Training Support Specialist

Training Support Specialist

Training Support Specialist

Job Purpose

The McConnell Group, a health science company, is seeking a Training Specialist for UVA in Charlottesville, VA. The purpose of the position is to develop a formal training program for animal care staff and maintenance of information in a retrievable database.


  • Development of a multi-level training program encompassing all aspects of job performance for animal caregivers that should include at a minimum:
  • Development of core competencies, some examples are given below:
  • Daily animal observations for health and well-being
  • Maintaining animal room supplies and sanitation
  • Animal husbandry practices on a species specific basis
  • Develop a training program around these competencies
  • Training in SOPs and animal care
  • General safety training
  • Training in working with biohazardous agents
  • Training in working with chemical hazards
  • Fundamental training in animal care and use regulations
  • Training in IACUC Policies for which animal care staff have direct or shared responsibilities
  • AALAS training toward certification at both the ALAT, LAT, and LATG levels
  • Hands on training in relevant animal care techniques
  • Online training modules developed using appropriate software such as StoryLine for procedures where visual training is preferable to written text
  • Capture and data entry of all training information unique to each employee that is maintained in a database.
  • The information to be captured is:
  • Employee’s name
  • Date of training
  • Topic(s) covered
  • Name of the trainer
  • The database reports should allow the retrieval of any individual’s (or all individuals) training history
  • The database should have each person’s current AALAS certification level and any other credentials employees have
  • Training information pertaining to the veterinary staff will need to be captured and input into this database as well
  • Schedule and coordinate presenters for the AALAS classes toward certification at both the ALAT, LAT, and LATG levels.
  • The incumbent is responsible for coordinating this effort in the following manner:
  • Schedule rooms where training will occur
  • Take attendance and attend the classes to assist in answering questions about the material
  • Teach some of the classes
  • Coordinate the participation of the veterinary staff and vivarium supervisor staff to participate in this teaching effort
  • Stand in for training when a scheduled participant is not available
  • Coordinate and monitor the training period for new employees
  • Help to design and implement the training process of new hires
  • Hands on training demonstrating the techniques for working in all aspects of the vivarium including cage wash and performing husbandry
  • Evaluate the progress and skill set of new employees throughout their provisional period
  • Assisting the new employee as they transition to their vivarium assignment
  • Assist the site supervisor when additional training is required
  • Produce standardized training forms for use by the vivarium supervisors:

Secondary Responsibilities

  • Assist employees with learning basic computer skills including using Microsoft Office products: Word, PowerPoint, Excel, Outlook, SharePoint
  • SOP development to maintain the training program to current CCM Standards

Required Skills

  • Baccalaureate Degree required, preferably with a teaching certificate.
  • AALAS certification at the LATG level
  • Prefer 1-4 years in teaching, training or mentoring capacity.
  • Some experience in providing animal care or working with research animals preferred.
  • Candidates MUST pass a government background investigation (NAC), employment physical and drug/alcohol screening.As required by law, TMG participates in E-Verify, a service of the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) and the Social Security Administration (SSA), to verify the identity and employment eligibility of persons hired to work in the United States.


TMG offers competitive pay and benefits packages including health insurance; paid holiday, vacation, and PTO; EAP; 401(k) and College Savings Plan.

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