After 5 Years. What Will the Clock Be Worth After 7 Years?

After 5 Years. What Will the Clock Be Worth After 7 Years?

1.PSimplify .


1.1Subtract from .


1.2If a computer purchased for $11,200 depreciates at a rate of $1600 per year, how many years will it take to

depreciate completely?

Soln: 7 years

1.3If straight-line appreciation is assumed, an antique clock is expected to be worth $350 after 2 years and $530

after 5 years. What will the clock be worth after 7 years?

Soln: $650

1.4Find the equation of the line parallel to and passing through the midpoint of the segment joining

and .


1.5Solve .

Soln: 2

1.6Simplify .

Soln: 3

1.7Write as a sum or difference of fractions and simplify completely.


1.8Simplify .

Soln: OR

1.9Solve .


1.10Simplify and factor .


1.11Solve .


1.12Solve .


2.PFind the measure of each angle.


2.1Find the ordered pair satisfying the system .


2.2The measure of an angle is more than its supplement. What is the measure of the angle?


2.3The area of a square is 169 in2. What is the perimeter?

Soln: 52 in

2.4How many square millimeters are in 1 square meter?

Soln: 1,000,000

2.5For a particular word processor, the number of words w that can be typed on a page is given by the formula

, where x is the font size. How many more words can be typed on a page if font size 8 is used instead

of font size 16?

Soln: 500

2.6Find .


2.7 Write the standard form of the equation of the circle with the graph:


2.8If in isosceles trapezoid QRST, find .


2.9If , find .


2.10What is the sum of the degree measures of the exterior angles of a heptagon?


2.11Given that , determine the measure of the two angles that are labeled.


2.12A field bordering a straight stream is to be enclosed. The side bordering the stream is not to be fenced. If 1000

yds of fencing is to be used, what are the dimensions of the largest rectangular field that can be fenced?

Soln: 250 yds by 500 yds

3.1In a right triangle, one leg is 7 feet shorter than the other leg. The hypotenuse is 2 feet longer than the longer

leg. Find the length of the hypotenuse.

Soln: 17 ft

3.2What is the remainder when is divided by ?


3.3Solve for q: .

Soln: 1

3.4The measure of each angle of a regular polygon is . How many sides does it have?

Soln: 24

3.5How much plastic sheeting will be needed to cover this swimming pool?

Soln: 400 m2

3.6Simplify .


3.7Find all solutions of .


3.8Calculate .


3.9Solve for x and y.

Soln: Both are 10

3.10Find the volume of a cone with a height of 12 cm and a circular base with diameter 10 cm.


3.11Solve .

Soln: OR

3.12What is the area of a circle with a circumference of inches?

Soln: in2

4.1A green (G), a blue (B), a red (R), and a yellow (Y) flag are hanging on a flagpole.

1.The blue flag is between the green and yellow flags.

2.The red flag is next to the yellow flag.

3.The green flag is higher than the red flag.

What is the order of the flags from top to bottom?

Soln: GBYR

OR: green, blue, yellow, red

4.2Factor completely.


4.3Find the domain of .


4.4If one outlet pipe can drain a tank in 24 hours and another pipe can drain the tank in 36 hours, how long will it

take to drain the tank if both pipes are working together?

Soln: OR 14 hrs 24 min

4.5Simplify .


4.6When the price is p dollars, an appliance dealer can sell refrigerators. What price will maximize his


Soln: $1,100

4.7A piece of tin 12 in on a side is to have 4 equal squares cut from its corners. If the edges are then to be folded up to make a box with a floor area of 64 sq in, what is the total area removed from the piece of tin?

Soln: 16 sq in OR 16 in2

4.8In 60 oz of alloy for watch cases, there are 20 oz of gold. How much copper must be added to the alloy so that a watch case weighing 4 oz, made of the new alloy, will contain 1 oz of gold?

Soln: 20 oz

4.9How many real roots does have?

Soln: 1

4.10Express as a fraction in lowest terms.


4.11Simplify .

Soln: 0

4.12A bowling ball is packaged within a tightly fitting cubical box with 10 in sides. How much foam can fit around

the bowling ball but still inside of the box?