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Service Offering Templates Kit

January, 2009

The Service Catalog Community is committed to the free exchange of thoughts and cutting-edge Service Catalog and IT best practices.Service Offerings are the executive-level, service portfolio view of the service Catalog used by Business Unit executives to understand how IT’s portfolio of service offerings maps to Business Unit needs. This is sometimes referred to as the “Service Portfolio” because of its use as a financial budgeting, planning and investment tool.

Attached is a zip file with 5 Service offering templates that I’d like to share with the group. If you have any templates you would like to share with the group, send them to me care of my blog.

Here is a brief description of the five templates:

1. Service Offering Master Template (Generic Service)

This is themaster template containing all the necessary fields for IT to fill out in order to create a service offering for the business owners. It includes descriptions, service levels, pricing and components.

2. Platform Management - Dedicated Hosting Environment Template (Infrastructure Service)

The Platform Management: Dedicated Hosting Environments service offering ensures end-to-end delivery and back-end management of a Windows or Linux application hosting environment and includes hardware provisioning and installation, network connectivity and access, failover capabilities (based on the level of service selected), backup and restore, and other professional services needed to support a dedicated hosting environment. This service offering is appropriate for groups who want only hosting and who will develop/manage/support the application components deployed in that environment. This service offering is also an important component service for broader service offerings -- i.e. a full application hosting/management offering which, necessarily, requires a hosting environment (although not necessarily dedicated).

3. Personal Computing Offering Template (Workplace Service)

The Personal Computing service provides end-to-end lifecycle support for company desktops and laptops. It includes a portfolio of essential services required to deliver an efficient and reliable personal computing environment for business users while protecting company assets/data, and controlling support costs by leveraging consistent service management best practices.

4. Email and Collaboration Template (Workplace Service)

Provides secure access to corporate email account and collaborative scheduling capabilities. Packages are available for Standard Users, Power Users who require expanded storage and add-ons such as wireless access, and Light Users who only occasionally access email.

5. Workspace Telephony Template (Workplace Service)

The Workspace Telephony service offering ensures end-to-end delivery of a variety of telephone services to user workspaces through the entire lifecycle of the deployment. Delivery of telephone services includes coordination with external support vendors for equipment provisioning and network access, coordination with internal IT service providers for equipment installation, workspace cabling, maintenance of back-end telephone systems and responses to user reported incidents and requests for moves, adds, or changes.Supporting Service Request templates for the service level options listed in this serivce offering (New Analog Telephone, New Digital/PBX Telephone, New VoIP Telephone) are available in the Service Request Templates zip file posted to this user group.