Understanding Improvisation Worksheet


Name: ______Date: ______

Course / Grade: ______

Fill in the following information based on your lecture notes.

1. Improv is a type of impromptu acting done without a ______or ______.

2. Actors are given a scene and spontaneously create the ______and ______as they work towards a solid ______.

3. It is important to quickly define one’s character when doing improv. What are some things you might decide about characterization before taking the stage?


4. Improv actors must be good ______so they will know when they are being prompted or how to respond in a useful and productive manner.

5. Actors must establish the ______close to the beginning of the scene so the ‘surroundings’ can be incorporated into the action.

6. Know the ______. Almost every scene involve some form of struggle, and if actors are not clear on exactly what it is, their scene will be confusing.

7. Include plenty of ______since there will be little scenery or props. Good actors can pantomime to make the audience believe they see anything.

8. Try to keep the scene in the ______rather than the ______. Work with your partners instead of against them.

9. What should you do rather than say something that does not make sense?


10. Every improvisation must have a ______that wraps up the events in the scene, even though you may also be completing a challenge.

TOTAL: /20 marks