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25 May 1953


Primus names Dixie Brady as new Pro Consul; Youngest Person, First Woman

Story By Dustin Ink: Trainworld City: 1 day after the funeral for Pro Consul Casey Dhidit, the Primus of the Republic Robert Doggie named 31 year old Dixie Switzer Brady, a native of Frostbite Falls, as the first female, and youngest person to ever be named Pro Consul of the Hall of Justice of the Republic of Trainworld. In a ceremony at the Great Oracle a crowd gathered to witness history as Judicum of the Trainworld District, Harold T. Stone, administered the Oath of Office. Brady previously was serving as a Principal on the Tribunal of Consuls of the Hall of Justice – the council that serves as the highest court in the land in which the Pro Consul serves as the center seat…a seat that was held by Dhidit for 20 years, with another 7 as a Principal on the Tribunal. It was rumored in circles that Primus Doggie had both herself, and local attorney Mark Rubin in mind for the positon. Selecting Rubin would have been unorthodox, as no Pro Consul had ever been selected who hadn’t been on the Tribunal of Consuls, yet there are reports he was strongly considered.

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(Left: Brady is sworn in on the steps of the Great Oracle as Pro Consul. Right: Acceptance at the Hall of Justice

Former Pro Consul Casey Dhidit died May 19th in Copper Point of respiratory failure from pneumonia following complications of lung cancer. He was 86. His body was brought to the capital, Trainworld City and afforded a state funeral before his body returned to Copper Point for burial.

Primus Doggie apparently made his decision during the funeral and informed Brady shortly after.

Brady was born in Keweenaw Cliffs in 1922 but moved shortly thereafter to Frostbite Falls. She graduated from Frostbite Falls High School in 1940 as valedictorian and went to college at Railton University and Samuel T. Cogley Law School. She worked on then Praetor Robert Doggie’s bid for the First Oracle – which he won in 1946. She later worked for Mark Rubin’s Law Office until being selected as Judicum of Frostbite Falls District Court. In 1951 she was selected as the first female and youngest person to serve on the Tribunal of Consuls of the Hall of Justice, as position she was serving in at the time of Dhidits death.

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Left to Right: Attorney Mark Rubin, Principal Consul Dixie Brady, Primus Robert Doggie and Deputy Primus Mario Mangolini. Trainworld City Chief of Police at top right. The Primus is seen discussing option with his two candidates here after Pro Consul Dhidits funeral service.

New Pro Consul Brady has been instrumental in the plight of securing equal rights of the “non-human sect” of life on the Island, most notably the Yddet and Great Frostbite penguin races, of which Primus Doggie is a member of the Yddet race.

Following her swearing in ceremony at the Great Oracle, there was a brief acceptance ceremony at the Hall of Justice, where she has her offices.

“I am extremely pleased and humbled to have been selected for this important position. I never in a million years could have dreamed that I’d be standing here today as the Pro Consul of the Republic. Thank you all,” said Brady at her acceptance gathering. Brady has said she will continue her work for equality on the Island and will strive to maintain and preserve justice in the Republic.

“Pro Consul Brady has distinguished herself in a short yet brilliant career and has earned my praise as well as that of her fellow countrymen. Her determination, fairness and quest for sensible justice will ensure that the Republic will be a just land for many, many years to come”, said Primus Robert Doggie.



Story by Justin Ink: Trainworld City: A train of the Mehina Coal and Chemical Company derailed Sunday afternoon the 24th in Railton Yard. The train, carrying mixed cars of tankers, empty gondolas and ore cars, was carrying loads of a liquid chemical that has yet to be identified. The train originated in Trainville at the factory of EZ Industries, then travelled to Boldon to pick up some empty ore cars and gondolas, then to Trainworld City but it’s final destination was Trainapolis. The accident occurred around 3pm near South Tesla Avenue and the new cement plant. The train wasn’t traveling at a high rate of speed, as they were inside Railton Yard, but the weight of the tank cars was enough to derail four cars in all, two tank cars and two gondolas which were empty. There were no reported fatalities or injuries, but the tank cars spilled a foam like chemical that was not listed on the manifest and is the scrutiny of a pending investigation.

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This Mehina Coal And Chemical tanker leaked an odd unidentifiable foam after derailing Sunday in Railton Yard

Officials of the Mehina Coal and Chemical Company wouldn’t comment on the contents of the tanker, only saying that “theres no danger to the public and it’s contents would be revealed soon”. Trainworld City Fire Chief Zeke “Zippo” Kingsford said that initial examination doesn’t look like it’s flammable or pose a fire threat and it isn’t noxious. Fire trucks were on the scene shortly after the derailment and Railton Yard yardmaster, Barry Klinetobe said that the derailment wasn’t good, but wasn’t bad. “A wrecker crane should be able to get em up and going. The cars aren’t too badly damaged and there doesn’t appear to be any sever damage to the tracks. Maybe a few nicked ties but we’ll make a pretty thorough investigation before we allow traffic on that track”, Klinetobe said.

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Several gondolas and tank cars were among the derailed cars in Railton Yard. Foam oozed from two tank cars.

Observers and firefighters reported that the substance that leaked was foamy in appearance and texture, but that it had an oily-like sheen and residue. “It smelled like creosote or heavy oil, but it looked like foam. I’ve never seen anything like it”, said brakeman Yuri Yoktov.

Yardmaster Klinetobe said that the trains manifest did not state specifically what the contents were. “According to the documents we have, the Mehina Coal Company listed the tankers contents as “lubricant, general”. But a foam…I’ve never seen a lubricant foam.”

Officials from the United States Department of Transportation and the Trainworld Oracle of Transportation are investigating the incident.


Chippewa Star Transportation’s New Flagship Makes Maiden Voyage

Story by Dustin Ink: Trainworld City: Chippewa Star Transportation Company’s new flagship, the 650 foot S.S. Karl Uthaug completed her maiden voyage Sunday the 25th of May after a series of fitting out tests and sea trials. Built in Fitzgerald at the Lee Key Shipyards, the Uthaug was named for CEO of Chippewa Star Transportation Company, Karl Uthaug – himself a former mariner and ships captain. Under the command of Captain Kenneth Tardy, the Uthaug sailed from Fitzgerald, her home port, to Two Harbors, Minnesota and loaded with 18,000 tons of high grade Minnesota iron ore bound for the Trainworld City Steel Works.

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The new flagship S.S. Karl Uthaug arrives in Trainworld City harbor Sunday, May 25th on her maiden voyage

Captain Tardy said that the ship performed magnificently and that there were no unanticipated glitches. The Uthaug is still not completely finished and will receive more finishing touches when she heads back to Fitzgerald after unloading at the steel mill.

The Chippewa Star Transportation Company still has two more boats under construction in Fitzgerald and will join the Uthaug on the Lakes when they too are launched.

The Uthaug arrives at the Trainworld City Steel Works to unload her iron ore cargo