Unit Seven Schools

Unit Seven Schools




TITLE: School Nurse


QUALIFICATIONS: 1. Professional registered nurse or LPN with a current Illinois nursing license

2. Minimum of two years of clinical nursing experience.

3. Such alternatives to the above qualifications as the Board of Education may find appropriate and acceptable.

REPORTS TO: Superintendent of Schools or Building Principal or his/her designee

JOB GOAL: To assist in providing the fullest possible educational opportunity for each student by minimizing absence due to illness and creating a climate of health and well-being in the school district.


  1. Maintain comprehensive school health records for each student in accordance with the Illinois School Student Records Act (IL. Rev. Stat. Ch.22, par 50.1 et seq.).
  2. Perform vision and hearing screening on all students certified by law and referred by staff members.
  3. Prepare immunization report by October of each school year and dental reports by May of each school year.

4. Call parents of students that are absent from school to inquire about an illness and expected length of absence by 10:00 a.m. each morning of student attendance.

5. Compile and update medical alert and confidential health lists for staff/administrative purposes.

6. Arrange in-service programs for school personnel for blood borne pathogen training and other health related topics for the staff as requested by administration.

7. To house and supervise all medications taken by students and by insuring that proper forms are on file.

8. Prepare and send, when necessary, letters to parents indicating the presence of chronic and/or communicable diseases (lice, strep infection, chicken pox, 5th disease, etc.) in the school.

9. Render first aid to students and promptly notify parents when such action is necessary. Fill out necessary school and insurance reports.



10. Develop individualized health plans for students whose health needs must be addressed during the school day.

a) Collect information about the health and developmental status of the student

b) Use information collected to determine an implementation plan to meet the health care needs of the student during the school day

c) Formulate health care plan for the student which will then be signed by the physician, parents, and building administrator.

d)Monitor appropriateness of the plan and make revisions as necessary.

11. Assess students for medical problems. Advise on eligibility to remain in school and promptly make recommendations to parents regarding treatment beyond first aid.

12. Attend professional meetings and obtain training to maintain knowledge of current laws and best practices.

13. Notifying parents of students in noncompliance of state immunization laws or dental examinations.

14. Assist with the ordering of health supplies.

15. Assist the building secretary with data entry and the calculation of daily attendance for the school.

16. Function as the building secretary in the absence of this person.

TERMS OF EMPLOYMENT: Work year to be 10 ½ months. Salary and benefits as a school nurse will be set by the Board of Education as recommended by the Superintendent.

EVALUATION: Performance for this job will be evaluated in accordance with the Board's policy on Evaluation of Support Staff Personnel.