You Will Write Down Both Questions on Your Daily Geography Sheet

Daily Geography

•  About 3 times each week, you will be given 2 Daily Geography questions at the start of class.

•  You will write down both questions on your Daily Geography sheet.

•  You will look for the answers in textbooks, atlases, dictionaries or by using your own prior knowledge.

•  You will then write down your answers on your Daily Geography sheet.

•  After 20 questions, you will have a 25-30 point quiz on those 20 questions.

•  You must turn in your completed Daily Geography sheet on the day of the quiz. You will lose 6 points if you do not have your completed sheet on the day of the quiz.

1-What are the names of the Earth’s four hemispheres? In which two do you live?

2-Which of the following is not a city: Columbus; Missouri; Atlanta; Seattle?

3-Name the four oceans of the Earth


a)  What is a continent?

b)  Name all seven continents

5- Look at the Tropic of Capricorn and Tropic of Cancer. Which is north and which is south of the Equator?

6- Of the 4 oceans of the world; which is the largest and which is the smallest in terms of area?


a.  What is the name of the imaginary line that divides the Earth into the Northern and Southern Hemispheres?

b. What is the name of the imaginary line that divides the Earth into the Eastern

and Western Hemispheres?

A. What is this map symbol called?
B. What is its purpose?

9- What is the Southernmost point in the world called?

10- Which continent has the

•  most countries?

•  fewest countries?

11-What is the only ocean through which the equator does not pass?

12- What is a peninsula?

13- What is an area of land completely surrounded by water called?

14- What is an isthmus?

15- How many of the fifty U. S. states are on the North American continent?

16-The three largest lakes in the world are:

The Caspian Sea

Lake Superior

Lake Victoria

On which continent is each located?

17- What 3 South American countries have the Equator passing through them?

18- Including Louisiana and Minnesota there are 24 states west of the Mississippi River.

How many states, then, are east of the Mississippi?

19-What is a “strait?”

20- The Denmark Strait separates which two large islands?