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December 17, 2002


Please see the attached Dealer Bulletin for the M2000D SMART Digital System with regards

to the Side-to-Side Correction error.

Please advise me if you require the revised software, and we will e-mail it to you.

In the meantime, you can still install the indicator, and follow the instruction for side-to-side




Western Scale Technical Bulletin

December 16, 2002

Side-to-Side correction problems with the M2000D indicator.

The M2000D indicator has the ability to do both sectional and side-to-side error corrections. Recently there have been reports to indicate that there have been problems with side-to side corrections. Correcting a cell in a section will make the opposite cell worse in side-to-side error. The problem has been found and it seems that there is an addressing issue with selecting load cells in the scale. When you select a cell to correct you are actually correcting the opposite cell in the scale.

Which Versions of software does this effect?

All versions prior to and including version 1.20 of software. The version number of software is displayed when the indicator powers up.

Does this effect sectional adjustment?

No, side-to-side error correction is independent from sectional adjustments. However if the technician tried doing side-to-side error corrections before reading this bulletin then it is recommended to do a 530 command (clear all corrections) and redo sectional and side-to-side. This will ensure that improper correction factors have been cleared.

I have equipment on the shelf, what do I do?

Indicators can be upgraded in the field or at the shop via a laptop. Version 1.21 will be released early in January 2003.

I have equipment installed, how does this affect me, or the customer?

Newer installations probably do not require side-to-side corrections, and this is why the problem went undetected for so long. If the equipment was installed without the need for side-to-side correction, then there is no immediate concern to upgrade the site.

Is there a work around to the current problem?

You can still do side-to-side corrections with current version of software, however a special procedure must be followed which is discussed on the next page.

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Work around for side-to-side correction problem.

The workaround is to select the cell opposite to the cell you want to correct.


You have a truck scale counting by 20lb increments. On section 1 cell1 reads 23680lb and cell2 reads 23260lb, a difference of 21 graduations. You have serious side-to-side errors to deal with on section 1.

We will first correct cell1.

  1. Place your test cart on cell1, which weighs 23100lb.
  2. Select in the indicator the opposite cell to cell1, which is cell2.
  3. Using command 532 enter 23100lb to correct cell 1.

We will now correct cell2.

  1. Move the cart over to cell2.
  2. Using the indicator select cell1, which is the opposite cell to cell2.
  3. Use parameter 532 and enter 23100lb to correct cell2.


Selecting the opposite load cell to the one you want to correct is the current solution until a new software revision is released. It is important that the technician checks which version of software there are working on. Version 1.21 will have this problem resolved.

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