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Mason Institute, Maclagan Prize Scholarship

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Application Form for 2013 Entry


The J Kenyon Mason Institute for Medicine, Life Sciences and Law will offer one Maclagan Prize Scholarship to a student wishing to pursue a PhD. The topic of the PhD research project must be within the broad areas and themes of the Mason Institute – that is, ethical, legal, social and political implications and impacts of new technologies and practices in medicine and the life sciences, which are likely to have an ever greater and deeper impact on the everyday lives of individuals, groups and societies. The PhD proposal, which forms your application, should be formulated within this broad framework. (Please refer to for further information).

The first step is to apply to the School of Law for a PhD via the School of Law website ( The second step is completion of this form and a supporting paper of up to 1,000 words, including footnotes, on how your research can help interdisciplinary working between law and one or more disciplines, the quality and rigour of which will be assessed. Your paper must be your own original work, and you should not have used it in any other context. It will be judged on its academic merit. At least two members of the Mason Institute will assess the paper independently, and, in case of dispute, will refer the paper to a third assessor. Your paper should be appended to this form and returned to the email address given below.

Scholarship amount: £2,000 per annum for three years of a full-time PhD (total award £6,000) or £1,000 per annum for six years of a part-time PhD (total award £6,000).
Number of awards: 1 per annum, with an annual competition in autumn of each year.


Applications for this scholarship should be made by completing this form and emailing it to by 5pm on the 7th December 2012. It is a condition of eligibility that any applicant for an award has also submitted a complete application for admission (including supporting documents) to the PhD programme in the School of Law by that same closing date Applications received after this date will not be considered. Successful applicants will be informed by email by the end of January 2013.

In considering applications, the Mason Institute will have regard in the first instance to this form and the supporting paper but may also consider any information, including references, submitted as part of the application for admission. Nonetheless, this form must be completed in full, even where this duplicates information submitted as part of your application. You may copy and paste material from your application as appropriate.

Applicants should ensure, wherever possible, that their referees submit their references by the closing date for any scholarship for which they are applying: the more complete your application is at the point of submission, the quicker it can be processed.

The remainder of this form should be completed in no less than 11-point type. You may delete the explanatory text (i.e. this paragraph and the previous five) and reduce or expand the size of any individual box below as you see fit, but the submitted form should not exceed two pages in length. Candidates should append a copy of their research proposal to the end of this document before submitting it by email to the address above. That proposal does not count towards the page limit. This application form can only be used for scholarships awarded by the Mason Institute.

Further information:
Further information on scholarships and other sources of funding is available from Patricia Murray , and our website

Checklist: (all to be done by 5pm, 7th December 2012)

1. apply online at

2. complete the application form

3. append supporting paper (1,000 words)

1. Personal information


University User Number (UUN) (if known):

Programme applied for:

Date of application for PhD study:

Scholarship(s) applied for (list all that apply):

[you will not be considered for any scholarship which you do not list here. However, you are welcome to submit a new or duplicate application at a later date in respect of any other scholarship.]

2. Degrees and other university-level qualifications to date, including any degree in progress.

[You do not need to provide details of grades in individual courses, which the Selection Panel will obtain from the transcript(s) submitted with your application. Please do, however, give details of any overall grade or classification. Please state also whether or not your undergraduate degree was instructed and examined in English. If it was not, please specify the most recent English language test you have taken – e.g. IELTS – and the grades obtained.]

3. Relevant employment and/or research experience

4. Please explain here your reasons for wishing to study at Edinburgh, along with any other information you consider relevant to your application

[Append your short paper here ]