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Recording Secretary Linda Dean

Corresponding Secretary Roberta Stagge

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Salvation Army Representative Major Janet Ashcraft

Women’s Auxiliary Liaison Elaine Howard



10:30 a.m. – 12:40 p.m.SILENT AUCTION

Main Entrance

Doll Quilts/Outfits/Shoes, Assorted Gifts, Boutique

10:30 a.m. – 12:20 p.m.Christmas Melodies – Brass Ensemble

Main Entrance Kettle Stand

12:40 p.m.Please join us in the Auditorium for the Live Auction

WelcomeColleen Madewell

Toy Shop Auxiliary President

InvocationMajor Janet Ashcraft

Divisional Director of Women’s Ministries

Words of AppreciationMajor Larry Ashcraft

Divisional Commander

Presentation of Doll Dresser AwardsMajor Janet Ashcraft

Divisional Director of Women’s Ministries

Colleen Madewell

Toy Shop Auxiliary President

Holly Flischel

Doll Judging/Sorting Chairperson



10:30 a.m. – 12:40 p.m.

Bid High and Bid Often

Silent Auction Bidding Closes at 12:40 p.m.

#1 “Bengals Snowball the Bears” (minimum bid $135)

3 ft. Soft Snowman w/Bengals Black Winter Hat

Bengals Gloves & Orange Scarf

Bengals Pennant

Tailgate Party with Jeff & Steve Nagel

2 Tickets Bengals vs Chicago 12/10/17

Section 110 – Seats 3 & 4

#2 “Merry Bengals Christmas” (minimum bid $85.00)

Wood Tree “Days til Christmas”

$100 Bengal Pro Shop Gift Certificate

25 Ornaments Autographed by

Bengal Veterans & 2017 Draft Picks

#3 "Woman-specific Backpack" (minimum bid $40)

Northface Woman's Surge Transit Back Pack

#4 "A Gentleman's Travel Bag" (minimum bid $100)

Canyon Outback Leather Garment Travel Cover

#5 "Outfit A Golfer"(minimum bid $50)

Nike Golf Hypervis 1/2 Zip Blue Pullover Mens XL

Nike Dri Fit Training Shirt Black (XL)

Northface Mountain Athletic Shirt (XL)

#6 "A Perfect Christmas Gift" (minimum bid $135)

Wood Snowman "Welcome" Days of Christmas

2 Tickets Bengals vs Steelers 12/4/17

Section 110, Seat 3 & 4

Tailgate Party w/Jeff & Steve Nagel

Bengal Winter Hat & Scarf


#11 Realistic Fiction

Realistic Fiction is a story with made-up characters that could actually happen and is true to life.

phyllis poeppelmeier, Colleen madewell

Roger & Roberta Stagge

Hamilton Fairfield Sewing Group
Dawn is a new 2017 American Girl Doll purchased and donated by the Hamilton/Fairfield Sewing Group. She is dressed as a bride with a diamond tiara and has blonde curly hair with blue eyes and freckles. She is featured with a bed and carrying wardrobe made by Roger Stagge and beautifully painted by Roberta Stagge. Her bedding is pink and purple butterflies with matching pajamas and slippers. She owns a black American Girl horse with saddle, bridle, saddle bags and a first place ribbon for show. Included is an authentic riding outfit with boots and hat. Also included is a book called Saddle Up. She has 16 outfits and matching shoes with many accessory pieces. She is ready for anything from a rainy day to sledding or snow skiing, to roller skating, to sunning herself by the pool. The original box and a box of games and ideas are included as well.


#9 Fantasy

Fantasy is fiction incorporating strange, or otherworldly settings, which invites the reader to suspend reality.

helen weis

Use your imagination, like Nancy would, and fancy yourself winning this doll package! Our American Girl doll, Saige from the year 2013, is representing the title character from the Fancy Nancy series of books, many of which accompany this package. She comes with in excess of 17 masterfully-crafted outfits to match the clothing Nancy wears in the books. She and her Ganz Golden retriever pal are wearing matching peach outfits! She has 10 pair of shoes, including roller skates! This doll also has earrings, an American Girl Doll option. She also has a scooter and a stuffed rabbit toy.

#10 Poetry

Poetry is verse and writing with imagery that evokes an emotional response from the reader. This genre is for exciting pleasure by beautiful, imaginative, or elevated thoughts.

Ann Miller Hood & NKY Doll Dressers

This package is poetry in motion from Ann Miller Hood and friends. Ann was a beloved, long-time member of the Toy Shop who passed away this summer. She had already started on her auction package, and her friends saw to it that it was completed. This is a Julie doll for all seasons. She has outfits for each month, and representing most major holidays. And at the end of the year, you can read The Best Christmas Pageant Ever, the book that accompanies this package. This American Girl Doll also has a pink wooden bed with all the linens and two bed quilts, and Julie's teddy bear friend.


#7 "Fend Off the Chill" (minimum bid $35)

Black Bengals Sideline Storm Hoodie (XXL)

Black Winter Hat

# 8 "A Northface Hike" (minimum bid $60)

Northface Grey Mtn Culture/Hike Shirt (XL)

Northface Mtn Culture/Hike 3/4 Zip Jacket (XL)

#9 "Keeping Fit In Style" (minimum bid $50)

Nautica Performance Navy Deck Shirt (XL)

Nike Dri Fit Training Pants Black (XL)

Bengal Winter Hat & Team Lg. Magnet

#10 "The Bengal Express" (minimum bid $40)

Metal Train with 2 cars & Plush Mouse Engineer

Deck Bengal Cards, Ornament, Lapel Pin

#11 "Bengals Roar Louder Than Lions" (minimum bid $135)

New Era Duffle Bag

2 Tickets Bengals vs Detroit 12/24/17

Section 110, Seat 3-4

Tailgate Party w/Jeff & Steve Nagel

Bengals 50th Anniversary Towel

#12 "Ready to Tailgate" (minimum bid $80)

Bengals Coleman Rolling Cooler

Bengals Party Pack (20 Plates, Napkins, Cups, Forks)

1.5 gallon Beverage Dispenser

Bengals Temperglass Cutting Board

Beverage Barrel Carrier

2 Bengals Felt Pennants & 2017 Media Guide

Black & Orange Twirlers

Tailgate Snacks

#13 "Grill Mat"(minimum bid $15)

Bengals Vinyl Grill Mat

#14 "Linebacker Size Fan" (minimum bid $30)

Nike Bengal Dri Fit Sideline Jacket (XXXL)


#15 "Let The Wind Blow Girls" (minimum bid $25)

Nike Women's Full Zip Hooded Jacket (M)

Bengals Deck of Cards & Bengal Lapel Pin

#16 "Frosty the Bengals Snowman"(minimum bid $20)

3' Soft Snowman with Bengals Dark Grey Winter Hat

Bengals Mittens & Orange Scarf

Bengals Sunglasses & Bengals Pennant

#17 "Sleigh Bells Ring"(minimum bid $45)

Fabric Sleigh & 5 Reindeer

Bengals New Era Hat

Bengals Socks & Leggings

Gray T-Shirt Bengals Men’s (Sm)

#18 "WOW' Browns Tickets & #18 Autographed Ball"

(minimum bid $135)

50th Anniversary Small Football

Autographed by #18 A J Green

2 Tickets Bengals vs Browns 11/26/17

Section 110, Seat 3 & 4

#19 "Classic Backpack" (minimum bid $50)

Northface Backpack

Bengals New Era Hat

#20. "Baby Bengals Fan Ensemble" (minimum bid $50)

Wood Ginger Bread Man

Bengals Jersey Customized Sparkle (12 Mo.)

Sparkle Bengals Baby Shoes (Bow Hair Clip)

Bengals Baby Items - Burp Cloth, Socks, Bib

2 pk.Bengals Santizer Wipes

#21"Welcome Holiday Guests" (minimum bid $20)

Bengals Wood Snowman Customized

Two Bengals Ornaments

#22 "Big Guy Classy Jacket"(minimum bid $70)

Bengals Staff Leather Jacket (XXL)


#7 Biography

Biography is a narrative story about the real events in a person's life.

beverly & jim schmitz

This American Girl Doll is dressed for success in the late 1800s. She has a wardrobe complete with 4 dresses, bonnets, bows and accessories. She is wearing long pantaloons, button boots, a dress with a jacket, and a bonnet. The masterpiece of this doll package is her hand-crafted, combination murphy bed and closet. When she has put in a full day of work or play, she can put on her jammies and crawl under the beautiful quilt on her murphy bed. She is paired with a biography of the life of Annie Oakley who would have been growing up in the late 1800s. Even her curls are reminiscent of Ohio's own all-American girl, Annie Oakley.

#8 Historical Fiction

Historical Fiction is a story with fictional characters that is set in an historic time and place, and based on historical facts.

Roberta Stagge & Donna Taylor

Kit was the seventh Historical Character doll released by American Girl Dolls. Her story is set in 1934, right here in Cincinnati! She has a real "can-do" attitude, which helps her overcome the hardships she has faced during the Great Depression. Our Kit has 10 outfits and shoes to match. She comes with a handpainted wardrobe carrying case. She also has a handpainted shoe box for storage. She has a writing desk to work on her own newspaper articles, and a bicylce so she can rush her stories down to the newsroom when they are ready. Along with Kit, you get your own copy of the American Girl Doll book, Meet Kit.


#5 Guide/How-To

Guide/How-To books deal with real-life activities that one would like

to learn and be able to do.

Peggy Pechiney
Chrissa Maxwell was the girl of the year in 2009, and only available for one year before retirement. Chrissa is a creative girl who knows how to knit and sew, which she may have learned from some how-to books! That must be why she has such a beautiful knitted wardrobe. She is wearing a gold knit dress with a princess crown. She has several complete outfits, including her cowgirl garb complete with the hat and boots. She can also take her puppy pal along with her in a dog carrier shoulder bag. She has a lovely sleeper set with the knitted robe and blanket. And when it's time to hit the pool, she has a complete bathing suit ensemble! Chrissa can also plan the perfect picnic or bake sale with her American Girl Doll picnic and baked goods pieces. She has a doll bed to go with her, and is paired with the Chrissa book to tell her story.

#6 Drama

Drama is a genre of literature that is composed in either verse or prose, where conflicts and emotions are expressed through dialogue and action.

barbara wegley

There can be plenty of drama for this American Girl Doll who represents two girls who loved horses. 1774 Felicity lived in Yorktown, PA. She secretly tamed a horse named Penny and helped her run away from her cruel owner. Penny was returned to her. She has a book Felicity Saves the Day, as well as two dresses, mob cap, hat and shoes.
1974 Julie is an American Girl who lives near Yorktown, PA. She loves her new horse and rides her in competitions. She has a formal riding habit, hat and boots, racing togs and helmet, tops with leggings and jeans, a satin party dress with sparkling shoes, and several other dresses. She has a nightgown with bunny slippers. In all, she has shoes and accessories for eleven outfits. Her horse has a saddle, tack, saddlebags, a bucket and food.


#23 "A Bengals Trooper Fan" (minimum bid $60)

Nike Men's Free Thongs Size 11

Reebok Camoflage Hat

Reebok Real Tree Cammo LS Shirt (XXL)

Bengals 47 Brand Scrum Basic T Shirt (XXL)

#24 "WOW' Steelers Tickets & #14 Autographed Ball"

(minimum bid $135)

50th Anniversary Small Football

Autographed by #14 Andy Dalton

2 Tickets Bengals vs Steelers 12/4/17

Section 110, Seat 5-6

#25 "One Of A Kind Throw"(minimum bid $80)

Bengals T-Shirt Quilt Throw

#26 "Nice & Warm" (minimum bid $25)

Bengals Winter Hat-Reversible

Nike Men's Grey 3/4 Zip Hoodie (XL)

#27 "Ready For Christmas" (minimum bid $25)

3' Wood Santa "Days til Christmas"

Bengals Santa Hat & Christmas Stocking

Neck Scarf

#28 "Training For the Future" (minimum bid $60)

New Era Bengals Hat Autographed by 2017 Draft Picks

#15 John Ross & #75 Jordan Willis

Nike Dri Fit Training Pants Black (XL)

Nike 3/4 Zip Sideline NFL Pullover (XL)

#29 "Winter Wear"(minimum bid $20)

Northface Dark Grey 3/4 Zip Pullover

Bengals Reebok Fleece Hat

Who Dey Refrigerator Magnet

#30. "Super Sized Fan" (minimum bid $25)

Bengals Majestic Black Shirt SS (XXXL)

Bengals Majestic Black Sweat Shirt (XXXL)


#31 "Lady Ready For Games" (minimum bid $60)

Nike Bengals Ladies Shirt (S)

Northface Blue Tank Top

Nike Blue Golf Crew Pullover Dri Fit

Nike Running Shirt

2 Decks Bengals Cards

#32 "Keep Fit In Style"(minimum bid $40)

Lucy Black/White Stripe Workout Raceback Shirt (M)

Lucy Black/Grey Everyday Sweat Shirt

Nike Dri Fit Grey Shirt (M)

#33 "Ready for Snowball Fight" (minimum bid $15)

3 Ft. Soft Snowman w/Scarf & Gloves

Bengals Embroidered Winter Hat

Bengals Sunglasses

Bengals Football Pennant

#34 "Bengals Door Decor"(minimum bid $15)

Bengals Football Shaped Rug

50th Anniversary Flag

#35. "WOW' Browns Tickets & #85 Autographed Ball"

(minim bid $135)

50th Anniversary Small Football

Autographed by #85 Tyler Eifert

2 Tickets Bengals vs Browns 11/26/17

Section 110, Seat 5-6

#36 "Big Boy Fan Outfit"(minimum bid $25)

Sideline Prospect Crew Fleece (XXL)

Reebok Ball Hat

#37 "Ready to Walk"(minimum bid $35)

Nike Womens Lucky Azalea Full Zip Jacket

Nike Grey Shirt (S)

BengalS Cross Body Pouch & Fleece Scarf

#38 "Style & Warmth"(minimum bid $85)

Nike Grey/Black Zip Jacket (XL)


#3 Science Fiction

Science Fiction is a story based on the impact of something scientific - real or imagined, often set in the future or on other planets.

Nicole Jones & Elizabeth Lau
This American Girl Doll is paired with the classic book Alice's Adventures in Wonderland to demonstrate that she is ready to see the different worlds and wonders. She has her travel chest full of beautiful clothes including two pant suits, a night gown, a pair of pajamas, a skirt and blouse outfit, another skirt outfit with a vest, and a dress. She also has 3 knitted outfits complete with hats and bags. She is ready for anything - casual to formal! When she is home, she can rest comfortably and dream of her next adventure, snuggled in her loft bed.

#4 Action and Adventure

Action and Adventure is a fiction genre dealing with series of events that usually happen outside of the realm of normal life events for the main character, often involving danger or excitement.

Karen White

Speaking of adventure, this American Girl doll clearly loves the outdoors. She is dressed in Native American dress, paying homage to the doll Kaya. She has a western blanket and pillow showing her love for horses. After a day gardening in her garden apron and with her garden bag, she can sit by her fire and make s'mores. When it is cold out, she can lace up her ice skates and put on her skating outfit! But when it is too cold outside, she can always stay inside and play her flute. She has several clothing items that are authentic American Girl Doll brand. She is paired with the book I am the Ice Worm about a girl stranded in the ice and snow on a trip to Alaska, who learns about survival from the native Alaskans.



This year’s auction features only


The auction packages are all named for literary genres, to honor and highlight our book program which provides books for children through our annual Toy Shop.

#1 Fairy Tales

Fairy Tales or wonder tales are a kind of folktale or fable. These stories are sometimes about fairies or other magical creatures, usually for children.

Saundra Lee

This blonde American Girl doll is all set to sell her garden's bounty from her flower cart. She comes with 5 Pixie Fair patterned dresses, as well as assorted necessities. She is wearing silver sandals, but has some silver shoes as well. She also has a lovely quilt to show her love of flowers when the weather turns cold. She is paired with the book, All of a Kind Family. The beautiful flowers in this family are the five daughters who love doing everything together. But no one could have prepared them for the biggest surprise of all!

#2 Fiction

Fiction is one of the two main categories of literary genres, which content is produced by the imagination, not necessarily based on truth or fact.

Judy Baracka

This beautiful blonde American Girl doll is dressed up to represent the story of Felicity Merriman. She comes dressed in a Royal Blue Christmas Dress with ribbons and pearls and a pinner cap. She also has a doll of her own dressed to match her blue dress. She has two school outfits complete with hats, a pink crepe birthday dress with stockings, a white night shirt, and a regular shirt, with caps and accessories to match. She comes with a hard bound book Felicity's Stories so she can imagine herself living in pre-revolutionary times.