Un Viaje Inolvidable

Un Viaje Inolvidable

Nombre: ______Mod: ______

Un ViajeInolvidable

Rough Draft Peer Review & Final Rubrics

You will be writing a story about an unforgettable trip. You have the option to choose a trip that you have actually taken, or you may choose to make up a fantasy trip. For your story you will be describing events that occurred during this trip. Use the model stories that we read together in class. You will want to describe who went with you, what you did, when you went, where you went and why it was unforgettable. This story will be your assessment for what we have worked on, on the preterit to date. The format of the story should include visuals (pictures from your trip) and should be presented to the class verbally. The recommended format of this project is PowerPoint.

Please remember to look for and include the following items. You should initial the box under “tú” after writing your story to show that you have all of the required elements. Your partner should initial the other box showing that he/she has looked for all the elements & made any necessary corrections when peer correcting.

Tú compañero/a

 1. Noun and Adjective Agreement:

  • Do the adjectives agree in NUMBER & GENDER with the noun.
  • Are the adjectives in the proper order: ie: the blue fish = el pezazul.

 2. Verb-Subject agreement

  • Form: Do the endings of the verb agree with the subject of the sentence.

 3. Verb Tense

  • Make sure if event happened in the past, the preterit is used.

 4. At least 1 trigger was used. ie.: yesterday, last night, suddenly, last year...

 5. Verb Variation

  • Make sure you have at least 12 different verbs. (6 regular)
  • Use at least 6 irregular verbs: -car, -gar, -zar, (in yo form) or ir, ser, hacer, dar, ver, or any of the stem-changing verbs (e-i), (o-u) or (i-y) as long as you use them in the ellos or él form, or the 14 irregular verbs from “the grid”

 6. Has at least 3 pictures

  7. Length

  • 100 word minimum

 8. Time Management: uses work time efficiently. Does not need to be reminded to stay on task. Is not doing other school work, or excessive talking not related to peer correcting or asking for help during in class work time.

Final Rubric

Grammatical Errores:
Noun/adjective agreement, verb agreement, spelling & accents
Noun/adj. agreement errors
Spelling errors
Verb agreement errors
Accents included: sí no / 10 points
(perfect) / 8 points
(3-4 flaws) / 6 points
(7-8 flaws) / 4 point
(more than 10 flaws)
Uses verb variation, triggers, and has the proper length.
Regular verbs:1.______
2. ______3. ______
4. ______5. ______
6. ______
Irregular verbs:
1. ______2. ______
3. ______4.______
5. ______6. ______
100 words ______ / 14 points
meets all the requirements / 13 points
missing 1 of the required elements / 12 points
missing 2 of the required elements / 11 points
missing 3 of the required elements
Story flows and has a logical order
______/ Yes
Story is easy to follow and understand the events of the story.
5 points / Tries to use transitions, but some events are unclear.
3 point / No
Story is not clear. Few or no transitions were used. Events are jumbled. Computer translation was used instead of student using his/her own words.
0 points
Used at least 3 pictures
Story was typed or easily legible.
Student’s pronunciation was rehearsed and clear
Legible sí no (1)
3 pictures sí no (1)
Pronunciation: (3 2 1)
clear rehearsed excellent accent
choppy unrehearsed
accent interferes with comprehension / 5points
All requirements met
5 4 3 2 1 / 3 points
2 requirements were not met / 1 point
4 requirements were not met / 0 points
Time management:
Used time appropriately. / Yes
3 points / Needed to be reminded
2 point / No
Did not use class time wisely.
0 points
Final Draft Grade
Extra Credit for use of authentic trip pics 2 points MAX / / 42 points
Total points