Apache XML Beans Library

Apache XML Beans Library

Version 2019-06-03
Identification / Name, agency, and contact information
Pascal Heus
Open Data Foundation

URL of use case /

Description / Detailed description of the use case. Why is it particularly relevant for DDI 3.0?
The DDI Foundation Tools Program (DDI-FTP) is an initiative aiming at the development of a Foundation Framework and a Toolkit to support the implementation of DDI applications and utilities. The Program consists in a collection of coordinated projects whose outputs will be designed to interoperate. The resulting products will be implemented in accordance with the DDI-FTP Road Map and best practices, and based on the core components to be made available by the DDI-FTP Framework.
So far, the FTP has either completed or initiated:
  • URN generator
  • Apache XML Beans library
  • Parser/validator
  • Grouping validator
  • XSLT transforms library
  • Metadata storage systems
  • Policy manager
  • Encryption tools

Primary testing / What are the primary DDI 3.0 features this use case demonstrates?
External referencing / Grouping / Versioning
Secondary testing / What are the other DDI 3.0 features this use case demonstrates?
Output / Describe the use case “product”.
Open-source tools and utilities that form a foundation for other DDI tools.
Resources / List the agencies and/or individuals involved in the project
Support from:
  • DDI Alliance
  • Canadian Research Data Centres Network
  • Danish Data Archive
  • UK Data Archive
  • Open Data Foundation
  • NORC
Development Team:
  • Development of core components of the DDI-FTP. Pascal Heus [doordinator] , J Gager [developer] , Jannik Jensen [developer]
  • Development and maintenance of metadata export utilities for statistical packages such as SPSS, SAS and Stata. Achim Wackerow [coordinator]
  • Development of file and metadata storage tools. Pascal Heus [coordinator]
  • Development of security related tools. Pascal Heus [coordinator]
  • Maintenance of documentation for DDI-FTP product and projects. Pascal Heus [coordinator]
  • Development and maintenance of the DDI Tools web site. Pascal Heus [coordinator] , Matt Nelson [developer]

Implementation / Describe how this use case was implemented.
See for more information.
Expertise / Technical assistance / Team familiarity with XML technologies and the DDI specification(s).
Team members have expertise in XML and DDI.
Risks, Assumptions & Constraints / List any events or conditions that impacted the successful execution of the use case.
Changing nature of the DDI 3 specification before publication.
Quality/ Acceptance / Provide a set results or conditions that can be used to evaluate the successful implementation of the use case. Define criteria that are 'measurable' (physical availability, quality indicators, etc.)
Tools and utilities provide a good foundation for building new DDI products.
Communication / Provide the primary contact person for this use case.
Pascal Heus
Open Data Foundation

Sharing / Can the output of the use case be made available to other users? Are the data or metadata subject to any restriction?
These are open-source products. The Members agree that all products of the Program will be made freely and publicly available, including source code, under an open-source license such as the GNU Lesser General Public License (LGPL) or similar. Given the license model, vendors of commercial products may use the Framework and utilities but must acknowledge these sources.
Other / Other comments/ideas/suggestions