The Following Title for Your Consideration


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The following titles for your consideration

All Knights of the Apocalypse

By Warren A White

A well written fiction story that could very well become prophecy tomorrow. Gripped in a contemporary time frame as the forces of Terror battle for world dominance as a result of a disrupted western civilizations that are threatening to collapse.

A possible real life scenario is brought out that completely removes the United States of America from the world political stage in an instant. Old enemies collide with each other over political differences from a long ago time with hope for the future ever drifting towards the dark void of the Apocalypse. ISBN 9962-8869-2-9

Patriots Vote for Guaranteed Medical & Full Salary Retirement

By Jim Johnston

New book presenting unprecedented and far reaching ideas of economics . A revolutionary medical and retirement plan for the common worker that unburdens the government and the employer. Promising the aging a guaranteed income retirement commensurate with their life style of today

A concept in finance that guarantees all citizens a hope for early retirement allowing them their dreams after only twenty years on the job. A must book for those looking for a trouble free future without worries of medical costs or being caught short of funds in the so called golden years. ISBN 9969-8869-5-3

The Sin of Rage

By Greg Shelton

A fantastic novelette that is well written. It is about a young woman dealing with life after being brutally raped and her young daughter’s death was caused by the rapists. The author’s presentation is so real that once started it is impossible to put down.

The heroin’s life finally finds normalcy after another life and death struggle that finds her in a life time loving relationship.

To be released summer of 2004

A Wrecking Master

By Warren A. White

A high seas thriller as only can be written by a man of the sea. The author used an ancestor, Charlie Roberts of Key West, Florida for his main character who was a wrecking master in the late 1800s. Some of the facts are true and others have been sensationalized for the reader’s enjoyment. In all this novel puts together an adventure packed thriller filled with the illicit wrecking of ships in the world by a rogue insurance underwriter. This adventure takes Charlie Roberts from Key West to England, out to California then a mad rush to hunt down a villainous ship’s crew out across the Caribbean Sea.

To be released summer of 2004.

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