7Th Grade Honorsmrs. Good

7Th Grade Honorsmrs. Good

7th Grade HonorsMrs. Good

English Language ArtsRoom 112 (360) 537-7365

OverviewText & Reading Materials

The focus of the Honors ELA program at Miller Junior HighA Long Walk to Water by Linda

School is to provide an environment where studentswith aboveSue Park, The Outsidersby S. E.

grade-level skills in reading and writing may achieve at theirHinton, The Language of Literature

optimal level.from McDougal Littell, Scholastic

Scope and selected supplemental novels

Goals Class Information

The 7th Grade Honors ELA curriculum is aligned with theAssignments are listed daily on the

Washington State Common Core Standards and augmentsclass Message Board along with

the Grade 7 academicprogram with added rigor, additionalspecific learning targets. This is assignments and higher performance expectations. The also posted on my English web page.

accelerated program will include regular assignments plus:Assignment dates are subject to

adjustment depending upon the level

  • Deeper analysis of challenging textsof student mastery.
  • Activities and assignments demonstrating students’

higher levels of critical and creative thinking

  • Development of substantial clear, effective written
  • and oral communication.Attendance

Required MaterialsIf you are absent from class, you are responsible for arranging a time to

Please bring these materials to class each day. You may need to meet with me either before or after

to replace them throughout the year as they are used.school so I can explain what was done

in class. It is usually not possible to

  • An approved book to read. It is a good idea to always spend the time I need with you while

have a book with you in each class.our class is in progress. You can look

  • Your three inch three-ring binder with dividers and aat my web page too. Also, you can

pencil pouchcheck with a friend before we meet

  • At least two # 2 pencils and an eraser
  • Two pens (only blue or black ink please)
  • Blank notebook paper for your binderPlease come to class unless you are
  • A 12 pack of colored pencilstruly sick. Every day is important,
  • A cooperative spirit and a mind willing to learnand it is easy to fall behind. Your

classmates and I miss what you

If you need assistance with getting these tools, please let mebring to our learning environment.

know so I can help you.

Assignment CategoriesClass Information

Reading Informational Text 30%: With the requirements ofGrading Scale – Miller Junior

Common Core Standards, reading informational text has becomeHigh School has a uniform grading

even more important for students. Practice in determining author’sscale. Please see the Student

purpose and identifying key ideas and details are critical skillsfor life.Handbook or my web page for the

Students will examine structure and organization of non-fictionbreakdown of percentage ranges for

texts in various mediums such as websites, news articles/magazines,letter grades.

on-line, print and video materials.

Academic Expectations

Reading Literature 25%: Students need to better understand* Do your best work always

themselves, the world and the human condition. This is possible* Make an effort to learn

by reading a variety of literature (fiction, literary non-fiction, poetry,* Engage in the class

folklore, drama, etc.). These types of literature facilitate the study * Do your own work – no cheating

of literary elements such as theme, plot, characterization, setting, * Turn work in on time

point of view, poetic devices and figurative language.* Ask for help when you need it

Writing 25%: Students will write to learn and connect with other

core subjects. Students will enrich writing skills by using the formatElectronics Policy

of planning, drafting, revising and publishing their work. Writers

will explore several formats: expository, narrative, argumentativeI know that cell phones are a way to

essays; diaries and journals; letters and poetry.talk with family and friends. In my

classroom I expect all cell phones to

Language/Vocabulary10%: Students will expand both theirbe turned off (not on “silent” or

every day and academic vocabulary by learning and applying“vibrate”). Phone use in the class

new words. This includes exploring meanings of Latin and Greek distracts both the user and others

roots, prefixes and suffixes. Students will refine and build writingin the classroom. There are “green

convention skills using proper capitalization, punctuation and spelling.zones” where cell use is allowed

during the school day. Parents who

Speaking and Listening 10%: Students will have opportunities toneed to reach a student can call the

engage in a range of collaborative discussions. In class we will work office and leave a message.

with partners, in small groups and as a whole class. Participation is

a part of growing as a learner. Learning to listen carefully to what One-to-one iPads are a valuable

others present and reflecting on ideas that differ from your own is astudent resource. Having a computer

life skill. Please ask questions when you have them. We will haveavailable is priceless; however, there

many opportunities to practice speaking and listening in Socraticare activities and instructional times in

seminars, philosophical chairs and reader’s theater.class where personal interaction is more beneficial to learning. I

Behavior Expectations– RESPECTexpect the “iPads Down” request to

be followed immediately and without

Respect other students and teachersargument.

Enter class on time and ready to learn

Say please and thank you

Positive energy and attitude – believe in yourself and in others

Expect to be successfulPlease read and refer to the Miller

Consider the consequences of making bad choicesstudent handbook for all school

Think before you speak or actrules that apply.


Please review the syllabus and sign below to let me know that you have read it and agree to follow the guidelines. Return by Friday, September 25 if possible.

Printed Student Name : ______

Student Signature: ______

Parent/Guardian Printed Name: ______

Parent/Guardian Signature: ______

Preferred Parent/Guardian phone number ______

Preferred Parent/Guardian email address: ______

Best time to reach you: ______

Anything you would like to share with me about your student?


7th Grade English Language Arts 2015