Now Retired and Visiting Associate Professor of Economics, Previously

Now Retired and Visiting Associate Professor of Economics, Previously

July 2013


Lanny Arvan

Now Retired and Visiting Associate Professor of Economics, Previously

CIO and Associate Dean for eLearning, College of Business and

Associate Professor of Economics

University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign

Joined Faculty: August 1980

HOME ADDRESS: 3009 Summithill Place

Champaign, IL 61822

Home Phone: (217) 355-8399

OFFICE ADDRESS: 214 David Kinley Hall

1407 W. Gregory

Urbana, IL 61801

Cell Phone: (217) 722-7012



BIRTHDATE: January 11, 1955


Ph.D., Economics, Northwestern University, 1981

M.A., Economics, Northwestern University, 1978

B.A., Mathematics, Cornell University, 1976


January 2011 – December 2012 Visiting Associate Professor of Economics, Collage of Liberal Arts and Sciences, University of Illinois

October 2006 – July 2010 CIO and Associate Dean for eLearning, College of Business, University of Illinois

· Directed the College’s eLearning effort including blended learning in undergraduate core courses, online summer versions of core offerings, and initial forays into blended learning for non-resident Executive and Professional MBA programs and one-year professional Masters programs.

· Supported and promoted all faculty generated inquiries into eLearning originating within the College.

· Responded and supported student generated demands for new IT services.

· Coordinated with the Library on the provision of research related IT services.

· Along with the CIOs from other Colleges, worked with Campus to ensure good and efficient distribution of IT services between Campus and College providers.

· Oversaw the Office of Instructional Management, the IT support unit for the College of Business.

· Managed the relationship with Campus regarding the new Business Instructional Facility a state of the art $62M building, where the College has responsibility for support of the classrooms and other learning spaces although many of the classrooms are general assignment.

· Worked with the Dean to ensure College IT is reasonably budgeted and well aligned with College mission.

June 2002 – September 2006 Assistant CIO for Educational Technologies, Campus Information Technology and Educational Services (CITES), University of Illinois

· Oversaw two divisions in CITES: Classroom Technologies and Educational Technologies

· Executive Sponsor of “Illinois Compass,” the campus course management system

· Campus “Ambassador” for any and all activities in the learning technology arena, whether campus supported or in the departments

· Frye Leadership Institute Attendee, summer 2003

· Past Chair of the CIC Learning Technology Group

· Head Facilitator, Faculty Summer Institute, 1997-2006.

June 1999 – May 2002: Director, Center for Educational Technologies (CET), University of Illinois

· Oversaw campus faculty development summer grant program and associated workshops

· Directed Center that supported faculty in the online component for instruction – both infrastructure and faculty development

· Went from 50% Administrator and 50% regular faculty member to full time administrator in AY 2001-02.

· Managed the CET side of the merger between CET and CCSO, the large campus academic computing organization. The merged entity is CITES.

July 1998 – June 2000: Director, Sloan Center for Asynchronous Learning Environments (SCALE), University of Illinois

· Oversaw project in Economic Statistics for first round of Pew funded program in course redesign.

· Managed the transition from SCALE, a soft-money organization, to CET a hard money Campus Unit that absorbed a different campus unit, ETAG.

· Continued with SCALE grant program in a more modest effort and a new initiative to use innovative faculty rather than support staff to encourage other faculty into deeper adoption of ALN

· Sustained some ongoing Efficiency Projects and started a couple of other efficiency projects.

October 1996 - June 1998: Associate Director, SCALE, University of Illinois

· Oversight of SCALE faculty grant program and SCALE operations

· Initiated SCALE Efficiency Projects

· Obtained SCALE Renewal Grant funding

May 1996 – September 1996: Assistant Director, SCALE, University of Illinois

· Assisted on SCALE evaluation through interviews with faculty users and editing drafts of evaluation documents.

August 1987 – July 2010 Associate Professor, Department of Economics, University of Illinois

August 1981 – July 1987: Assistant Professor, Department of Economics, University of Illinois

August 1980 – July 1981: Lecturer, Department of Economics, University of Illinois



Principal Investigator on the SCALE renewal grant, 1998 - 2000, awarded by the Alfred P. Sloan Foundation - $600,000.

Principal Investigator on a grant for the Pew Charitable Trusts Learning and Technology Program, 1999 – 2001, $200,000 awarded.


Dialogic Learning Objects: Inviting the Student Into the Instructional Process


Columnist for Educause Quarterly – Framing Questions, 2009

Innovations and Tragic Tories

Dis-Integrating the LMS

Sunsetting IT Services

What If We Are Wrong?

Faculty member in the Educause Institute Learning Technology Leadership Program, 2007 – 2009.

Member Educause 20-20 group, 2005-2006.


Designing for Effective Change, fall 2009.

Inside Higher Ed piece about blogging in this class


Guessing Games (10 out of the planned 12 chapters have first drafts)


The Economics Metaphor

ProfArvan YouTube Channel

Excelets to accompany Besanko, Braeutigam: Microeconomics, 2nd Edition.

The Excelets Page


September 13, 2005 – Presentation at CIC TechForum, Minneapolis Minnesota, “Partnering between Campus and College IT,” with Craig Jackson

October 20, 2004 – Presentation at Educause Annual Conference, Denver Colorado, “Living to Tell the Tale: Surviving the CMS Implementation,” with Stephen R. Acker and Kathleen Christoph

March 15, 2000 – Presentation at Pew Trusts Grantee Meeting, Washington D.C., “Learning Outcomes in Econ 172-173 (Probability & Statistics).

January 9, 2000 – Invited Presentation at AEA Annual Meeting, Boston, “An Asynchronous Learning Approach to Teaching Economics Principles.”

December 13, 1999 – Invited Presentation to Board of Regents, State of Maryland, “Ed Tech Faculty Development: Issues and Implementation.”

October 9, 1999 - Presentation at Fifth International Conference on Asynchronous Learning Networks, New York, NY. "Diffusing Pedagogical and Technological Innovations: A Different Approach," with R. Varkki George

November 16, 1998 - Presentation at Fourth International Conference on Asynchronous Learning Networks, New York, NY. "The SCALE Efficiency Projects," with Diane Musumeci.

June 19, 1998 - Presentation at the Learning Online Conference, Roanoke Virginia, "The SCALE Efficiency Projects."

March 29, 1998 - Presentation at Michigan State University, East Lansing, Michigan. "Using ALN in Econ 300 and the SCALE Evaluation."

October 4, 1997 - Presentation at Third International Conference on Asynchronous Learning Networks, New York, NY. "Bottom Up or Top Down? Using ALN to Attain Efficiencies in Instruction."

November 8, 1996 - Presentation for North Central Communication Heads Annual Meeting. "SCALE - The Who, What, Why, and How."

November 2, 1996 - Presentation at Second International Conference on Asynchronous Learning Networks, New York, NY. "Faculty Development in the Sloan Center at UIUC" (with Burks Oakley).


“The View from Campus Administration,” in Learning, Culture and Community in Online Education: Research and Practice, edited by Caroline Haythornthwaite and Michelle M. Kazmer, 2004,

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“Instructor Attitudes within the SCALE Efficiency Projects,” with Diane Musumeci, Journal of ALN, Vol.4, No. 3, September 2000,

“Editor’s Comments Regarding a Summer Workshop on Faculty Attitudes with ALN,” Journal of ALN, Vol.4, No. 3, September 2000

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American Economic Review, Quarterly Journal of Economics, Review of Economic Studies, Economic Journal, International Economic Review, Journal of Economic Dynamics and Control, Review of Economics and Statistics, Journal of Labor Economics, Journal of International Economics, Economic Theory, Managerial and Decision Economics, Canadian Journal of Economics, Journal of Economics and Management Strategy, Journal of Urban Economics, International Journal of Industrial Organization, Management Science, and Quarterly Review of Economics and Business.


“Wage Policies: A New Theory of Efficiency Wages.”


Economic Principles, Intermediate Microeconomics, Undergraduate Industrial Organization, Undergraduate Math Econ, Undergraduate Behavioral Economics, Undergraduate Economics of Organizations, Graduate Microeconomic Theory, Graduate General Equilibrium Theory, Advanced Graduate Economic Theory, Graduate Mathematical Economics, Graduate Industrial Organization, Graduate Regulation


Department Year

Jurgen Wiesmann Economics 1996-98 Reader

Viju Ipe Ag. Econ. 1996-99 Reader

Alexandra Papadopulu Economics 1994-96 Supervisor

Carlos Basanes Economics 1994-96 Supervisor

Vijay Vemuri Business Admin 1994-95 Reader

Theofanis C. Tsoulouhas Economics 1991-92 Reader

Hee Soo Chung Economics 1991 Reader

Hyunghwan Joo Accounting 1990-91 Reader

Vasco Santos Economics 1989-90 Supervisor

Carla Tighe Economics 1989 Reader

Antonio Leite Economics 1988 Supervisor

Kang Lee Economics 1988 Reader

J.C. Lee Accounting 1988 Reader

David Mandy Economics 1987 Reader

Carrie Meyer Economics 1987 Reader

David Haley Economics 1987 Reader

Ed Schlee Economics 1987 Reader

Bruce Lawrence Economics 1986 Reader

Imparo Urbano Economics 1986 Reader

LuAnn Dufus Economics 1985 Reader

William Custer Economics 1982-83 Reader

John F. Schnell Economics 1982-83 Reader

Rabah Amir Economics 1983-84 Reader

David Brown Transportation 1984-85 Reader

Agnes Cheng Accounting 1982 Reader

Paul A. Fellows Finance 1981 Reader