This Document Contains Notes for Reference Along with the Slides, This Doc, Audio From

This Document Contains Notes for Reference Along with the Slides, This Doc, Audio From

This document contains notes for reference along with the slides, this doc, audio from the press conference, maybe, the folder from the press conference.

Charles Nesson, Harvard professor, founder of The Berkman Center for Internet & Society at Harvard Law School, a cyber research and development center, eon , Dean of S=Set CyberSchool.

Kevin Wallen, CEO of Destiny Enterprise, Head Tutor in our S=SET CyberSchool, the man who sparked the SET program in Kingston's prisons to its present state, evolving to the second S.

Richard Reese, Commission of Corrections, Jamaica Department of Corrections, sterling values and management skills, with both vision and understanding of the excesses of the past, determined to bring balance to Jamaica; Principal of our S=Set CyberSchool

[audio of Kevin explaining at the press conference]


We are here to announce the beginning of our CyberScool, I play the part of eon, Dean. Kevin is Pastor of our Church. Richard is the Principle, cyber super of the school. Others we look to to play their true parts, our students, staff, supporting families and communitarians.

Kevin is also my Teaching Assistant, Head Tutor. Please, let us first recognize that we are here today in this moment, come together fully into the present, feel your self take a breath, then come back to your fragmented reality, let pieces come together, draw them in by the force of your openness to them. amen

Now Kevin, please give our classes their first assignment

My Brothers, let us allow ourselves to tell this story. Recognize your power to choose a role. We feel you looking for a better way.

[Slide 2

[Kevin - brief]

There we are, talking with Ragashante, Kevin focusing on the men of South Camp, the women of Fort Augusta, telling them the story of the cop thinking about taking/not taking the money, set up for the assignment, give it to them, tell them when their product is due and describe its acceptable perametors.

School has begun. Play NO SUBSTITUTE

Here, let me play a song for you,

introduce the dubblbe dubbleyou,

Fill out the Form, that was the reaction I got from Digicel

Ragashante, let us talk about what we are doing in present tense,

Ben Walker, Whatz Happenin Radio, translated to Jamaican as WahGwan

This is lightning to touch

Ride the lightning.

SSET is a rehabilitation and re-entry approach, a path appropriate to follow for two culture spaces which are separate and warring to come together, and wanting now to be followed by both prisoners and staff in Jamaica's prisons, with full blessing of the administration, represented here by Richard Reese.

Program dedicated to the memory of Maurice Wittingham, with, we hope, other names to follow.


creation of a wireless projection and reception space throughout the prison system by using simple network and low power radio transmission

fill the space with true human story, developed through workshops on storytelling, recorded and digitally processed in our digital SSET learning labs

give persons something to listen to and think about to fill the space of their confinement

Ultimately the SSET approach extends to schools and communities

Immediately SSET will take a forward stepby bringing together the families of those who were lost in the shootings at GP on March 31, 2005.

[video of Tower Street]

[Boston Jerk, Wayne & Wax, the dubble dubble you, rough video for upcoming video editing workshops]


Jamaica Voices

I will offer a distance program with focus on Jamaica prisons, with Kevin Wallen, leader of SSET, as head tutor. SSET is an inmate and staff organization, Students & Staff Expressing Truth, an outgrowth of Reverence for Life, the movement begun in the prisons by Desmond Green, with groups at South Camp, Tower Street and Fort Augusta. The mode of communication between me and the groups will be by any means cyberspace is capable of carrying message. I will pose questions in form designed to be engaging. Response will require expression and collaboration on production of a common product.

We will use computer labs in Jamaica's prisons, computers in the labs networked together (no internet) and connected to a good-sized hard drive, plus one cd/dvd burner/reader for each lab. Labs are equipped to allow them to function as text/audio/video production environments. Inputs to the environment will be radio, cd/dvd, tv, text. Group work enabled by collaborative software like wiki/h2o, each lab with a screen, lcd projector, with simple radio/camera covered space like Imus and Howard Stern.

SSET Workshops: Dawn Vaz on Recording Story; Ben Walker on Producing Audio for Public Radio; Kevin Wallen on Audio Editing; Dawn on Transcribing. Dave Franz on how to relate to Berklee School of Music. Objective to produce edited text and audio for deposit in a Global Voices Exchange and Library. A supply of Sony Walkman MZ-NF810 with Sony power mic.

Staff Workshops to focus on the Timeline of Jamaican Justice Project. This project will map and articulate the complete process of justice in Jamaica from the point of arrest through the point of release on parole. Led by DCS Commissioner Richard Reese, the project will lay a foundation for evaluating and improving the efficiency and effectiveness of Jamaica's justice process. Done in cooperation with the Manley Law School, Jamaican Bar Association.