6 Aircraft We’Re Excited to See at the Dubai Airshow

6 Aircraft We’Re Excited to See at the Dubai Airshow

6 Aircraft We’re Excited To See At The Dubai Airshow

The Dubai Airshow is now under two weeks away. One of the major events on the 2019 aviation calendar, it will see manufacturers, airlines, and others coming together to share announcements and products. While there will be plenty on show at the airshow, one particular highlight is the aircraft on display. Here’s some that we’re excited to see this year!

IMG 256The six aircraft we’re most looking forward to seeing at the Dubai Airshow. Photo (Clockwise from top left) Via: Emirates | Emirates | Pixabay | Eric Salard Via Wikimedia | Steve Lynes via Wikimedia | Airbus

1. Airbus A380

Arguably the star of any current airshow is the mighty Airbus A380. The largest passenger aircraft in the world has two complete passenger decks.

IMG 257The Emirates Airbus A380 is a sight to behold. Photo: Emirates

Dubai is home to the world’s largest fleet of Airbus A380 aircraft. Emirates operates a fleet of 112 Airbus A380 aircraft according to the latest stats from the manufacturer. At the last Dubai Airshow in 2017, one of Emirates’ Airbus A380s flew in the flight display with:

2. Boeing 777

Emirates has two different aircraft in its fleet of aircraft. Alongside the Airbus A380, the airline also operates the Boeing 777. Of course, being its home turf, Emirates is also taking a Boeing 777 to the airshow to show off to the world. The single deck aircraft certainly looks impressive when flying low in formation with the Airbus A380.

Featured Video:


IMG 258The Boeing 777 sits alongside the Airbus A380 in Emirates’ fleet. Photo: Emirates

3. Airbus A319

The final Emirates aircraft we’re really excited to see is the Airbus A319. This aircraft is reserved for private jet operations and has a very impressive layout. As opposed to 20 odd rows of 3-3, there are far fewer seats. The aircraft has 10 suites, similar to what you may find in the premium cabins onboard the airlines’ larger aircraft. In front of the suites is a business area with a lounge area and tables.

IMG 259Emirates’ Airbus A319 has 10 premium suites onboard. Photo: Emirates Executive

4. Patrouille de France

While not strictly speaking an aircraft, we can’t wait to see the Patrouille de France. Flying the Dassault AlphaJet, the Patrouille de France is the French edition of the Red Arrows and Blue Angels. Typically, air force display teams put on a really impressive spectacle of fast passes and colorful smoke.

IMG 260Air force display teams always put on a good show! Photo: Eric Salard via Wikimedia

5. HondaJet

This was also number 5 on the list of aircraft we were excited to see at the Paris Air Showearlier this year, and the reason hasn’t changed. The HondaJet always catches glances due to the unique placement of its engines. Placed on the top of the wing, they almost always require a second look to be sure how they work.

IMG 261The HondaJet has engines mounted on top of its wings. Photo: Steve Lynes via Wikimedia

6. Airbus A330neo

Last but not least is the Airbus A330neo. The A330neo is one of Airbus’ current line of widebody aircraft. The manufacturer offers two options, the -800 and the -900. At the Paris Air Show, we got to admire an Airbus A330-900 bound for AirAsia. Meanwhile, the Airbus demonstrator participated in an impressive flight display we hope to see repeated.

Airbus will be bringing the A330neo. Photo: Airbus

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