Unesco Chair in Bioethics

Unesco Chair in Bioethics


A World-wide Call to

The Community ofexpertsin the fieldof bioethics.

Dear Colleagues,

Re: Invitation:

The UNESCOChair inBioethics takes the liberty andis pleased to inviteyou to become an active member of the

InternationalScientificCommittee of the

International Conference on Bioethics Education

The Committee will be authorized to compile the final version of the scientific program

Your application should be provided along witha CV document



Conference Secretariat

POB 574

Jerusalem, Israel 91004

tel:+972-2-6520574; fax 972-2-6520558



UNESCO Chair in Bioethics

8th International Conference


Bioethics Education:

Contents, Methods, Trends

September 2-5, 2012, Zefat, Israel

The Conference is designed to offer a PLATFORM for the exchange of information and knowledge, and to hold discussions, lectures, workshops and exhibition of programs and databases


Target Groups

Teachers and educators, researchers and writers,

rectors, deans and administrators in academic institutes, medical schools, nursing schools, law schools, schools of social work, faculties of philosophy and ethics.

Professional Organizations * Governmental & Public bodies

Main Topics

Ethics education: General, Objectives, Teaching Methodology

Level of teaching, status of the programs, evaluation of teaching, teachers and students

Study resources, References, Materials

Main Aspects

Bioethics, Echo-bioethics, Dental ethics, Environmental ethics,

Ethics and Law, Ethics and religion, Ethics and social sciences,

Medical ethics, Meta-ethics, Nursing ethics, Pharmacy ethics,

Philosophical ethics, Scientific ethics, Technological ethics.

Main Issues


Ideology & concepts History Trends Prospects


Awareness of normative dimensions; Moral sensitivity; Good conduct; Identification of moral issues; Knowledge/information; Analysis/reasoning; Justification/argumentation; Critical reflection

Teaching Methodology

Lectures; Seminars; Tutorials; Computer-assisted learning; Clinical cases; Moral games; Simulation & role play; Group discussions; Distant learning; On-line/our reach education; Video-conferences; Tele-conferences

Level of Teaching

Schools/Academic institutes; Graduation programs; Master programs; Doctorate/PhD programs; Post doctorate programs; Continuous programs; Specialization

Status of Programs

Mandatory - Optional

Evaluation of students

Oral examination; Written examinations; Essays; Attendance

Study resources, references & materials

Publications; Journals; Case materials; Videos & Films; Websites; Face book; UNESCO Bioethics; Core Curriculum

Rich Social Programs Post Conference Tours

Under the auspices of:

Zefat Academic College, Zefat Forum for Bioethics,

International Center for Health, Law and Ethics, University of Haifa, Israel National Commission for UNESCO

I shall appreciate your response and acceptance as a member of the INTERNATIONAL SCIENTIFIC COMMITTEE.

Hoping the 2012 Conference will be a great success.

Best regards,

Amnon Carmi, Chair

UNESCO Chair in Bioethics


קרא באופן פונטי