The Jezebelian Spirit

The Jezebelian Spirit

“The Jezebelian spirit”

Lesson II

J. W. Sims

As we continue our study I need to touch upon the issue of the “sexual problem” that comes with her and the spirit that possesses her. This problem has grown to the point in our society that it is now being seen in our young people like never before. Teen-age girls are more interested and conducive to sexual freedom than we ever have seen before. Young men have always been interested and desirous in sex but in years gone by they were always dealing with young ladies who knew how to stand their ground and say no. Today it is not even that young ladies say yes, but that they are actually aggressive in regard to sexual experiences. This I believe is the direct result of the growing problem of the Jezebelian spirit in our world today.

Jezebel, you will remember is only a user of sexual things to get what she wants, to over power men and to lead in wrong spiritual directions. Thus, the issue is not simply sex but is the control of men through sex.

Jezebel took the authority of Ahab away from him, and rather than allowing him to be leader of Israel, leader of spiritual things and leader of his home she took his place of leadership. When ever a woman in a home, in a corporation or in a Church takes the leadership from the husband there is an un-Biblical situation that can only bring trouble. Why is this?

Because of what we read in I Corinthians 11:3 “Now I want you to realize that the head of every man is Christ, and the head of the woman is man, and the head of Christ is God.”

Also verse 8 “For man did not come from woman, but woman from man; neither was man created for woman, but woman for man.”

God Himself sat things up the way He wanted them, it has nothing to do with you or I, as it was His design. God said that the head of every man is Christ, and that the head of Christ is God, but He also said, that the head of the woman is man.

In verse eight He said the reason for this was because woman came from man and was created for man. Because of this man is to lead and woman is to follow.

The problem is today that people ignore this Biblical system that God has set up and we therefore have women who choose to lead and men who choose to follow and neither are where they should be.

Jezebel maneuvers herself into leadership positions because she wants to control, dominate and manipulate Nations, Businesses, Homes and Churches.

Jezebels look for marry weak men who will yield to their desires of control. They often become meek, quiet men who simply give up and allow their wives to take over. Thus homes become full of an un-Biblical position of leadership where the wife is leading and the husbands are following. These women desire positions of authority, and control that God never intended them to have, authority that places them into positions of decision making that they were never intended to have. The problem with this is that today it does not stay in the home, but has come into the business world, the political world, and even the Church. And as we shall see it is not just the fault of the women but the men who have not been willing to take the position that God gave to them. Consequently, things in our world have been turned upside down.

A Bible verse used by Jim Croft in his article: The Jezebel influence is taken from Isaiah 3:12

“As for my people, children are their oppressors, and women rule over them. O my people, they which lead thee cause thee to err, and destroy the way of thy paths.”

Notice please the concern that God had for His people, and notice how it relates to us today. What Israel had come to we now have come to here in America. What verse could better relate to the problems we have seen with the Jezebelian spirit?

It is here seen as a two-fold problem: one is from our children the other is from our women, and both are out of the proper Biblical plan of God. Oppressing children and ruling women has never been right for it is not the plan of God and when it exists it weakens a Nation, a Business world, a Church and a home.

Before us is a most powerful passage and reveals that the men have taken a back to seat to the children and also to the wives. Is this not what is happening in our Nation in these latter days, men becoming less a leader and the children and the women becoming more and more of a problem as they work to take over the natural pattern of God?

Oppressing children means children who drive their parents, they are children who are out of control and rather than being led by the parents they are leading or driving them. It is a strong word used here and means to harass, to tyrannize or to tax. The word tyrannizes means to exercise authority unjustly and cruelly something that is being done by young people today. Young people today are not where God wants them to be and this is no doubt because husbands and fathers are not where they should be. Young people have no authority over parents. Israel had come to the place where the children are out of control and are harassing and tyrannizing the parents and thus taxing them emotionally and draining them so that the parents give in to their demands. This idea of taxing means to place a severe demand or burden upon someone, and that is most certainly what young people are doing to parents who allow them to do it. This displeased God concerning Israel and today it is displeasing Him concerning America. It is time to understand God’s Biblical view and set our homes up concerning the Biblical pattern, stop allowing your children drive you and begin to lead them with the authority that God gave you. Young people need to see this verse and understand their place and give thanks for parents who are willing to lead them aright.

Next we see that there is also a problem with the women in Israel and that is that they rule which means that they are trying to reign over others but especially over men. This of course goes for every place the Jezebelian sprit goes in the work place in the political arena, the Church and of course the home.

This word also speak of dominance for that is exactly what these ladies are trying to obtain is dominance of men, and especially those they live with and work with. It is a word that means power and implies that they are seeking and obtaining power over men. Is it simply a woman? No, for as we have seen it is bigger and deeper than that for it is a spirit using women to bring damage to all of society.

And what do these women do? They are used to lead the men astray, to cause them to go astray, to cause them to wander from a right path through the deception of the woman. It is quite interesting to note that the word implies seduction, and attests to the fact that one of the greatest tools that Jezebel has is her beauty and sex appeal that simply sucks a man right into her falseness and destruction. It is sad but it has always been the most powerful tool that the enemy has through a Jezebel; the ability to lead a man into all kinds of wrong things. We men must understand this, must have light from God and must take our Biblical stand, or we will be swept away as is being done throughout America. Believe me this is deeper than simply speaking about ladies for this is a spirit of the enemy.

The spirit of Jezebel is almost always in a woman, rather than a man and I suppose that is simply because of the emotional make up and spiritual curiosity that a woman has. Genesis 3 proves this because the enemy went to the woman to talk to her and to deceive her, and not the man. He went to her because he knew she was weaker in regard to spiritual discernment and therefore was more vulnerable when her husband was not looking after her and doing the job God gave to him. We learn in I Timothy 2:14 that Adam was not deceived but that the woman was. Therefore, ever since than it has been the same, when it comes to spiritual things the woman is the easier deceived. This is why most false cults have been started and maintained not by men, but by women. Look at the well-known women who propagate the atheistic societies and the way in which others simply follow. Yes, the enemy has always used women to promote and present his falseness through the Jezebelian spirit.

Before I pass from this thought however, allow me to express that it can be in a man as well, and when it is, he is not a nice man to be around. He becomes a man that is very authoritative and controlling in all his dealing with others. He will not be gentle or one who children can be close to, for everything will wrap around his desire and goals. He may become very flirtatious and sensual in his contacts and relationships with ladies. Often these men will be in bondage to sexual things without realizing from where its source comes. He will be ruthless in what he wants and in whom he uses, and just like Jezebel will lead others from God into falseness.

Always remember that Jezebel is fiercely independent, and that of course is what causes so much difficulty in her life. None of us are to be independent but are to be dependent upon the Lord, relying upon Him and waiting upon His direction and will for our lives. Independence is rebellion and you need to remember that that will be one of the easiest characteristics to see in her, will be rebellion toward all authority, from her husband, her employers, and yes even her pastor, for no one tells a Jezebel the way it is going to be. Jezebels do what they desire to do and even their children will have to come after them.

Jezebels are destroyers, they destroy and tear down and they do not built up. They destroy their husbands, their homes their work places, their communities and even their churches as they try to have their own way. Their priority is what they want never what others want unless that can somehow bring to them what they want.

What does the name Jezebel mean? Having depended upon some solid teachers I have learned that her name means: “Without cohabitation,” which simply means that no one can live with her. No one can live with her unless they allow her to have her own way, if she cannot dominate she will destroy the home.

Jezebel’s cannot live with their husband or with their children unless she can dominate and control everything in the home. Consequently, if there is to be peace in a Jezebel’s house every one will have to quietly submit to her and her desires. This makes for a home of needles and pins for no one wants to upset Jezebel because if Jezebel isn’t happy no body is going to be happy. This is why Jezebel usually has that nice little, sweet gentle man who simply says: Yes, dear, and she controls everything the family does and always gets her way. She keeps her man in place by the threat of public embarrassment, reminding him of how inadequate he is and how he has failed to provide financially for the family and thus grinds his self-esteem into the ground. She may even publicly express how she wishes she had a strong, Godly man who would lead her and her family. Well, don’t you believe it because that is not what she wants, for she wants a man she can control and who will bend to her every whim and desire.

What happens in these kinds of marriages? First of all Jezebels can produce Jezebels and they cannot tolerate one another. Thus in a home situation they will both lock horns as they fight for power, leadership and control. If there is going to be peace they will have to depart, and the young ladies of the mothers will have to go.

If a husband has a wife for a Jezebel he will have to bend to her every desire. He will have to be the quiet, meek little man who says yes dear, what ever you want dear. If he does not do this and she will not submit to him and his authority the marriage will end. No one can live with a Jezebel who will not yield to God or to her husband. Basically, as we have taught she is a destroyer for when she does not get what she wants she destroys, and she will have no problem destroying a husband with her damnations of words and public ridicule.