Title: Two Important Discoveries

BIT’s 5th Annual International Congress of Ocean-2016 Qingdao, China

Title: The Cruiseship Market: Offer and Demand in an Uncertain Environment

Dr. Corrado Antonini and Co-author’s Name





Notwithstanding the big potential of the cruise industry, for the time being, lasting uncertainty about economic scenario and financial constraints, make cruise lines more cautious about their investment policy. The task for the cruise shipbuilding industry is therefore very demanding, since inside a smaller and high competitive market it is required: to innovate product design and configuration; to insure excellent safety standards and the environmental performance, developing green products and energy savings solutions; to increase efficiency and quality; to share with the suppliers quality targets and innovative contents. In the next years, cruise industry will be affected by the introduction of up-to-date technical solutions on new platforms developed in line with the differentiation targets and the green & safety standards: a big chance for the renewal and revitalization of the sector. Fincantieri is world leader in the cruise ships sector offering a wide product range: small expeditionary yacht cruise, luxury cruise ships, big cruise ships serving all cruise segments (contemporary, premium, upper premium). The company is continuing to support the cruise market evolution through the design and construction of new attractive and value for money ships


Mr. Corrado ANTONINI, from 1974 Member of the Board and General Manager, from 1985 Managing Director, from 1988 C.E.O., from 1994 Chairman and C.E.O., from 2000 Executive Chairman, now Chairman of Fincantieri - Cantieri Navali Italiani S.p.A., one of the main world producers of cruise ships and large ferries, and an important producer of naval vessel of all types. Born in Rome 1934; graduated with honours in Law, honorary naval architect, honorary master in Business Administration, endowed with the highest Italian decoration for economic merits (Cavaliere del Lavoro) and other decorations in Italy and Finland, Columbus gold medal of the city of Genova, freedom of the city of Trieste. He is furthermore: Chairman of Euroyards, a European Economic Interest Grouping of seven major European yards; Honorary Chairman and Member of the Board of CESA (Community of European Shipyards’ Associations); Chairman of Assonave, the Italian Association of Shipbuilders and Related Industries; Honorary Chairman of Federazione del Mare, the Italian cluster of maritime activities; former Chairman and Member of the Council of AIAD, Member of the Council and Board of ASD (The European Association of Aerospace and Defence) and outgoing Chairman of the Naval Group (NDIG); Vice Chairman of the National Federation of Cavalieri del Lavoro and Chairman of the Central Committee.