Welcome to Physics CP


Welcome to Physics CP

Welcome to Physics CP



Ms. DeBlieck ffice in prep room of S13

Ms. Rosenzweig Office in E280 (on ramp to science wing)


In this class you will gain an understanding of the physical properties and phenomena of the things that make up the world around us. In a sense, physics can be seen as a study of nature and trying to understand why or how something works. We will explore the fundamental topics of physics while weaving in how these concepts have affected and influenced daily life, as we know it.


The following materials must be brought to class on a daily basis:

-A 3 ring binder (to be used for Physics ONLY) will plenty of loose leaf paper

  • The Physics Classroom Notes
  • Classroom Lessons and Notes
  • Labs/Activities
  • Problem Sets/Homework

-Something to write with. (PENCIL OR PEN)

-A scientificcalculator (phones do not qualify)


-Communication All emails you send should be to BOTH Ms. DeBlieck and
Ms. Rosenzweig

-Cell Phones will be confiscated if seen or heard. They can be picked up at the end of the day from the main office.

-All Classwork and/or Homework will be assigned with due dates posted on the teacher page. These assignments will be checked randomly and periodically for a grade.Classwork will take on many forms: group work, partner work, etc. It is important that you stay on task and complete all class work in a timely fashion.

-Make-Up Policy: Students are responsible for make-up work. If you are absent, it is YOUR responsibility to find out what you missed. Assignments will be posted on the teacher page.

  • If you are absent on the day of a test or quiz, you MUST email BOTH Ms. DeBlieck and Ms. Rosenzweig with a plan as to when you will make-up the assessment. Failure to do so will result in making up the test, the next class period we meet.

-No Food or Drink in Science Classrooms. Lunch cannot be eaten during Lab Periods.

-No Tolerance Policy: We will not tolerate any sort of act of being disrespectful to one another. The best learning happens in a safe and comfortable environment, so make sure you are encouraging to your classmates, listen to what they have to say, and work together to make this year a great one!


Grades will be based on homework, lab reports, class work, discussion board participation, quizzes, and tests. The breakdown is as follows:

Tests & Quizzes – 55%

Class Activities/Labs/Problem Sets/Notes– 40%

Homework – 5%

Your final course grade will be determined as follows:

1st Quarter – 22.5%

2nd Quarter – 22.5%

3rd Quarter – 22.5%

4th Quarter – 22.5%

Final – 10%

There will be quarterly exams given at the end of marking periods 1, and 2. These test grades will count as 15% under the Tests & Quizzes category.

There will be a final project instead of an exam. This will be introduced in April and continued through June.


Academic Honesty is a requirement at Livingston High School. Study groups are encouraged, but cheating or direct copying of others’ work will not be tolerated. ALL offending parties will be considered at fault. You will receive a zero on the assignment, your parents and assistant principal will be contacted and the National Honor Society will be informed. Your reputation at Livingston High School will follow you through your senior year and beyond. Make sure it is impeccable!

Cheating is defined as:

-Use of cell phone, notes, books, or notebooks during a test/quiz

-Speaking with anyone other than the teacher during a test/quiz

-Copying or stealing homework, lab or any other assignment (from students or online)

-Sharing test content with students in other class periods

-Although you will be working in a lab group, unless otherwise instructed, the lab assignments should be completed individually. You may discuss the data with the group members, but the writing should be your own.