Upper Tamar Lake Fishing Regulations

Upper Tamar Lake Fishing Regulations


The reservoirs are covered by South West Water Reservoir Regulations with which anglers must

familiarise themselves before fishing. All anglers must carry a valid Environment Agency Licence.

1.SEASON - All year

2.FISHING TIMES and PERMITS - A Valid permit must be purchased before fishing commences, and must be carried when fishing. A single permit or season permit entitles the holder to use up to three rods. Day permits are valid from sunrise to one hour after sunset. 24 hour permits are valid 24 hours from date and time of arrival at Fishery. Anglers may vacate their swim for up to 1½ hours, baits must be removed from the water. Swim may be forfeited after 1½ hours.

3.TACKLE and METHODS - All normal methods of rod and line fishing except fly fishing are permitted. The use of small inflatable or model boats for laying bait is strictly prohibited. Baited lines must not be left unattended in the water. Bent hooks are prohibited, fixed rigs are prohibited; barbless hooks only; Carp anglers must have a large padded unhooking mat andMinimum 42 inch landing net. Anglers must have minimum of 15lb line, No Lead core. Carp mouth and body treatment is required. Do NOT stand up while holding fish, Return them to the water with a sling.

4.BAITS - Natural and artificial baits allowed. The use of Peanuts is prohibited; loose feeding with hookbait is permitted; swimfeeders are permitted. Digging for bait on Trust property or surrounding land strictly prohibited.

5.ALL COARSE FISH MUST BE RETURNED TO THE WATER. Carp must be returned to the water as soon as possible after capture. Anyone found removing coarse fish from the premises will be prosecuted under the Theft Act, and banned from all Trust Fisheries.

6.KEEP NETS - Carp must not be kept in keep nets. Anglers are requested not to hold fish in keep nets in warm shallow water. Any fish showing signs of distress in keep nets to be returned IMMEDIATELY. Keep nets to be minimum 10 feet in length and 1 foot 6 inches in diameter. At least three quarters of keep net to be submerged in water.

7.CARP SACKS – Carp Sacks are NOT permitted - Floatation slings only. These may only be used to hold single carp for the short period needed to set up photographic equipment. Carp must not be in a sling for more than one hour.

8.WADING - Wading in the reservoir is NOT permitted. Swimming is PROHIBITED.

9.PROHIBITED FISHING AREAS - Please see map attached.

10.BANK RESERVATION - The reserving or staking out of places for bank fishing is PROHIBITED except when authorised by the Manager or Bailiff.

11.LITTER - Anglers are responsible for all litter in their swim. All litter must be taken away from the site when fishing ends. Anglers found leaving litter will be banned.

12.DOGS - Dogs are not permitted to accompany anglers.

13.CONTRAVENTION OF REGULATIONS - Any person contravening any regulations shall FORFEIT THEIR PERMIT and shall be required to leave the Trust's property immediately. Further action, including prosecution and/or a ban may follow.

  1. CLOSURE OF FISHERY - The Trust reserves the right to change any regulation and to close part or all of the fishery at any time without notice.

15. Anglers fishing at the reservoir do so at their own risk on the understanding that the Trust does not accept liability for loss, damage or injury to persons or property whilst on the Trust's land or water.

16. No child under 14 years may fish unless accompanied by an adult over 18 years.

17. No child under 16 may fish overnight unless accompanied by an adult over 18 years and then only with permission of parent or legal guardian. (Letter to this effect must be produced). Children under 12 years may fish for no charge provided they are accompanied by full paying adult over the age of 18 years and then only with permission of parent or legal guardian.

Jan 2014