Unit 8. Listen and Practice. Exercise 2. (CD1:45)

Unit 8. Listen and Practice. Exercise 2. (CD1:45)

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Unit 8. Listen and practice. Exercise 2. (CD1:45)

Receptionist: Can I help you?

Andy: Yes. I’m Andy Johnson, and I have a three

o’clock appointment with Jack Huang in Marketing.

Receptionist: OK, Mr. Johnson, you can go right up.

Andy: Thanks. Uh … how do I get to the Marketing


Receptionist: Oh, it’s on the third floor. When you

step out of the elevator, turn right and go down the

hall. It’s the second door on your left, and it says

“Marketing Department” on it. You can’t miss it.

Andy: Thanks. Oh, and, uh, where’s the elevator?

Unit 8. Listen and practice. Exercise 5. (CD1:46)

Receptionist: It’s next to the stairs. Actually I’m just

about to go up to the third floor myself. I’ll take you


Andy: Thank you, that’s very kind.

Unit 8. Prepositions of place. Exercise 2. (CD1:47)


A: So where does Mr. Takahashi sit?

B: The boss? He’s at that big desk on the right.

A: With the, uh, chart behind him?

B: Yes, that’s right.


B: Now, you can just put your papers on the secretary’s


A: OK, is that the one next to the photocopier?

B: No, it’s just in front of the boss’ desk. The one with

the computer on it.

A: Oh, I see.


A: And where is Ken’s desk?

B: He’s in front of the boss too.

A: So, next to the secretary’s desk, on the left?

B: Yes, that’s right.


A: And Sophie’s in this department too, isn’t she?

B: Yes, she is. Her desk is just behind Ken’s.

Unit 8. Giving a tour. Exercise 1. (CD1:48)

Manager: Come with me, please. OK, this is the lobby,

of course. There’s an ATM machine in the corner

there. Oh, and a public phone, next to the ATM

machine. Any questions?

Clerk: Yes, is the lobby open 24 hours?

Manager: Yes, it is. Now, let’s go to the elevators.

They’re next to the stairs. This elevator on the left

goes only to the rooms. It doesn’t stop on the second,

third, or fourth floors. And this one here, this one

stops on every floor. We’ll go first to the second

floor – that’s the dining room and the lounge – and

then to the third floor, the business center. Um, any

questions so far?

Clerk: What’s on the fourth floor?

Manager: The swimming pool and the fitness center.

OK, come with me.

Unit 8. Giving a tour. Exercise 3. (CD1:49)


A: OK, now we’re going to leave the main office

building and go out to see the factory. Remember

it’s going to be noisy in the factory so I don’t think

you’ll be able to ask me any questions. And you’ll

need to keep a hard hat on at all times. Oh and don’t

touch anything! That’s very important. Uh … is

everyone with me?

B: No. Sandy’s at the drinking fountain.

A: Oh. OK. Let’s wait a minute.


A: Now on your left, that’s the administration building.

Next to that is the science library. And behind

that, it’s a little hard to see, but behind that is the

cafeteria. They have some great sandwiches there!

And espresso. OK, now…. oh, uh, am I going too

fast? Any questions?

B: Yes! When do we eat?


A: Now if you want to come in after 6:00 or on

weekends the front door will be locked. So you’ll

need to go in the back door. Go around the building

to the right. There’s a small door between two trees

– that’s where you’ll go in. And remember you’ll

need to show your ID badge to the security guard.

OK? Is that clear?

B: Yes got it.


A: Now to get to the station we’ll go straight down this

street and turn left. Then turn again at the second

street to the right. Now does everyone have a ticket

or does anyone need to buy one? Uh, can everyone

hear me?

B: No sorry. Could you repeat that?