Whitman-Hanson Regional High School Drama Company

Whitman-Hanson Regional High School Drama Company

Whitman-Hanson Regional High School Drama Company


Alice In Wonderland

Auditions for the 2010 production of Alice In Wonderland will be held on September 7 and 8 from 4-6PM in the Performing Art Center WHRHS for grades 3 – 12.

Callbacks will be held on September 9, 2010 from 4-6PM.

Rehearsal schedule for Main cast will be every Monday and Thursday with Saturday’s TBA. (Expect increased rehearsal time as we near performance.)

If auditioning for Alice your schedule needs to be flexible, rehearsal time could be Monday – Saturday.

Chorus/dancers can expect rehearsals to take place Tuesdays and Saturdays or Wednesdays and Saturdays depending on which group you are placed in. Thursdays will be added as we near performance date.

Monday and Thursday rehearsal times 2:30-6PM

Tuesday and Wednesday rehearsal times 4-6PM

Saturday rehearsal times 10-2PM. Rehearsal will be broken down into shifts.

Performance dates: November 12 and 13 @ 7PM

November 14 @ 2:00PM

What to expect at your audition:

1. Upon arrival fill out requested forms or print and fill out forms below, don’t forget to bring it in with you the day of auditions.

2. Receive an audition number to coordinate with your form.

3. You will all have the opportunity to learn a musical piece from the show, male/female appropriate.

4. You will then be asked to perform the song on stage alone.

5. Time permitting we will ask for a cold reading, something from the script. Please do not become concerned if you are not asked to read that is what callbacks are for.

6. Callbacks will be posted on PAC doors and by email.


We have all heard of Alice in Wonderland, but do you really know the story? Did you know that Alice becomes bored while being taught an important lesson in History, her mind quickly distracted, drifting in and out of her world and ours. Curiosity gets the best of her when she spots a beautiful white rabbit with a pocket watch and follows him through the opening of a tree, leading her to a world of mixed-up babble, which makes little sense, even to Alice.

Come help Alice wake from her nightmarish daydream, if you dare.

I look forward to seeing you soon and hope you enjoy the rest of your summer,

Kathryn Ridder

Any further questions, I can be reached at

Audition Application


Please Print Clearly

Student Name: ______

Parent Name: ______

Telephone: ______

E-Mail: ______

Can you read music? Yes or No

Other Talents: (ex: tap, ballet, juggle, walk on stilts, etc.) ______

Height: ______Dress/Suit Size: ______Age: ______

Hair Color: ______Eye Color: ______

  1. Are participating in another time conflicting show or sports or dance? ______
  2. What days/dates are you NOT available to rehearse? ______
  3. Role desired: ______
  4. If you are not cast in this role, will you accept another part? ______

Chorus ______?

5. Are you willing to change hair color or style? Yes or No

  1. Besides performing where do your interests lie? (Check as many as apply, parents are required to fill out this part too.) You involvement is key. Not only do you help create visual art you build a stronger community.

____ Set Construction ______Set Painting ___Props _____Costumes

____ Make-up ______Publicity ____ Playbill design ___Raffle ____ Concessions

_____ Usher ______Sound _____ Lighting ____Backstage crew/help

Show Experience

Show Director Role Company









Formal Training

Acting: ______

Dance: ______

Voice: ______

Do not write below this line: ______

Vocal Range: ___ Soprano ____ Alto ____Tenor ____ Baritone

Projection: ______Facial Expressions: ______

Diction: ______Annunciation: ______

Body language: ______

Physicality: ______

Dance Ability: ______

Other Comments:______