Visit to Holland & Germanypage 1May 1976


Visit to Holland & Germanypage 1May 1976

Visit to Holland & GermanyPage 1May 1976

Holland & West Germany - May 1976

Locomotive builder abbreviations

LKM= VEB Lokomotivbau Karl Marx, Potsdam-Babelsberg, DDR.

m= builders number found on the motion.

b= builders number found on the boiler.

Locomotive information written in italics is from other sources (previous visits, other visitors, etc.), and was not obtained during these visits.



brickworks, near Gilze-Rijen

On the north side of the Rotterdam - Gilze-Rijen railway, west of G-R, was a brickworks with a lot of skips.

brickworks, Best

Abandoned works opposite the station, with 2 narrow gauge (Diema?) diesels.

Philips, Eindhoven-West


brickworks, near Venlo

The two works on the road to Straelen have both been closed for some time.

Tegula, brickworks, near Venlo

Works beside the road to Tegelen has closed.

brickworks, Tegelen

The works of NV Jos.Kurstjens; Teewen BV; and Tugela are still working, but the narrow gauge lines have gone.

brickworks, Geloo

Works closed.

BV Janssen-Dines Dakpannenfabrieken, Belfeld

600mm system lifted.

brickworks, Reuver

600mm systems at the works of Teewen; Jac.Laumens Klei BV; and Janssen-Willemsen all lifted.

brickworks, Maasniel

Works disappeared.

brickworks, Boschstraat, near Swalmen

Narrow gauge gone.


Brüggener AG., brickworks, Brüggen

Inside the loco shed was a board with the names of 3 more diesels - now scrapped? The line is now only used to transport reject tiles to a dump.




Niederkrüchtener Falzziegelfabrik J.Smeets und Co.GmbH., Werk 2, Kapelle, near Brüggen_

Works mostly demolished.

brickworks, Venekoten, near Brüggen

Works mostly demolished.

Falzziegelwerk Brimges, Brüggen

Narrow gauge gone now.

Smeets, brickworks, Brüggen

600mm gone now.

brickworks, Gützenrath

Works closed.

brickworks, Brüggen

600mm systems gone at - Gebr.Laumens; Anton Simons Nachf.Dampf-Dachziegel-Fabrik; and Brüggener Thonröhrenwerke Hendricks & Söhne.

Balkan Grill (Gastatte), near Brüggen

On the road north out of Brüggen.



brickworks, Bracht

600mm systems gone at - Peter Van Eyk KG.; Gebr.Laumens; and Gebr.Naus KG. The latter still has the bonnet of a diesel (Schöma?) lying in the yard.

Invorm Bau, Heidhausen, near Bracht

600mm system gone.

brickworks, Kaldenkirchen

600mm systems gone at - Teewen GmbH.; and Caspar Laumen.

Kaldenkirchen-Brüggen Industriebahn

Locos seen at Kaldenkirchen.



Stadtische Hafenbahn Düsseldorf



DL50-6-0DJung140411970RC 43C



Babcock & Wilcox, Jurenka-Werk, Friedrichsfeld

This works was founded in 1938. We were told that there are 2 other works in Oberhausen, with locos.

1 4wDM *Unimog

2 F-2 4wDMUnimog


*pneumatic tyres only for rails.

Deutsche Solvay-Werke GmbH., Werk Rheinberg

LOK 20-6-0THen? s/s

LOK 30-6-0WTHen? s/s

LOK 40-6-0THen? s/s

10-6-0DMaK600.1561959600 D600ps56t

2LOK Nr.II0-8-0DMaK600.3501962650 D650ps56t

40-4-0DMaK220.0611960240 B240ps28t

5LOK Nr.V0-4-0DMaK220.0641961240 B240ps28t

60-8-0DMaK600.1411958600 D600ps56t

7LOK Nr.VII0-8-0DMaK800.1491964850 D850ps64t

8LOK Nr.VIIIBo-BoDHMaK800.1611969G 1100BB1100ps80t

LOK Nr.X 4wDDeutz567351957 A8L 614R130ps20t

53 4wDMUnimog

Hülskens, Hafen Rheinberg

The company shunt this small harbour on the Rhein for Deutsche Solvay-Werke.

42 4wDHHen318761974

Daimler-Benz AG., Düsseldorf-Derendorf


Gebr.Nelskamp, Gitterziegelwerk Breitscheid, near Düsseldorf

This works is still powered by steam, and during our visit they were installing a new steam-powered generator!





Joh.Gottfr.Brügelmann GmbH., Baumwoll-Spinnerei u.Weberei, Cromford Mill, Ratingen

This works was built in 1783. The loco is hardly ever used.

J.G.B. 0-4-0PMOK1511 1922?80ps14t

? , Aufterbeck, Ratingen-West

A warehouse site, with an old loco shed but no sign of a loco.


Rheinische Kalksteinwerke, Wülfrath

We could not get in here, but the DB signalman said that they have 5 locos.




Rheinische-Westfälische Kalkwerke AG. (RWK), Dornap

This company was formed in 1887 from several older firms, and later RWK and Rheinische Kalksteinwerke were both part of the Vereinigte Stahlwerke group until c1946. The RWK pits in Wülfrath were closed in the 1930's, and the narrow gauge at the Hönnetal works was replaced by road transport in 1973. The company also have quarries in Stromberg (with 2 diesels?) & Stein, near Limburg. In 1912 the company had the following connections to the state railways:-














At that time they had a total of 150km of standard & narrow gauge track at these various locations, with 60 locos.



Oetelshofen Kalk, Dornap

This company now have no locos, all shunting being done by the DB.



Bergische-Stahl Industrie, Remscheid

The works is on a series of steps down the side of a hill and the railway zig-zags down the slope to serve the various levels. The steam loco is in reserve and was last used in February. There once 4 steam locos here.

B.S.I.1 4wDHHen311071965DHG 240B240psNew


Gelsenwasser AG., Essen-Altendorf

600mm system closed & lifted.


Dortmunder Eisenbahn GmbH., Dortmund-Hafen

This company have 16 locos and we were taken to see the shed. The first diesel was an 0-4-0D, which came here in 1956. 4 MaK 0-8-0D's (D10-13) came here in 1960, but have now all been sold. The last steam locos went about 1965. Locos 26-28 are on order from MaK and are due this year. D1 has been sold and is awaiting collection and the company are trying to sell D20, as it is not really suitable for this operation, as it is designed to give it's best performance at too higher speed.

D10-4-0DDeutz397171943A6M 420150ps26t (a)





D20Co-CoDHDeutz578771965DG1600CCM 1600ps114t OOU

D22Bo-BoDMaK1000.5991975G 1600BB1600ps104t

D23Bo-BoDHMaK1000.6001975 G 1600BB1600ps104t



(a)ex Rhenus, Dortmund, /1970.

MaK built only 10 of this type of 0-6-0D, and the DE have 6 of them.

Fried.Krupp GmbH., Maschinen & Stahlbau, Essen

This is the general engineering and loco building section. While we were visiting the company were building 151 & 218 class locos for the DB, and BB304 class diesels for Indonesia. The four numbered diesels work here as well as a battery-electric which works in both the main plant and here. There is also an un-numbered diesel specially for the paint shop, that is next to the old loco works, which has now closed. All the locos were seen, except for No.2, which was in the main Schmigade works.

FRIED.KRUPP Nr.10-6-0DHKrupp3648195846t

FRIED.KRUPP Nr.20-6-0DHKrupp33871957 440C440ps

FRIED.KRUPP Nr.30-6-0DHKrupp4393196246t

FRIED.KRUPP Nr.40-6-0DHKrupp3647195846t


M3 003 4wBEAEG51371938

6 4wDMRWumagW13841969"daisine"

Städtische Werke Essen, Trinkwasser Werk Essen-Uberruhr

This works is on the flat land, between the DB Bhf.Essen-Uberruhr and the bank of the River Ruhr. The system is used to take sand from the filter beds to a plant where is cleaned.


4wDMJung77221939EL 1052.9tOOU


1. 4wDMDiema25931963DS2828ps4.3t



Wuppertaler Stadtwerke AG., Kraftwerk Kupferdreh

The diesel here does not see much use. It carries plates from Krupp, Windhoff & Siemens, but it was not possible to get close enough for more details.

613 4wDWind 347 1939
SSW 3141 1939Köf I ?

Thyssen Henrichshütte AG., Hattingen

(f. Rheinstahl Hüttenwerk AG., Werk Ruhrstahl-Henrichshütte)

410-6-0DHen300181959DH 500500ps54t

Wasserbeschaffung Mittlere Ruhr GmbH., Pumpwerk Sundern, near Hattingen

Narrow gauge lifted c1971.

Thyssen Edelstahlwerke AG., Werk Witten

100-6-0DHen305901964DH 500500ps54t

110-6-0DHen310801965DH 500500ps54t

brickworks, Lerche, near Pelkum

Works closed & track lifted.

Ruhrkohle AG., Kamen-Heeren


V744 6wDH


Ruhrkohle AG., Kamen-Heeren

Loco seen working on the line from Kamen-Heeren shed to Bönen.


Vereinigte Drahtindustrie GmbH., Hamm

The works was founded in 1797 by Wilhelm & Johann Caspar Hobrecker and became Westfälische Draht Industrie about 1888. The company is now owned by Klöckner & Krupp, and became VDG on 1/1/1973. The last steam loco went from here about 1961.

VDG 1 4wDHKrupp35941956200ps28t

VDG 2 4wDHKrupp38561960200ps28t (a)

(a)built 1958; delivered 1960.

Ruhrkohle AG., Zeche Königsborn, Bönen


Messing- und Leichtmetallwerk Unna AG., Unna

The loco is now only used about 3 times a month.

Nr.10-4-0DMDeutz767375ps17t (a)

(a)ex Bundeswehr, /1950.

Rheinisch-Westfälische Kalkwerke AG., Werk Hönnetal, Ober-Rödinghausen

The locos mainly work a shuttle service between the rock crusher and the lime kilns. The 750mm system finished here in February 1973 and they had 9 diesels.







70-6-0DHKM (a)


(a)at WLH, Hattingen, for fitting with radio-control gear.

Gut Wocklum, Wocklum

Narrow gauge system gone now.

Stein-Mischwerk Sanssouci Hertin & Co.KG. / Hönnetaler Kalkwerke Kruse & Co.KG., Wocklum

The standard gauge line to these two works is still in use, but there appear to be no locos now. The narrow gauge line up the valley has gone.

Chemische Fabrik Wocklum Gebr.Hertin oHG., Balve-Helle

There was formerly another diesel here, which was scrapped c1960.

Nr.0010-4-0DMDeutz55831195455ps14t (a)

(a)ex ? , c/1960.

Neuwalzwerk Bösperde, near Menden

May have a loco.

Ziegel- und Klinkerwerke Köhle & Co.KG., Inh.Familie Lange, Fröndenberg-Ostardey


1A-A1DMDiema3198/541971GT5/322ps2.5t OOU (a)


4wDMStrüver? *OOU


*motor no.2039410/56.

(a)fitted for control by track trips.

Thyssen Industrie GmbH., Werk Langschede

Also an Ardelt shunting crane.

2 4wDDeutz577081964

Dyckerhoff Zement, Werk Mark I, Neubeckum


Anneliese Zementwerke AG., Werk III, Werksgruppe Ennigerloh-Süd

4wDOK267721972MB 170N170ps20t

Anneliese Zementwerke AG., Werk II, Werksgruppe Ennigerloh-Süd

*1 4wDDeutz567461957A8L 614130ps20t

*loco lettered for "Portland Cementwerk Germania AG."

Anneliese Zementwerke AG., Werk I, Ennigerloh-Nord

0-4-0DDeutz569481957T4M 625240ps30t


Anneliese Zementwerke AG., Werk I, Ennigerloh-Nord

0-4-0DDeutz569481957T4M 625240ps30t

Anneliese Zementwerke AG., Werk II, Werksgruppe Ennigerloh-Süd

(f. Portland Cementfabrik Germania AG.)

The narrow gauge system is still in use in the quarry here. The line runs from the quarry on the west side of the road, under the WLE, the main road, and the works via a tunnel, to an unloading point on the east side.


4wDDeutz567461957A8L 614130ps20t


I 4wDDeutz561021955A8L 614R16t

II 4wDDeutz561031955A8L 614R16t

III 4wDDeutz561041955A8L 614R16t

IV 4wDDeutz571121955A2L 514F4t?

Anneliese Zementwerke AG., Werk III, Werksgruppe Ennigerloh-Süd

(f. Elsa Zement- und Kalkwerke AG.)

According to the gateman, the 900mm system went about 1961 and the narrow gauge shed, near the gate, is now used for the standard gauge loco.

Nr.1 4wDOK267721972MB 170N170ps20t

Kinderspielplatz, Ennigerloh-Stavenbusch

0-4-0T*Pvd (a)

*boiler plate says "Jung 10845/1950", but loco looks much older, and "1768" is stamped on the rods.

(a)ex ? , cement works, near Ennigerloh.

Dyckerhoff Zementwerke AG., Werksgruppe Beckum, Werk Mark I, Neubeckum

Loco appears to have been rebuilt from a narrow gauge HF130B loco.

LOK I 410-6-0DGmd43391948130ps17.7t

Eternit AG., Neubeckum

Rail traffic finished here about 2-3 years ago.

Spielplatz, Kampstraße, Neubeckum

4wDMDWK7011940110B110ps (a)

(a)ex Eternit AG., Neubeckum.(?)

Dyckerhoff Zementwerke AG., Werksgruppe Beckum, Werk Mark II, Neubeckum


Dyckerhoff Zementwerke AG.(?), Beckum-West

These works are between the town and the Autobahn. Works demolished and 600mm system lifted.

engineering(?) works, Beckum-West

This is opposite the above cement works, on the south side of the DB,has been sold to other firms, and no longer has any locos.

Readymix Zementwerke, Beckum

Still served by the WLE, but there are no locos, and the narrow gauge system has gone.

Phönix-Zementwerke Krogbeumker KG, Beckum

Narrow gauge in quarries gone.

4wDOK261511961MV 352ps12.5t

brickworks, Lönne

Works disappeared.

Mersmann Zement, Lönne(?)

Standard gauge but no locos - narrow gauge gone.

Beckumer Kalkwerke Nachf.Bernh.Besse, Portland Zement- und Kalkwerke, Beckum?

Narrow gauge gone now.

Ruhrgas AG., Betrieb Herten

A fireless is still in use here.

EBV, Zeche Erin 1/2/7, Castrop-Rauxel

40 6wDKM191941968 M400C385ps48t

Rütgerswerke AG., Castrop-Rauxel

RÜTGERS 10-6-0F Hen243701938IS


Ruhrkohle AG., Castrop-Rauxel

Zeche Ickern 1/2 has closed and the track has been lifted. Zeche Victor and Kokerei Victor-Ickern have been partly closed and the chemical works sold off to Gew.Victor Chemische Werke.

Gew.Victor Chemische Werke, Castrop-Rauxel

Loco seen passing Rütgerswerke AG.

No.10-6-0DDeutz572031961MS 430C425ps45t


brickworks, Otzenrath, near Grevenbroich

Works gone now.

Maschinenfabrik Buckau R.Wolf AG., Grevenbroich

4wD?Deutz? (green)

0-4-0DDeutz? (black)

Pfeifer & Langen, Werk Wevelinghoven, near Grevenbroich

The gateman said there is also a fireless here.

0-4-0DDeutz? (green)

VAW, Leichtmetall GmbH., Erftwerke, Grevenbroich

No loco seen here.

RBW, Frimmersdorf







Kalkwerk Cox, Bergisch-Gladbach

Narrow gauge still in use.


4wDDeutz464581942MLH 2204.5tDsm


Deutsche Bundespost, Köln-Mülheim

4wDKöf I

20-6-0DJung130681958R 30 C36t

To:- P.Paulsen 4/98;

B.Rumary, 25 Kingscombe, Gurney Slade, Nr.Bath, BA3 4TH, ENGLAND