We Also Had a Wonderful Christmas Program and Christmas Party. Thank You for Those That

We Also Had a Wonderful Christmas Program and Christmas Party. Thank You for Those That

Mrs. Kelly

January 5, 2016

December Memories

I hope your child enjoyed the fun activities he/she participated in December! Your child made a couple of ornaments, gingerbread house/train, painted a shirt, created elf hats, went shopping and wrapped presents. We also went on a gingerbread man hunt around the school.

We also had a wonderful Christmas Program and Christmas party. Thank you for those that helped make these days so special.


During December we focused on letters B, R, and S. I also started introducing rhyming to the students. Please reinforce this concept at home because it is a difficult skill for some students to learn. In the math curriculum, we focused on identifying numbers 6 and 7. I also focused on creating patterns. This week we are focusing on comparing objects using the terms: short, tall, long, and the same.

Looking Ahead…

For the next couple of weeks, we will be studying penguins. See if your child can tell you any interesting facts about penguins. We will also learn about the letters I and W.

Winter Attire Reminder

Your child may wear boots to school and bring a pair of shoes to change into when he/she arrives at the classroom. He/she does not have to wear snow pants to school because we will not play outside during the winter months. It takes too long to dress 16 preschool students with full snow gear. However, we will take advantage of the gymnasium, music, and computer room. There are not set dates for us to visit these rooms, I just have to arrange a time each week with the teachers. Therefore, I cannot provide you with the exact days we are going to the gym. I do apologize for those that wanted your child to wear tennis shoes on those days. We will have a planned day of fun in the snow where we will make a snowman, but I well let you know so you can plan to dress your child warm!

New Students

In each class, we will be welcoming a new student within the next couple of weeks. Please discuss with your child that it is important to be kind to new students because they might feel uncomfortable.

Upcoming Dates

January 7th and 8th- Show and Tell

January 15- End of Second Quarter- No School for PRESCHOOL

January 18th- MLK No School