7Th Grade Mathematics Expectations

7Th Grade Mathematics Expectations

7th Grade Mathematics Expectations

Throughout our journey this year, we will be working as a team. I wish you the best of luck as you begin the school year. I will be here to support you as you strive to be the best you can be. Most importantly, have confidence in your own ability and enjoy yourself! Let’s all work together to make this an exciting and rewarding year!

A little about me: This is my second year teaching Mathematics here at Pennfield. I am a West Chester University graduate with my Bachelors of Science in Mathematics Education, certified grades 7 through 12. I was also a gymnast throughout college and I coach gymnastics in Phoenixville. My husband and I live in Eagleville with our adorable golden retriever named Snickers. I am looking forward to another great year here at Pennfield!

Classroom Expectations

  1. Come prepared and on time each day to class.
  2. Treat yourself, myself, and others with RESPECT.
  3. Behave appropriately in class and follow all school rules.
  4. Do NOT speak while others, including your teacher, are speaking.
  5. Leave any electronic devices in your locker.
  6. Participate in class and have fun!

Student Responsibilities

  1. Spiral Bound Notebook Paper
  2. 2-Pocket Folder
  3. A LOT of Pencils and an Eraser
  4. Scientific Calculator TI-34 II (Class set is provided at school, but cannot be taken home)

Grading Policy

A+ 97 – 100B+ 87 – 89C+ 77 – 79D 65 - 69

A 90 – 96B 80 – 86C 70 – 76F Below 65

I weight my grades accordingly:

Unit Tests - 30% All unit tests are announced in advance and cover one to two chapters.

Quizzes- 50% All quizzes are announced in advance and cover 3 to 5 concepts. Partial credit is given on quizzes when understanding and correct work is evident. Quizzes can only be retaken when for grades 69% or lower.

Homework- 10% Homework is designed to provide you with an opportunity to explore your classroom learning in an independent manner in order to assess individual understanding. It is assigned 4-5 times per week and you should expect to spend approximately 15-20 minutes per assignment. All written work must be done in pencil and all work must be shown. Homework is checked each day to see if it was completed WITH WORK. Periodically it will be collected and graded.

Other- 10% The other category, includes regular participation in class, completion of class notes, and any projects or presentations assigned.

Extra Credit- Extra Credit is given occasionally on quizzes as bonus problems.

Absences- Continuity is imperative to your success. Therefore, frequent absences can impede your chance of success. Missing school due to vacation or other unexcused absences could hinder your understanding and performance. If your absence is known in advance, see me for the assignments you will be missing. Upon arrival back from an unknown absence, be sure to see me right away for any missing work, assignments or extra help needed.

If you are absent on the day of a unit test or quiz, you are expected to make it up upon your return. Homework is also due upon your return. If the absence is extensive, you may be given extra time to make up you missed work.

Extra Help- Extra help is available before school at 7:45-8:00, Room 14, and during the last period of the day, called M.O.L.P. Be sure to request a pass from me.

Means of Communication

  • My website can be found on and is updated frequently with class notes and homework assignments.
  • Assignments and grades can be checked at any time in the Parent Access Center.
  • Online Textbook –

Please feel free to email me with any concerns:


Mrs. Karen Petrilla

Student Name______Period______



  1. Spiral Bound Notebook Paper ______
  1. 2-Pocket Folder ______
  1. A LOT of Pencils and an Eraser______
  1. Scientific Calculator TI-34 II (Class set is provided at school, but cannot be taken home)____


I have read and accept the classroom expectations for Mrs. Petrilla’s class.


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Family Member Contact Information:

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Thank you, and I look forward to a great school year ahead of learning and enjoying math!!!

~Mrs. Karen Petrilla