The Site and Relevant Planning History

The Site and Relevant Planning History


SITE ADDRESS:Unit 5 Parc y Llyn Retail Park, Llanbadarn Fawr, Aberystwyth



920274 – Outline permission for mixed development, Parc y Llyn, Aberystwyth. Approved 29/7/94.


Application to vary condition 5 of planning permission 920274.

Condition 5 states as follows:-

“The retail elements of the scheme shall be located on and confined to the two areas indicated in drawing No. 9091/17/C. The area to the south-east shall be reserved for food retailing plus ancillary uses including petrol sales), and the area to the north-west shall be reserved for outlets selling large, heavy or bulky non-food goods as described in policy S3 of the Dyfed Structure Plan”.

The applicant seeks to vary condition 5 to allow occupation of vacated unit 5 by Charlies Ltd. The product range offered by Charlies reflects that of B&Q (the previous occupiers) and relates to gardening, outdoor living, camping and outdoors, home and pets, kitchens, tools and DIY and clothing and footwear.


CC Llanbadarn Fawr CC – No response

No response from third party.


Planning permission was initially granted for Parc y Llyn development in 1994. The permission has been implemented with Unit 5 being traditionally occupied by DIY outlets. Since mid 2016 the premises has been vacant since being vacated by B & Q.

The application is being pursued so that Charlies can lawfully occupy and trade from the premises. The inclusion of additional ranges of goods are fundamental to the overall retail model which is a predominantly 'bulky' offer that is therefore consistent with the spirit of the existing goods restriction.

A comprehensive review of the application proposals has been undertaken in accordance with the adopted Ceredigion Local Development Plan and relevant national policy guidance, in this case PPW and TAN4. To that end, no sequentially preferable sites have been identified that could accommodate the application proposals or a flexible interpretation of them. In undertaking our sequential assessment, we have demonstrated flexibility in terms of the prospective retailer's model and also considered scope for disaggregation. Furthermore, given the identified retail floorspace capacity within the Council’s retail study, the proposal will not result in an oversupply of retail floorspace within the Aberystwyth catchment area.

The existing unit is within an established retail park and there are no vacant units within Aberystwyth

that have been considered able to accommodate Charlies retail model without significantly compromising the ability of the retailer to stock its full product range. On this basis, the application proposals meet the relevant policy tests.

Turning to the impact assessment, there is clear evidence that the proposals will not result in a significant adverse impact on the vitality and viability of Aberystwyth town centre. The centre is performing well and is healthy, and that there would be an imperceptible level of impact (1.9% or less by 2021) given the limited product overlap with Charlies and the existing town centre ‘offer’. It has also been demonstrated that there is a clear need to broaden the range of goods sold from the former B&Q unit. In particular, there is demonstrable quantitative need to support the proposal, together with a qualitative need in the absence of any genuinely comparable ‘bulky’ discount provision. As such, the assessment also demonstrates compliance with this policy test.

In conclusion the applicants have demonstrated compliance with the Ceredigion LDP and, in particular, Policies LU18 and LU19. They have also addressed the relevant policies in TAN4 and PPW.

It is recommended that the application to vary condition 5 in relation to Unit 5 be approved.