The Terrible Trip to Thailand

The Terrible Trip to Thailand

The Terrible Trip To Thailand

A few years ago, I had a trip to Thailand. It stank a lot. I won’t be going back there any time soon.

Dad, Mum, Tim and I should have been on an A380 that was bound for Singapore. Instead, we were at the boarding desk, waiting for Dad. We had arrived at the departure hall to find out that Dad had left the tickets at home. When he finally got back, we boarded the plane in a hurry.

I was listening to the pilot’s long, boring speech when something caught my attention, “… and we wish you a happy trip to Thailand.” Thailand? I looked at Dad. Then I checked the ticket. Geepers! We were on the wrong plane! The one we should have been on had left! And Dad, for all that was worth, had bought us the wrong tickets! That meant that everything I had planned to do in Singapore was impossible.

Not only that, but my plane was a 747-400 jumbo jet with no private TV! The public screen was doing a fashion show! I was about to do a bungee-jump out of the 747 flying at an altitude of 374 miles and at 572 mph when something shocked me. It was raining and lightning outside the plane! The pilot, whoever he was, had flown us into a storm! The air turbulence hit.

The plane shook so hard I thought its wings were going to fall off! I checked the public display panel. We were off course! As I didn’t wear my seat belt, the next wind gave me a good bump on the head.

The plane crashed into the water. The pilot said “Brave yourselves. Three… two…one…” Tim jumped up and yelled “We’re gonna die!” The plane became a field of panic. When we landed, Tim was rocked so hard that he slipped and flew head first into a vacant toilet. Smash!

After the Thai navy rescued us, Dad screwed up even more. He didn’t book a hotel. We had to sleep on the streets at night. I stank so much that when I passed through customs, the guard actually recoiled. Then, I discovered that somehow, our luggage had been delivered to Singapore. “Noooooo!” We all yelled.

When we got back to Hong Kong, we discovered that our luggage had been thrown away. I was so angry I nearly fell out of the plane door before the docking bridge had been attached.

I don’t want anything like that to happen again.