This Project Will Contain Several Parts. They Include

This Project Will Contain Several Parts. They Include

Night At The Museum

Dear Parents,

This is a note informing you of our upcoming project, called “Night at the Museum”. There are many people who have been influential historically. Each student will select a biography of a particular individual who was influential in history.

Students will present an oral biography about the person they researched. During day and evening performances, students will stand still in designated spots until someone approaches them and “triggers” them to recite a memorized narrative, written by the student as though they were the actual person.

Students will use research tools and methods that include: the Internet, Encarta, encyclopedias, Social Studies books, Boyden Media, Walpole Public Library, etc. for their information.

This project will contain several parts. They include:

  1. Research-in and out of school
  2. A Script-in and out of school
  3. Presentation-at school
  4. School-wide Day Presentation
  5. Evening Presentation

Students will be graded on a number of different criteria; information, use of time and quality of performance. Expression, gestures, and motions will be expected for a high performance grade. Costumes and tri-fold boards are expected to be a part of the students’ overall presentation.

Please see the list of people from which your student may choose to complete their biography. They may select three choices, in order of preference. If students would like to choose someone other than those names on the list, they may speak to their teacher.

Thank you in advance for your assistance and please do not hesitate to call if you have any questions.


Mrs. Carroll

Mrs. Hix

Mrs. Ivatts

Mrs. Rockwood

Night at the Museum Project

Here is an outline of what is expected for the Night at the Museum project. We hope your children are as excited as we are to get started!


IC=students will be given time in class to work on this part of the assignment.

AH=students will be expected to work on this part of the assignment at home, as homework.

Part 1: Research

  1. Research a historical figure (IC/AH). Name of historical figure is due June 5th. Fill out the Project Organizer with information found on the Internet, encyclopedias and books from Boyden Media, Walpole Public Library and other sources.
  2. Project Organizer is due June 12th. Your teacher will initial your paper and will be looking for completeness.

Part 2: The Script

  1. Using the Project Organizer, students will write a script about their historical figure.
  2. The script must include most of the information from the Project Organizer.
  3. Students will create a Tri-fold board presentation depicting important information about the person they have researched. (AH) Students will be expected to memorize this script for use during the performances (IC). Tri-fold, and script are due, June 17th.

Part 3: Presentation-School-wide Day June 19th/20th

  1. School-wide day performance-Students will memorize their lines that they will use when speaking for students and staff. They will be expected to have lines memorized by June 17th. (IC/AH)
  2. Students will have costumes/props for this activity. Due date for students to have all costumes available for teachers to review is June 17th. More information will be given in class. (AH)

Presentation-Evening, June 20th, 6:30-7:30pm

  1. Parents are invited to this culminating activity. It will take place throughout the school on the evening of June 20th.



Full name of person______

Nicknames (if applicable)______

Date of Birth______

Place of Birth______

Spouse’s Name______

Children’s Names______


Important Childhood Events______

Important Adults Events______


Most Important Achievement ~What made them famous______




Any monuments, holidays, statues, plaques, etc in their honor? If not do you think there should be?______

Date of Death:______

Obstacles they had to


Night At The Museum Script

The following should be the most important and interesting facts that you have learned about your person.

1. My name is ______


3. ______









10.______11. I died on______


Night at the Museum

The following is a list of suggested people that you may report on. If you are interested in preparing a biography for someone who is not on this list you must have prior approval from your teacher.

Abigail Adams*Thomas Paine*

Samuel Adams*William Penn

Louisa May AlcottWilliam Pitt*

Ethan Allen*Pocahontas

Benedict ArnoldMarco Polo

Crispus Attucks*Paul Revere

William BradfordBetsy Ross*

Christopher ColumbusHarriet Tubman

Lord Charles Cornwallis*Martha Washington*

William Dawes*Roger Williams*

Francis DrakeMinute Man

Benjamin FranklinKing Ferdinand*

Horatio Gates*Queen Isabella*

Nathaniel Greene*Elizabeth Blackwell

John Hancock*Langston Hughes

Molly Pitcher Hayes*Mary Todd Lincoln*

Patrick HenryRobert E. Lee

John Paul JonesDaniel Boone

King George III*Clara Barton

GeronimoSusan B. Anthony

Richard Henry Lee*Ponce de Leon

Ferdinand MagellanBuzz Aldrin

Hans Christian AndersenJohnny Appleseed

Neil ArmstrongAlex Bell

Nellie BlyMark Twain

Marie CurieWalt Disney

Amelia EarhartThomas Edison

Henry FordAnne Frank

Bill GatesJohn Glenn

Jane GoodallPrincess Grace Kelly

Jim HensonMatthew Henson

Milton HersheyEdmund Hillary

Harry HoudiniJohn Fitzgerald Kennedy

Frances Scott KeyMartin Luther King

Christa McAuliffe*Ray Kroc

Jacqueline Kennedy OnassisRosa Park

Eleanor RooseveltLaura Ingalls Wilder

Wilbur & Orville WrightThomas Jefferson

*denotes books not available at Boyden Library.

*Please sign and indicate that you have read and understand the requirements of this project. Return by 6/5/12.


Parent SignatureStudent Signature

List your top three choices, in order of preference.