America S Farmers Grow Communities!

America S Farmers Grow Communities!

4-H Newsletter

October/November 2016

America’s Farmers Grow Communities!

Farmer enrollment for America’s Farmers Grow Communities is now open! Sponsored by the Monsanto Fund, this program offers farmers the chance to direct $2,500 donations to rural nonprofit organizations of their choice.

To enroll or find a complete list of eligibility requirements, farmers can visit or call 877-267-3332. Enrollment runs until November 30 and winners will be announced in January 2016.
Since 2010, more than 7,000 organizations across rural America have received Grow Communities donations.

What could your organization do with another $2,500 donation? Contact a farmer you know today and encourage him to enroll in the program. Grow Communities is a part of the America’s Farmers initiative, which has awarded more than $29 million to farming communities in the past five years. Learn more at

Junior Leaders MoMazing Chase Results!

First place Momazing Chase Team! Next Generation 4-H Club!!

L to R: Luke Fraizer, Kate Kelty, Mary Kelty, Cooper Kidwell, Mason Kidwell, Missy Kidwell, Ella Fraizer, Erin Kelty

Second Place MoMazing Chase Team! Happy Hemstitchers and Haymakers #1!

L to R: Laura Swihart, Bailey Gompf, Reagan Swihart, Maizy Brinkman, Kaylene Brinkman

Third Place MoMazing Chase Team! Highland Achievers!

Chandler Bumpus, Nefi Bumpus, Mom, Mateo Bumpus, Dad

The Morrow County Junior Leaders annual MoMazing Chase took off on Saturday, August 13th, with seven teams participating. The most teams yet! It was a quick chase this year with teams coming in under an hour. They mostly ran or jogged the course throughout Mount Gilead and completed the tasks to get their clues very quickly.

The first place team was the Next Generation 4-H club consisting of Mary Kelty; Ella Fraizer; Cooper Kidwell; Kate Kelty; Luke Fraizer and Mason Kidwell with adults Missy Kidwell and Erin Kelty.

Second place went to the Happy Hemstitchers and Haymakers team 2 named the “Cowpies” consisting of Holly Gompf; Maizy Brinkman; Reagan Swihart and Kaylene Brinkman. Their adult must have been too tired to write down their name!

Third place was the small but mighty group from the Highland Achievers consisting of the brothers Nefi, Mateo and Chandler Bumpus. Their parents went with them and did pretty well at keeping up.

4th place was team #1 of the Morrow Believers are Achievers consisting of Alyssa Steckel; Hannah Drake; Joselyn Strickman; Kelsey Kniepp and advisor Martha Osborne.

Team “Unicorns” of the Happy Hemstitchers and Haymakers came in 5th consisting of Kelly Baer; Sam Baer; Dakota Shipman; Maddison Hursey and advisor Laura Goodwin.

The Morrow Believers are Achievers had a second team of Kyran HIle, Emma Artrip and Laura Artrip. They were in 6th place.

Last but not least, representing the Iberia Jr. Farmers were Nevaeh Gallagher; Cheridan Jones; Felecia Gallagher; Fayth Gallagher and Betsy Gallagher. This group got a late start thinking we started at 9:30 instead of 9 a.m. They took off anyway and were right in the running to the end.

We hope that more of you will try to join us next year. It is a fun activity and even though you only win a rotating trophy, groups come back year after year. You never know what we have in mind for you to do in order to get the next clue. We are always thinking throughout the year.

Upcoming events the Junior Leaders are going to be helping with this fall are the petting zoo at Lutheran Memorial Camp at their Apple Festival on October 9th and the Adventure 5K Run/Walk at Camp Ohio on November 12th.

This group is open to kids from 8th grade through the age of 18 and we meet the last Monday of the month at the Extension office from 7-8 p.m. Hope to see you there!


(State Fair Participants listed as SF)


Beyond The Grill

Thomas Ruhl – SF

2nd Place – Alexander Anton

Cake Decorating – Beginner, Junior

Matason Ross – SF

2nd Place – Kaitlyn Kissling

3rd Place – Cara Chamberlain

Cake Decorating – Beginner, Senior

Casey Stepp – SF

Cake Decorating – Intermediate, Junior

Hayden Styer – SF

2nd Place – Michalea Zeger

3rd Place – Emily Zeger

Cake Decorating – Intermediate, Senior

Claire Butcher – SF

2nd Place – Kayla Barker


Samuel Baer – County Winner

2nd Place – Jade Hubbard

3rd Place – Cheridan Jones

Dashboard Dining

Nathan Gardner - SF

Fast Break For Breakfast

Emalee Artz – SF

Global Gourmet

Tabitha Griffin – SF

Let’s Bake Quick Breads

Raven Ross – SF

2nd Place – Ashley Foster

3rd Place – Rachel Howell

Let’s Start Cooking

Zoe Parrott – SF

2nd Place – Kate Kelty

3rd Place – Maizy Brinkman

Pantry Panic

Cheridan Jones - SF

Pathways To Culinary Success

Cheridan Jones – SF


Riley Yunker – County Winner

2nd Place – Manny Heilman

3rd Place – Felicia Gallagher

Racing The Clock To Awesome Meals

Morgan Beck – SF

2nd Place – Claudia Gamble

3rd Place – Hayleigh Anthony

Science Fun With Kitchen Chemistry

Beth Hardwick – SF

2nd Place – Tyler Duckworth

3rd Place – Darren Styer

Snack Attack

Abigail Hardwick – SF

2nd Place – Kimberly Staley

3rd Place – Jacob Levings

Sports Nutrition

Rachael Koller – SF

Star Spangled Foods

Olivia Holt – SF

You’re The Chef

Austin Yake - SF


Active Sportswear

1st Place - Lesley Reed

Clothes For Middle School

Karley Fisher – SF

Creative Costumes

Jaclyn Morehart – SF

Dress Up Outfit

Maggie Singer - SF

Fun With Clothes

Emma Smith – SF

2nd Place – Evie Whitaker

3rd Place – Emily Zeger

Look Great For Less

Madison Searls – SF

2nd Place – Hunter Elswick


Selia Shipman – SF

2nd Place – Madison Searls

3rd Place – Hunter Elswick


You Can Quilt – Jr. (8-13 yrs.)

Jade Hubbard – SF

2nd Place – Kayla McLeod

3rd Place – Ella Fraizer

You Can Quilt – Sr. (14 & over)

Delisa Goodman – SF

2nd Place – Autumn Burson

3rd Place – Reanna Swain

Quilting The Best Better

Cheridan Jones – SF

2nd Place – Maggie Singer

Shopping Savy Junior

Page Elswick – SF

2nd Place – Hayleigh Anthony

Shopping Savy Senior

Lesley Reed - SF

Sew Fun

Riley Johnson – SF

2nd Place – Addison Rhea

3rd Place – Savanna Seth

Sundress & Jumpers

Lydia Leonhard – SF

2nd Place – Parker Repp

3rd Place –Payton Goodman

Tops For Tweens

Lauren Johnson– SF

2nd Place – Kaylene Brinkman

3rd Place – Kylie Irwin


Archery (Basic)

Lauryn Smith – SF

2nd Place – Aleisa Tobin

3rd Place – Anna Marocco

Art – Get Started In Art - Junior

Joel Conrad – SF

2nd Place – Amarie Morgan

3rd Place – Jaclyn Morehart

Art – Get Started In Art - Senior

Samantha Grogg – SF

2nd Place – Johnathan Beheler

3rd Place – Elizabeth Emerson


Cheridan Jones – County Winner

2nd Place – Brooke Kissling

3rd Place – Collin Bowman

Beekeeping (Junior)

Alexis Crone – SF

Beekeeping (Senior)

Manny Heilman – SF

Teaming With Insects

Will Baker – SF

2nd Place – Hunter Dye


Bicycling For Fun – (11 & Younger)

Justin Radel - SF

Cats 1 (Junior)

Kailyr Dickason – SF

Marnie Young – SF

2nd Place – Megan Beck

Cats 2 (Junior)

Sammi Brown – SF

2nd Place – Jacie Hessey

Cats 3 (All Ages)

Victoria Griffin – SF

Marlo Young – SF


Megan Beck – SF

2nd Place – Travis Fox


You & Your Dog (Age 8-10)

Cassidy Gamble – SF

Morgan White – SF

2nd Place - Autumn Holt

You & Your Dog (Age 11-13)

Grace Meier – SF

Marcella Rollins – SF

2nd Place – Kelsey Kneipp

You & Your Dog (Age 14 & up)

Camryn Deiter – SF

Chaylse French - SF

Electricity - Magic Of Electricity

Zaric Ross – SF

Electricity – Investigating Electricity

Justin Radel – SF

Explore The Outdoors

Jason Bockbrader – SF

2nd Place – Reston Benson

3rd Place – Marnie Young

Exploring Ponds

Fayth Gallagher - SF

Family History Treasure Hunt (1st Year Only)

Claudia Gamble – SF

2nd Place - Cora Wall

Family History Treasure Hunt (3rd Year & Beyond)

Madison Searls - SF

Fishing For The Beginner

Carson Kessler – SF

2nd Place – Brice Haughn

3rd Place – Cooper Kidwell

Fishing For The Intermediate

Isaiah Smith – SF

2nd Place – Cassandra Snopik

3rd Place – Dylan Hobson


How Does Your Garden Grow

Katie Greene – SF

2nd Place – Nefiano Bumpus

Grow Your Own Vegetables

Sarah Howell – SF

2nd Place – Eyan Emerson

3rd Place – Maren Ross

Guinea Pig

Ava Baker – SF

Zaric Ross – SF

Gun Safety

Safe Use of Guns

Morgan Beck – SF

2nd Place – Taylor Ottman

3rd Place – Marissa Hall

Health & Safety:

Alcohol & Drug Abuse

Sage Brannon - SF

First Aid In Action

Kathryn Dean – SF

2nd Place – Morgan White

3rd Place – Madalynn Morrison

Keeping Fit

Grace Meier – SF

2nd Place – Devin Brokaw

3rd Place – Izzy Chambers

Truth About Tobacco – Jr.

Molly Murphy - SF

2nd Place – Emarah Miller

Truth About Tobacco – Sr.

Joshua Caudill - SF

You’re The Athlete

Mason White – SF

2nd Place – Marlo Young

Home Decorating & Design:

Adventures In Home Living

Sammi Brown – SF

2nd Place – Mahaila Strobel

3rd Place – Kate Kelty

Makeover My Space

Grace Meier – SF

Horseless Horse

Katelynn Votaw – County Winner

2nd Place – Madison Hashman

3rd Place – Emalee Artz

Laundry Project

Taylor Stephen – SF

2nd Place – Brooke Kissling

3rd Place – Hannah Kanagy

Lawn Care

Kaleb Briggs - County Winner


Club Leadership

Reanna Swain – SF

Finding Your Voice: Public Speaking Made Easy

Jared Haught – SF

Leadership Road Trip

Lucas Standley II – SF


Nora Kelty – SF

2nd Place – Laura Artrip

Money – Becoming Money Wise, Level 1

(10-13 yrs.)

Abigail Hardwick – SF

2nd Place - Grace Meier

3rd Place – Natalie Carpenter

Money – Becoming Money Wise, Level 2

(10-13 yrs.)

Hayleigh Anthony – SF

2nd Place – Andrew Votaw

3rd Place – Jonathan Artrip

Money – Teens On Road To Financial Success

Keleigh Chambers – SF

2nd Place – Allison Johnson

3rd Place – Alexander Anton

Ohio Birds

Rebecca Staley – SF

2nd Place – Reza Benson

3rd Place – Shayla Barry

Pet Rabbit Junior (8-10 yrs.)

Landon Spoon – SF

Jade Hubbard – SF

2nd Place – Jacob Deer

Pet Rabbit Senior (11-13 yrs)

Kyndra Irwin – SF

Pet Rabbit Senior (14 yrs. & older)

Chaylse French – SF

Photography – Controlling The Image

Lauryn Smith – SF

2nd Place – Peyton Tiedtke

Photography - Focus on Photography

Kayla McLeod – SF

2nd Place – Jordan Schauer

3rd Place – Indie Jones

Photography Master

Kelly Baer – SF

2nd Place – Page Elswick

Robotics 1

Justin Radel – SF

2nd Place – Levi Stephen

Robotics 2

Hasin Turner – SF

Rockets Away (Bottle Rocket)

Gavin Webb – SF

2nd Place – Josh Burnaugh

3rd Place – Austin Radel

Rockets Away (Solid-Fuel Model Rockets)

Patrick Bracken – SF

Trey Gingerich – SF

2nd Place – Justin Dendinger

3rd Place – Owen Yunker


Reston Benson – SF

Science Fun With Physics

Shayla Barry – SF

2nd Place – Evie Whitaker

Science of Flight

Jordan Brooks – SF

Scrapbooking – Junior (8-13 yrs.)

Camberlyn Schade – SF

2nd Place - Kylie Irwin

3rd Place – Camryn Miller

Scrapbooking – Senior (14 yrs. & older)

Lesley Reed – SF

Scrapbooking 2nd Year or More

Junior (8-13 yrs.)

Kahlan Ball – SF

2nd Place – Darreyane Caudill

3rd Place – Michalea Zeger

Scrapbooking 2nd Year or More

Senior (14 yrs. & older)

Becca Duckworth – SF

2nd Place – Taylor Stephen

3rd Place – Kayla Miller

Self Determined General – Junior (8-13 yrs.)

Sammi Brown – SF

Self Determined General – Senior

(14 yrs. & older)

Cassady Neviska – SF

Self Determined Natural Resources

Savanna Seth - SF

Self Determined Babysitting

Hayleigh Anthony - SF

Shooting Sports – Archery

Junior - Dana Clinedinst – SF

Senior - Evan Connor - SF

2nd Place – Decota Dawson

3rd Place – Jordan Schauer

Shooting Sports – Hunting

Craig Brokaw - SF

Shooting Sports – Rifle

Collin Bowman – SF

2nd Place – Jimmie Lyons

3rd Place - Malin Fichtner

Shooting Sports – Shotgun

Junior - Annie Bailey – SF

Senior - Jordan Adkins - SF

2nd Place - Zach Goad

3rd Place – Daniel Freeman

Small Engines:

Crank It Up

Drew Hammond – SF

2nd Place – Joshua Rhea

3rd Place – Kegan Searls

Warm It Up

Noah Trainer – SF

2nd Place – Wyatt Harriman

3rd Place – Alex Scott

Theater Arts

Play The Role

Emma Artrip – County Winner

2nd Place – Hannah Wagner

Become A Puppeteer

Andrew Votaw – County Winner

Set The Stage

1st Place - Alexander Koller

Tractor Projects

Tractor Division – Age 9-11

Nathan Krabill – SF

Mateo Bumpus - SF

Tractor Division – Age 12-13

Tyler Brown – SF

Wyatt Harriman – SF

Tractor Division – Age 14 & Older

Dylan Goodman – SF

Derek Goodman – SF

Noah Huffer – SF

2nd Place – Alex Scott

3rd Place – Micheal Delaney

Vet Science: From Airdales To Zebras

Mahaila Strobel – SF

2nd Place – Elizabeth Leonhard

3rd Place – Alex Waterson


Tyler Shipman – SF

2nd Place – Tyler Brown

3rd Place – Cole Perkins

Why Trees Matter

Michael Snopik – SF

Woodworking – Finishing Up

Justice Johnson – SF

Woodworking – Making The Cut (8-13 yrs.)

Ella Fraizer – SF

Woodworking – Making The Cut (14 yrs. & older)

1st Place – Chandler Bumpus

Woodworking - Measuring Up (8-13 yrs.)

Samuel Baer – SF

Woodworking - Measuring Up (14 yrs. & older)

Alyssa Thompson – SF

2nd Place – Kaleb Briggs

3rd Place – Nefiano Bumpus

Woodworking – Nailing It Together (14 yrs. & older)

1st Place – Brody Bishop

Woodworking – Advanced Self-Determined

Benjamin Singer – SF

2nd Place – Jessica Woodward

Writing – The Writer In You

Julia Kanagy - County Winner

Cassady Neviska – 2nd Place

Lauryn Smith - 3rd Place


Health & Safety - Individual

1st Place – Samantha Brown

Health & Safety – Team Skit

1st Place Team Skit:

JC Hessey

Elizabeth Leonhard

Lydia Leonhard

Emma Smith

Demonstrations/Illustrated Talk

Elijah Leonhard – SF

Elizabeth Leonhard – SF

Lydia Leonard – SF

Ava Baker – SF

Cara Chamberlain - SF

Pledge Contest

1st Place – Zoya Winkelfoos

2nd Place – Maggie Brewer

3rd Place – Skylar Cochran


Anthony Petulla

Nikita Highman

Ellen Petulla

Lexi Hinkle

Allie Etgen

Kolton Miller

Lexie Stoney

Brooke Clapham

Leslie Brubaker

Megan Bertke

Dana Bertke

Skye McKenzie

Casey Bertke

Jordan Schauer

Taylor Nelson

Katie Ritz

Ohio Beef Ambassador Applications Due

The Ohio Beef Ambassador Program (OBAP) provides an opportunity for youth to educate consumers and students about beef nutrition, food safety, and stewardship practices of the beef industry. The OBAP team will promote the beef industry as they develop skills of leadership, communication and self-confidence. The OBAP program seeks to educate team members about the beef industry so that they may be better prepared to tell their own story regarding agriculture.

Eligible participants must be 18-23 years of age as of January 1, 2016. Please note the age change. After serving their year as ambassadors, one ambassador team member will be chosen to attend the 2018 National Cattlemen's Beef Association convention in Phoenix, AZ. For an application and more information visit the website.

Deadline to submit Ohio Beef Ambassador Applications is October 31!

West Nile Virus Confirmed In Ohio Horse

(REYNOLDSBURG, OH) - The first positive case of West Nile Virus (WNV) in an Ohio horse has been confirmed in 2016.

Testing on samples taken from a seven-year-old Standardbred in Tuscarawas County confirmed the positive WNV diagnosis to the Ohio Department of Agriculture Sept. 12. The horse’s veterinarian first examined the animal Aug. 29. The animal was euthanized after exhibiting significant clinical signs, including shaking, agitation and thrashing. The horse had not been vaccinated.

West Nile Virus is transmitted to horses via bites from infected mosquitoes. Clinical signs for WNV include flulike symptoms, where the horse seems mildly anorexic and depressed. Changes in mentality, drowsiness, driving or pushing forward (often without control) and asymmetrical weakness may be observed. Mortality rate from WNV can be as high as 30-40 percent in horses. Infection with WNV does not always lead to signs of illness in people or animals. WNV is endemic in the United States and Ohio has reported three positive cases in horses each of the last few years.

“This incident in Tuscarawas County should serve as an alert to all horse owners to vaccinate their animals against West Nile Virus,” said State Veterinarian Dr. Tony Forshey. “Vaccines are a proven and effective prevention tool and I encourage all owners to talk to their local vet for options and advice on how to keep their animals healthy.”

In addition to vaccinations, horse owners also should work to reduce the mosquito population and eliminate possible breeding areas. Recommendations include: removing stagnant water sources; keeping animals inside during the bugs' feeding times, which are typically early in the morning and evening; and using mosquito repellents.

Governor John R. Kasich and Ohio Department of Agriculture Director David T. Daniels announced the winners of the 2016 “Agriculture is Cool!” visual arts contest. Ohio children enrolled in school or home schooled during the 2015-2016 academic year shared their personal interpretation of why Ohio agriculture is “cool” for their chance to win a trip to the Ohio State Fair.

Entries, which included photographs, drawings, and paintings, were judged in four different age categories: K-2, 3-5, 6-8, and 9-12. Ten entries were selected as winners in their respective categories. Riley won the 6-8 Photography division. She is a member of the Friendly Farmers 4-H Club.

The winners were honored by Governor Kasich, Ohio Agriculture Director Daniels and Ohio State Fair Manager Virgil Strickler at a ceremony at the Ohio State Fairgrounds.

“The Ag is Cool! program does a great job keeping our youth interested in agriculture,” said Director Daniels. “It is our hope that by sparking that interest, these outstanding kids will have a better understanding of this industry and will be moved to consider a food or agriculture related career in their future.”

This year marks the sixth year of the contest, and the sixth year of the “Ag is Cool!” educational program that was featured at the Ohio State Fair.

Dunking Booth

Thanks go to the following clubs and individuals for helping with the Dunking Booth at the fair. Proceeds from the Dunking Booth go to help fund the Weiler Camp Fund to help with camp fees.

Betsy Gallegher/Iberia Jr. Farmers, Happy Hemstitchers & Haymakers, Next Generation,

Collin Bowman & family, Morrow County Clever Clovers, Country Guys & Gals, Friendly Farmers, Spurs & Boots, Lucky Stars, and Mitch Walker!