The Head Tax Certificate of Mah Chew Wah Is an Example of Canada S

The Head Tax Certificate of Mah Chew Wah Is an Example of Canada S


The head tax certificate of Mah Chew Wah is an example of Canada’s

  1. past policies to limit specific groups of people to enter Canada
  2. current on-going effort to recognize the Chinese as a group with special privileges
  3. past policies of equitable treatment of all minority groups
  4. current effort to integrate Chinese immigrants into Canadian society

If head tax certificates like the one above were issued today in Canada

  1. The Chinese population in Canada would be indifferent
  2. It would have positive effects on the Chinese population of Canada
  3. The Chinese population in Canada would be furious
  4. The Chinese population in Canada would be delighted

Speaker I

We require an increase in immigration to Canada. We are currently facing a labor shortage in Canada and the increase in skilled workers from other countries will benefit our businesses.

Speaker II

The Canadian government should open its doors to people fleeing Sudan. There currently are thousands of refugees in Sudan who are looking to leave because of the fighting in that country. The Canadian government should look to help these people by allowing them entry into Canada.

Speaker III

The Canadian government should not open its doors to refugees from Sudan. If we do open our doors, the fighting in Sudan will spill over into our country. We do not want the fighting to start occurring here.

Speaker IV

Prior to immigrating to Canada, applicants should be given a comprehensive health check. Immigrants should be opposed entry if they propose a danger to our society. For example, if the individual has AIDS, he or she should be denied entry.

Which speaker is most directly concerned about the impact on Canada’s economy when deciding whether or not to take in immigrants and refugees?

  1. Speaker I
  2. Speaker II
  3. Speaker III
  4. Speaker IV

Which speaker is most directly concerned with the impact on Canada’s security when deciding whether or not to take in immigrants and refugees?

  1. Speaker I
  2. Speaker II
  3. Speaker III
  4. Speaker IV

Which speaker is most directly concerned with the impact on Canada’s collective health when deciding whether or not to take in immigrants and refugees?

  1. Speaker I
  2. Speaker II
  3. Speaker III
  4. Speaker IV

Examining AN EDITORIAL Cartoon Grade 9 Quiz

Harper cartoon tiff

ASSIGNMENT: Examine the editorial cartoon by Adrian Raeside.

Use the questions below to help you decode the message of the cartoon. Be specific about the issues and provide details about the background to the issues in your answer.

1. Consider your background knowledge about the issues raised in this editorial. What do you already know about the context of the cartoon? List ALL key, place or situation, facts, people, dates, events, and groups that you know refer to this cartoon. 12 marks 1 per correct identification

Part II: How do the cartooning techniques help to present the message?

Notice the caricature, exaggerated, oversimplified or distorted features of the figures or objects add to the effect of the cartoon.

2. What message, mood or feeling do the use of these techniques send to the reader? 2 marks

3. Identify any possible biases. 1 mark

4. As a Canadian aware of the situation in this cartoon, whose perspective (group) or point of view (a single person) is expressed in the cartoon? 1 mark

5. Remember, a good interpretation is specific and detailed use the previous list you made to put together a well-structured paragraph, which explains the overall message of the cartoon. 14 Marks. (5 for issue, 5 for support, 4 for quality of language)

Grade Nine Test Bank

Topic A: Governance and Rights

Using the cartoon below, answer questions ______and _____:

Which Charter Right is being violated?

a) The freedom to express your opinion.

b) The freedom to associate with any person or group.

c) The right to move anywhere within Canada and to earn a living there.

d) The right to a quick and fair judicial decision.

This political cartoon depicts which individual right being violated?

a) Democratic Rights

b) Fundamental Freedoms

c) Equality Rights

d) Mobility Rights

A ______is a privilege that is so basic that it cannot be restricted by the laws of government.

a) freedom

b) right

c) vote

d) responsibility

Read the paragraph below that a student clipped from a magazine article as source material and answer questions ____ and _____.

No group should be discouraged from keeping its culture. French, English, Chinese Greeks, Germans, and the many other groups in Canada, should all be encouraged to retain their heritage, for the result is to make Canada a better country.

This statement defines the concept of:

a) assimilation

b) melting pot

c) multiculturalism

d) Canadian identity

The immigrant groups named in the above clipping would be allowed to vote in a federal election after:

a) demonstrating proficiency in reading and writing English and French

b) enumeration

c) receiving Canadian citizenship

d) registering with a Canadian political party

The belief that one's own culture is superior and that by definition, all other cultures are inferior is best called:

a) racism

b) prejudice

c) discrimination

d) ethnocentrism

Use the notice to answer the following questions:

The action taken against the Japanese Canadians during World War II was seen by Japanese Canadians as being based on:

a) racial discrimination

b) cultural assimilation

c) political discrimination

d) protection against invasion

Which Charter Right was violated when the Japanese were interned in 1942?

a) Mobility

b) Employment

c) Democratic

d) Equality

Read the article to answer questions ____ and ____.

With the threat of war seemingly on the decline and the concern of nuclear fallout on the upswing, action groups are spending more time protesting any type of nuclear weapon production. After Canada announced its involvement in testing a United States Cruise Missile in Canada, groups of protestors set up a peace camp on Parliament Hill. The protestors remained on Parliament Hill for over two weeks as they tried to get the government to change its view on the United States Missile Program.

It was finally decided by government that something had to be done so these 'campers' could be removed. Government passed public works regulations (a bill) that forbid camping or erection of any permanent building on Parliament Hill. After passage of these regulations, the Mounties were given the authority to remove the peace camp tent. The peace campers thought this was unfair action and resisted the Mounties until they were threatened with arrest. Finally, the campers disbanded the camp.

If you had been one of the campers referred to in the article, which of your basic freedoms would have been violated?

a) Thought

b) Religion

c) Press

d) Expression

Who would have been responsible for initiating the bill into law?

a) Senator

b) Governor-General

c) Lobbyist

d) Member of Parliament

Those rights that belong to all people simply as a condition of their personhood are called:

a) Legal

b) Civil

c) Human

d) Equality

Canada has enacted several laws defining national policy. Today, the nation is officially:

a) multicultural and bilingual

b) bicultural and bilingual

c) only multicultural

d) only bilingual

The provisions of the Charter of Rights can be suspended by:

a) Bill 101

b) The Criminal Code

c) The War Measures Act

d) The Official Languages Act

The active participation of citizens in the political life of the country is encouraged in a democracy. This expectation applies to:

a) freedom of worship

b) freedom of political belief

c) freedom of residence

d) freedom of ownership

Use the sources to answer questions ? and ?:

"Residential Schools allow 'aggressive civilization" by separating the children from the parents…Residential Schools make a certain degree of civilization within the reach of Indians despite the deficiencies of their race…The Indians realize they will disappear." Adapted from the Report on Industrial Schools for Indians and Half-Breeds by Nicholas Flood Davin, March 14, 1879.

Residential Schools in Canada sought to promote:

a) individual rights

b) collective rights

c) ethnocentrism

d) assimilation

Which legislation has not served to affirm the collective rights of First Nations people?

a) The Indian Act

b) The Numbered Treaties

c) Bill C-61

d) Residential Schools Act

Use the diagram to answer questions ____, ____, and _____:

Who would sit at position #1 in the House of Commons?

a) Sergeant at Arms

b) Prime Minister

c) Leader of the Official Opposition

d) Speaker

Who would sit at position #5 in the House of Commons?

a) Sergeant at Arms

b) Prime Minister

c) Leader of the Official Opposition

d) Speaker

Who would sit at position #6 in the House of Commons?

a) Sergeant at Arms

b) Prime Minister

c) Leader of the Official Opposition

d) Speaker

To become a leader of a Canadian Political Party, one must be first elected by the ______and then stand for election to ______.

a) Senate and the House of Commons

b) Party and the House of Commons

c) House of Commons and the Cabinet

d) Senate and the Cabinet

Read the passage and answer questions ?, ? and ?.

Speaker 1: I don't like talking about politics. It's like religion. If you disagree with someone that person may become upset. It's not worth it.

Speaker 2: I don't bother to vote. The Liberals always win this constituency anyway.

Speaker 3: Why bother with politics? Nothing ever changes. A few people decide things regardless how people vote.

Speaker 4: I'm too busy to pay attention to politics. All politicians do is talk; they never do anything to help ordinary people.

Speaker 5: I'd like to become involved in politics. But it's too complicated for me. I'm just not smart enough to understand things like the constitution.

Speaker 6: Well, you know how it is! I like the NDP, but my boss is a die-hard Conservative, so I keep my mouth shut. I've got a mortgage.

The person who avoids politics because open support of a party might threaten his or her job is:

a) Speaker 6

b) Speaker 4

c) Speaker 3

d) Speaker 2

The person who avoids politics in order to prevent disharmony in his or her personal relationships is:

a) Speaker 1

b) Speaker 2

c) Speaker 3

d) Speaker 4

The person who avoids politics because of a lack of confidence is:

a) Speaker 6

b) Speaker 5

c) Speaker 4

d) Speaker 2

What is the usual order for the passage of a bill through the Canadian Parliament?

a) Cabinet, House of Commons, Senate, Governor-General

b) House of Commons, Senate, Cabinet, Governor-General

c) Governor-General, House of Commons, Senate, Cabinet

d) Senate, Governor-General, House of Commons, Cabinet

To which branch of the government do the Queen (represented by the Governor General), the Prime Minister, and the cabinet ministers all belong?

a) Federal

b) Judicial

c) Executive

d) Legislative

Use the chart to answer question _____.

City / Percentage of electorate who voted in municipal elections
Edmonton, Alberta / 38%
Calgary, Alberta / 33%
Regina, Saskatchewan / 42%
Saskatoon, Saskatchewan / 49%
Toronto, Ontario / 29%
Montreal, Quebec / 41%
Vancouver, British Columbia / 47%
St. John's, Newfoundland / 54%

Which conclusion is best supported by the figures in the chart?

a) Voter turnout in municipal elections is higher in Eastern Canada than in Western Canada.

b) Voter turnout in elections is usually lower at the municipal level than at the federal level.

c) Municipal elections attract a minority of eligible voters in most parts of Canada.

d) For a democracy to be successful all citizens should be required to vote in elections.

An example of a majority government would be:

a) Conservative 69, Liberal 155, NDP 75, Others 9

b) Conservative 144, Liberal 143, NDP 3, Others 18

c) Conservative 100, Liberal 94, NDP 47, Others 67

d) Conservative 153, Liberal 86, NDP 61, Others 8

The Senate is:

a) an appointed body having judicial duties

b) an appointed body having legislative duties

c) an elected body having legislative duties

d) an elected body having judicial duties

The Youth Criminal Justice Act was passed by Parliament to

a) ensure adult offenders were not treated as young offenders

b) protect victims from media exploitation

c) treat young offenders differently than adult offenders

d) deal fairly with 11-19 year old victims of crime

Which of the following are immigrants who come to Canada because they are spouses, partners, children, or parents of people who live in Canada?

a) economic immigrants

b) refugees

c) business people

d) family class

Which of the following is a criteria used to decide who is accepted as an immigrant to Canada?

a) point system

b) citizenship and immigration

c) labour force growth

d) Statistics Canada

Which of the following is a way in which Canada tried to discourage immigration of people from China?

a) point system

b) Canada-Quebec Accord

c) head tax

d) health requirements

Immigration law states who is allowed into Canada. Immigration ______states how many people are allowed into Canada from year to year.

a) statistics

b) growth

c) policy

d) law

Which of the following is a person who must move to another country in order to be safe and free of persecution?

a) immigrant

b) citizen

c) humanitarian

d) refugee

9.1.6 Charter of Rights and Freedoms


The above cartoon is critical of

  1. The Charter’s needs to keep pace with a changing society
  2. The Harper government’s inability to keep Canadians safe
  3. The Charter emphasis on individual rights over collective rights
  4. The Harper government’s decision to infringe upon Charter rights

Use the source below to answer questions #______& #______

Which two speakers would most likely use the Charter of Rights and Freedoms to support their criticisms of the no-fly list?

  1. Speaker 1 and 3
  2. Speaker 2 and 3
  3. Speaker 2 and 4
  4. Speaker 3 and 4

Which of the following questions is not related to the concerns raised by Speaker 3?

  1. To whom are Members of Parliament accountable?
  2. How are laws passed in the federal political system?
  3. What processes are used to determine Members of Parliament?
  4. To what extent do political and legislative processes meet the needs of all


9.1.4. Canada’s federal political system


Conservatives / 124 / 40.3 / 36.3
Liberals / 103 / 33.4 / 30.2
Bloc / 51 / 16.6 / 10.5
New Democratic Party / 29 / 9.4 / 17.5
Green / 0 / 0 / 4.5
Independent / 1 / 0.3 / 0.5
Others / 0 / 0 / 1
Total / 308 / 100 / 100

Who is most negatively influenced by Canada’s system of electing government representatives?

  1. The Green Party
  2. The New Democratic Party
  3. Independent candidates
  4. The Conservatives

Bill Curry, Globe and Mail, September 28, 2008 at 9:43 AM EDT
OTTAWA — In full native headdress on the floor of the House of Commons, Assembly of First Nations National Chief Phil Fontaine had a historic seat last June to hear the Prime Minister's apology for Canada's Indian Residential Schools.
He also heard the three other party leaders make impassioned pledges to right the wrongs of the past.
Now, in the midst of a federal election campaign, Mr. Fontaine is wondering where all those words went.
“The current campaign [has] what seems to be a serious absence of any discussion on aboriginal issues,” said Mr. Fontaine in an interview at his Ottawa office.

Which would be the most appropriate headline for the above news article?

  1. The Wrongs of the Past Are Righted
  2. All Party Leaders Apologize for past wrongs
  3. Native Leaders Demand Campaign Attention
  4. Prime Minister Apologizes for Injustices of the Past

According to the cartoon above

  1. The Conservative party’s platform will result in a minority government
  2. The Conservative party’s platform will result in a majority government
  3. The Conservative party is within reach of a majority government
  4. The Conservative party won’t achieve a minority government

Use the following article to answer questions ______and ______

Phony grassroots lobby groups peddle Conservative propaganda
Ottawa (28 Feb. 2008) - Before he became prime minister, Stephen Harper headed the National Citizens Coalition (NCC), a pioneering wolf-in-sheep's-clothing outfit that championed conservative causes while posing as a grassroots* organization. The NCC was founded more than 40 years ago by the late Colin Brown, a cranky insurance millionaire who sensed populism could be faked and milked for political impact. Over its many years, the NCC has poured millions of murky dollars into billboard campaigns, national newspaper ads and Supreme Court challenges on behalf of right-wing causes, never once identifying the "citizens" it speaks for or allowing anyone to view its list of donors. The suspicion has always been that corporations fund the lion's share of its activities. The NCC is a model that right-wing groups have used repeatedly.
*ordinary citizens

Which of the following statements does the article not support

  1. The NCC is secretive with regards to its source of funding.
  2. The NCC is a lobby group that advocates on behave of right-wing causes.
  3. The NCC is still closely tied to the Conservative government of Stephen Harper.
  4. The NCC is a right-wing lobby group that pretends to work in the interest of average people.

Which group of words best suggest a bias on the part of the writer

  1. Harper headed; championed conservative causes; suspicions
  2. pioneer; poured millions; never once identifying the “citizens”
  3. wolf-in sheep’s clothing outfit; murky dollars; cranky insurance millionaire
  4. posing as grassroots; over its many years; on behalf of right-wing causes

9.1.5 Justice System

Use the following cartoon to answer question ______

What relationship is there between the message of the cartoon and the Youth Criminal Justice Act (YCJA)?

  1. The cartoon expresses a point of view in favour of the need for having different ways of dealing with youth and adult criminals.
  2. The cartoon expresses a point of view in favour of provisions in the YCJA allowing youth criminals to have their privacy protected.
  3. The cartoon expresses a point of view against making the YCJA apply to children under the age of 12.
  4. The cartoon expresses a point of view against allowing young offenders to face consequences such as community service.

9.1.6. Charter of Rights and Freedoms

Use the following article to answer questions ______and ______

Compromise lets Sikh testify and keep Kirpan
A judge has decided a Sikh man can testify at a trial later this month by video conference for religious reasons after he was refused entry to court for wearing a kirpan.
Court of Queen’s Bench Justice Bryan Mahoney made the ruling after hearing an application from Crown prosecutor Beverly Bauer on Friday.
Tejindr Singh Sidhu, 25, a witness to a fatal car collision on July 30, 2006, was to testify at a preliminary hearing last January, but a sheriff would not permit him to enter court with the ceremonial dagger.
The refusal to allow Sidhu into the court through the airport-style security screening at the new court building on 5th Street S.W. sparked a furor.
But a spokesman for the Alberta Solicitor General’s office defended the sheriff saying, “anything that can be turned into a weapon is not permitted.”
Sidhu was told he could leave the kirpan at security and pick it up later, but he adopted to leave instead.
“I don’t feel I should be asked to remove it, especially being a witness to a case,” Sidhu said in an interview with the CBC, noting he offered to be escorted to the courtroom by security if he could keep his kirpan.
However, he was turned down.
“I’m being basically denied my civil duty or my civil right to testify in court,” he said at the time.
A top Calgary Sikh official, however, said everyone should “follow the law of the land” and it is disappointing that the man chose to leave instead of fulfilling his civil duty.
“He was there for a good reason,” said Marmail Singh Chana, president of the Sikh Calgary Society.
Daryl Slade, Calgary Herald, November 1, 2008

Which person mentioned in the article would most strongly argue that the needs of the individual should outweigh the needs of society?