ball. / Outside of carriage
As the carriage approached the entrance; he could feel the perspiration on his forehead. He was a bit nervous, it had been a while since he had attended a royal ball or danced with a lady. / Wizard looking nervous, interior of carriage
As he entered through the looming archway, he thought he heard a voice behind him. Quickly he turned around to see where it was coming from. / Walking through archway
Suddenly he realized it was coming from below him. He bent over and discovered his boot was talking to him. / Wizard looking down a boot
“Hey buddy; how about fixing this bunion on your right foot, it’s killing my side!” The right boot yelled. The wizard was stunned, were his boots really speaking to him?
“Are you talking to me?” The wizard questioned curiously / Close up on boot with a mouth
“Yeah, I’m talking you” Is there anyone else with bunions on their feet, who I would be talking to?” The boot shouted.
“Well, I’ve spoken to the village doctor and he told me that there was nothing that could be done to cure my feet.” The Wizard explained. / Wizard looking down at boot
“Well, maybe you could take me to the cobbler to be stretched.” The boot suggested. / Close up on boot with a mouth
Just then the shirt chimed in. “Hey,” the shirt shouted. “What about me? I’m tired of getting chaffed from you hairy back. Have you ever thought about doing something about that? The shirt challenged.
“Well…” the wizard began, but was interrupted by his belt. / Close up wizard looking down
“You guys think you have it bad? Last week I had the pleasure of having a stake driven through me, to create a new hole because Wiz has a hard time laying off the sweets!” The belt complained. / Close up on belt with wizard looking down
But before the wizard could reply, the pants added their complaints as well.
“Are you kidding? I’m literally at my wits end! I am stretched to the limits, my seams are about to burst!” / Close up on pants
Fed up, one by one each article of clothing abandoned the horrified Wizard. His boots untied them selves and ran off down the hall. / Boots running away
His belt unbuckled it’s self and slithered toward the stairs. / Close up of belt
His pants loosened their hem and flew away out into the darkness / Close up of pants
His shirt unbuttoned its self and ran as fast as it could on its sleeves. / Close up of shirt
And last but not least his underpants wiggled loose and scampered down the walk. / Close up of boxer shorts
The disgruntled garments had left the wizard standing there shivering and forlorn. He was saddened and embarrassed that his garments had caused such a scene. / Wizard shown from waist up with no clothes
A nearby blue velvet curtain, who had witnessed the ghastly event, took pity upon the wizard. / Close up of curtain on rod over window
The curtain leapt off the rod, abandoning its job as the window treatment.
It wrapped itself around the wizard shielding him from the inquiring gaze of the crowd. / Curtain wrapped around wizard
Humiliated by the snickers of the crowd the wizard headed towards the exit still wrapped in the curtain. / Wizard running with curtain wrapped around him
“Thank you so much” the wizard said to the curtain as they rode down the street in the carriage. “How can I ever repay you?” he asked.
“Well” said the curtain “I think I am out of a job now that I abandoned the window”
“I have an idea…” the wizard said mischievously / Wizard looking down on curtain interior of carriage
The next day the wizard took the curtain to a seamstress in the village. The seamstress added gold stitching, and gave the curtain a good trim. She added golden embroidery around the curtains edges.
When the seamstress was done the wizard turned to admire his new garment in the mirror. His new attire was so magnificent he realized he could never be without it. / Wiard looking in mirror with the curtain a cloak
“With your new alterations you are now suited to work with me as my new wizard’s cloak” the wizard proclaimed.
P.34 From that day forward the pair were never apart. / Wizard standing with beautiful cloak