Three Weeks, Three Days to Go!

Three Weeks, Three Days to Go!

Franks’ Friday Folder Flyer

Issue 33 May 10, 2013

Three weeks, three days to go!

Mrs. Patton did a mini unit on “Major League Math” this week! There were many fun activities all based on baseball! The boys and girls really seemed to have a lot of fun! / Health
We got active this week as we learned to take our pulse so that we could monitor our resting and exercise heart rates. Then, we did warm-up, exercise, and cool-down activities. We discussed the importance of stretching to avoid injury.
We learned that our target exercise heart rate should not be too low or too high. We discussed what is right for children their age, and attempted to keep them working out within their recommended range. The boys and girls did a nice job this week!
Remember that the fitness tracker is due back on Monday. We will be using them to write a reflective paragraph.
The remaining few weeks that we have together will be spent on some of the body systems including circulatory, respiratory, and digestive.
Language Arts
We read Lesson #23 in our “Journeys” book this week. The main selection was about the life of a Redwood Tree.
This was the last week that we will meet in our guided reading groups. I will be testing for end of the year levels. We will still be reading the leveled readers and doing stations. The boys and girls will read the books in their groups without my instruction.
We will continue to have Spelling tests through the end of May. / Social Studies
We completed lesson 2 this week as we explored Ohio’s State Government. There was an open notes quiz today.
Next week, we will be learning about Local Government. We will then spend the final weeks working on Economics.

Happy Mother’s Day!
  • May 17th: Last Library check out.
  • No school May 27th for Memorial Day.
  • May 29th: Fourth Grade Field Day.
  • May 31st: One Book closing Assembly.
  • Students’ last day: June 5th.

Thank you for all of the amazing “Teacher Appreciation” gifts this week! You all made me feel very loved!

Happy Birthday!
May 23 Anthony Sherry
June 11 Seth Semety
June 12 Maddie Frederick
June 18 Madison Jurisch

Thank you to all of the parents who helped us with parties or volunteering this year!

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