Announcing New Visitor and Contractor Sign in Process

Announcing New Visitor and Contractor Sign in Process

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Announcing new Visitor and Contractor Sign in Process

As an organisation committed to the health and safety and security of its employees as well as those of our visitors and contractors we are implementing WhosOnLocation; a people presence and evacuation management service, at the following site (s).

  • Insert Name of Site here (e.g Head Office)

WhosOnLocation enables our organisation to:

  • Manage the presence of people into and out of the above locations;
  • Access reports on who is on site in real-time, who was on site previously, and for how long and;
  • To verify the safety of staff, visitors, and contractors in the event of emergency at the above location (s).

What Visitors and Contractors do the next time they visit us!

The next time a visitor or contractor visits they must register their presence (Check in) with our reception team or via one of the visitor kiosks we have installed. They must also register that they are leaving (Check out) to ensure our evacuation reporting tools remain accurate.

What will we be asking people when they check in?

At a minimum we will ask for their name, where they are from, and who they are here to visit (if applicable). We may also ask them a range of questions to help us ensure they are aware of the current site hazards and whether they understand any location specific rules when on site.

What do we use the information for?

We are obligated under various regulations to account for all people in the event of an emergency. We also want to improve our ability to understand how many people are coming on site and for how long. This helps us to understand the impact across our operations and make improvements where necessary. The information we record is only used by us, and is not shared with any 3rd party.

Visitor Pass Issuance

As part of the new service we will also be issuing visitors with a Visitor Pass. This must be worn at all times. It allows our staff to identify people on site who are not staff, and confirms to them that they are a registered visitor.

Visitor Arrival Notification Messaging

When a Visitor or Contractor checks in to visit a staff member, that staff member will be automatically notified via email, and in some cases where we have authorised it, via sms (text)


If you have any questions regarding this announcement please contact:

Insert Contact Name and details here

About WhosOnLocation

WhosOnLocation is the leading provider of proven, cloud-based people presence management software. For organisations who care about their people, WhosOnLocation is the fastest way to enable people presence management and safety verification. Organisations in the government, manufacturing, financial services, corporate, construction, health, high-security, and education sectors including ASSA ABLOY, Unilever, ADT Security, and Meridian Energy trust WhosOnLocation to manage their employees, customers, visitors, and contractors presence when on-site. WhosOnLocation is a privately held company.

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