The Meeting Was Held at the Boldt Company at 1900 Hours

The Meeting Was Held at the Boldt Company at 1900 Hours

Flotilla 43-17 Minutes


The meeting was held at the Boldt Company at 1900 hours.

Attending: Peter Krueger, Doug Blair, John Werner, Kelly Tebbs, Marlys Williams, Jim Eichenseer, Tom Myers, Jack Myers, Thomas Bonesho, Thomas Matt, Kurt Nass, Tom Seegert, Harvey Randall, Joan Lake, Gerry Hussin, Dave Johnsen, Judy Johnsen, Barbara Donaldson.

Excused: Charlie Hill, Paul Neumiller, Brent Halfwassen, Joe Jardas, John Gallick

Guests: Matt Geisberger, Nicole Milkent, Sandy Milkent, Mike Besch, Craig Lake, Mel Fabiszak, Chuck Kersey, George Bores, Calvin Fitzgerald, Jim Luebner.

Treasurers Report: None.

Member Training: George Bores and Jim Luebner did a presentation on conducting vessel examinations.

Minutes from February Meeting: Correction to minutes to indicate the correct spelling of Patrick Kelley’s last name from “Kelly” to “Kelley”, Brent Halfwassen, and Okauchee. Motion made by Tom Seegert; seconded by Jim Eichenseer. Motion carried.


  • Swearing-in of 2012 Staff Officers: Judy Johnsen, Harvey Randall, Tom Myers, Kurt Nass, and John Werner by VC Tom Seegert.
  • Joan presented Coast Guard Auxiliary Certificate of Membership to Doug Blair and John Werner.
  • Joan presented the Coast Guard Sustained Auxiliary Service Award to Judy Johnsen.

Staff Reports:

  • VE Blitz’s are scheduled as follows:

i) April 15th – Okauchee Fishing Club from 8:00 AM until finished. 8-15 boats will be involved.

ii) May 12 - Muskego Custom Wire

iii) May 19th – Possible VE’s at Waukesha County Lakes.

Peter Krueger will issue a press release when details are available. Harvey will contact Joe Jardas regarding the VE Blitz’s.

  • National Safe Boating Week will be held May 19-25, 2012.
  • May 24th – Flare Shoot will be held at South Shore Yacht Club.

Committee Reports:

Flotilla Commander’s report – None.

John Werner – check out the Spindrift for March regarding article on Rescue 21 for Boaters.

Joe Jardas – When a vessel exam is completed, a certificate for 10% off from West Marine will be given to boaters for their next purchase.

Joan Lake – Ideas for Member Training are needed. We need to have a MT Officer for our Flotilla.

Paul Neumiller – New Boater Safety Classes. Some classes have had to be cancelled due to lack of interest. Will consider scheduling new classes.

Gerry Hussin – Marine Safety instructions are needed for Charter Boat examiners.

Kurt Nass - There will be an 8 hour TCT Class on April 15th, at 0800 hours. Contact Harvey Randall if you are interested in attending. ICS 210 is needed by the pilots. Information to be announced. Vessel Examiners Seminar will be held on March 31st at Todd’s Noves home at 0900. Contact Todd if you can attend. 414-464-2360. (Class was cancelled due to lack of interest.)

Tom Myers – Tom is working on the Flotilla Web Page. He needs to create the page, show it to the members and get their approval, and then get approval from National.

Judy Johnsen – Commander Karl Willis will be retiring from the U.S. Coast Guard at the end of the year. Auxiliary wants to present him with a quilt at the Fall Conference. Email sent to all members asking if there was an interest in making the squares, supplying photos to be included in the quilt. Response has been sparse. Judy will be working with Maureen Van Dinter regard the making of this quilt.

Jack Myers – The standing rules and Appendix have been reviewed. Motion to accept as presented made by Doug Blair; seconded by Judy Johnsen. Discussion followed. Vote was taken on Standing Rules & Appendix be accepted as presented. Motion carried.

Old Business: None.

New Business:

  • Information was covered in the Committee Reports.
  • Please note change of email address for Tom Bonesho: .
  • Please note change of email address for Steven Kessel: . (s_kessel)

Motion to Adjourn:

  • Motion to adjourn was made by Jim Eichenseer; seconded by Jack Myers. Motion carried. Meeting adjourned at 9:20 PM.

Next meeting will be held on April 17, 2012.

Respectfully submitted,

Judy Johnsen, FSO-SR