Tuesday North Grove S Annual TALENT SHOW (2:15 3:15 Pm). Room 26 Will Definitely Be

Tuesday North Grove S Annual TALENT SHOW (2:15 3:15 Pm). Room 26 Will Definitely Be

THE SERPICO STAR Edition 35 May 22 – 26th

Well, here it is…. your child’s last full week of elementary school. And boy, is it going to be a busy one!

Tuesday – North Grove’s Annual TALENT SHOW (2:15 – 3:15 pm). Room 26 will definitely be representing!

Wednesday – CHEMISTRY IS A BLAST presentation (5th grade only).

Thursday – North Grove’s annual BIG EVENT & FIELD DAY! Please watch the weather forecast for Thursday. Students will be outside the entire afternoon. While we will have a couple water breaks, students are encouraged to bring their own water to carry with them. Comfortable athletic attire should be worn and all fifth graders should WEAR A RED SHIRT! (each grade level has been assigned a different color). Rain date – 5/26


As a culminating activity to our Biography Unit, students will be participating in a Wax Museum style presentation. These presentations will take place on Tuesday, May 30 and Wednesday, May 31. Parents are welcome to come and watch all of these famous people come to life. Presentation times are 1:50-2:10; 2:15-2:35; 2:40-3:00; 3:05-3:25. Feel free to come for one, or stay for all. A presentation schedule will be emailed out to everyone on Monday (I left it at school).

If your child plans on staying afterschool for the 5th Grade Party on Wednesday, May 31, please be sure to return the blue permission slip by this Friday, May 26.

If you would like to submit pictures of your student (especially from their earlier years) for the Graduation video, please send them to me (digitally) by this Wednesday.

Speaking of graduation, remember that at the conclusion of the 5th Grade Graduation on Thursday, June 1st, your child is allowed to leave with you (or another designated adult). This is Mr. Proctor’s reward for all of the students’ hard work over the last 6 years!


Literature: Wax Museum “dress rehearsal” presentations will finish up this week.

Math: Students are currently learning how to solve complex algebra equations using a concept called, Hands on Equations. These are kits which allow the students to use manipulatives to help them visually solve for x. Later in the week we begin round 1 of our class 24 Game Championship.

Investigations: We will wrap up our Chemistry/Energy, Electricity, Magnetism unit this week. Students who are currently in Chemistry will have a test over Unit E/Chapter 2 (Atoms & Elements) on Wednesday.

Be Respectful, Be Responsible, Be Safe