Why Are We Here

Why Are We Here

Why Are We Here?

  1. Why did God make us? What is the purpose for our life?

~ Isa 43:7 “for His Glory”

  1. But what does that mean? Are we to be a race of beings running over the earth shouting about how great God is? Is God suffering from a poor self image so that He needs us to prop up His failing ego? Of course not. Lets see what the Bible says:

~ Rom. 3:23 all … have fallen short of the glory of God

  1. So if we could find someone who never sinned, then perhaps their story could shed some insight. There is only one man who never sinned: Christ Jesus our LORD.

~ Heb. 1:1-3 “… being the brightness of His glory, and the express image of His

person, …” This is I believe the best definition of the glory of God : the perfect

image of God. The glory is the outshining of God likeness. Our purpose then is to

look just like God.

  1. Did Jesus do this?

~ Jn. 14:7-9 “If you have seen me you have seen the Father.” How often during a

particular day did Jesus look just like the Father? Obviously everyday.

  1. Is there a parallel between how Jesus was sent and how we are sent?

~ Jn. 20:21 “As the Father sent me, so send I you.”

Did God send His Son to look like Him?

Did Jesus send us to look like Him?

How often during a particular day are we to look just like God?

We are to be the visible image of an invisible God. (24 hours a day, 7 days a


~ Acts 4:8-13 Did they look like Jesus?

The early church without any modern inventions or strategies or organization

evangelized the known world in one generation. How are we doing? How did they do

this? Was it because of superior effort and dedication? Or was it because of their

dependence on the guidance and empowerment of the Holy Spirit?

  1. How serious is God about this purpose?

~ Num. 14:21

  1. Do we need God in us in order to accomplish this purpose, or can we handle it own our own? After all we were made in His image so it should be easy to look like Him.

~ Gen. 6:5-7 We were born in the image of a fallen man. This is exactly why we

must be born again.

  1. The gospel is about returning man to functionality. The main point about the gospel is

not a change in our destination but a change in the way we live down here. Heaven is

icing on the cake. But we have created a gospel in these days that is all icing. No

wonder the world is sick of our message. Are the concepts relating to God’s purpose

for us even a small part of the modern gospel presentation?

If your car fails to run you take it to the mechanic, not in order for the mechanic to

place the broke down car in a beautiful garage; but to restore the car to functionality.

If your computer crashes you call the Nerd Herd. Why? To store the computer in a

secure tamper-proof room with a gold floor? No! You want the machine to function as it

was intended by its designer.

Man was designed by God to look like Him. We are the only creature made in His

image, but man failed abysmally. Jesus was sent to give man what man needs to

function: God in the man. That is our destiny. That is the message of the Bible. That

ought to be is essence of the gospel we preach.

John White

Van, Texas