The European End Street Homelessness Campaign

The European End Street Homelessness Campaign

6.1 Maps guidance

Using area maps effectively will ensure that your Registry Week surveys go to plan. Maps will also bring the campaign to life for many volunteers. Through the various town and city surveys that have been completed to date, we have developed the following map tips.

·  Get a large map of the entire area your campaign will cover.

·  Consult with local outreach teams and others, for example, people with lived experience, to determine rough sleeping hot spots and areas where homeless people might be out of sight. Indicate these areas on the large map.

·  Divide the large map into smaller areas that, if possible, align with team leaders’ familiarity with specific areas. Designate one smaller area for each team leader to cover. Print out one smaller area map per team leader (e.g. use Google maps). For some areas it may be useful to print both a street view map and a satellite view map to help your team leaders find the survey areas and ensure nothing is missed.

·  Use a marker to highlight within each team’s map exactly what areas they should survey, based on the information you have gathered about homelessness hotpots.

·  Label the segmented large map and smaller area map with letters or numbers. Name each team with that letter or number – thus team A goes to map A, and smaller area map A relates to the segment A on the large map. By operating in this way, campaigns have reduced mistakes and limited the scope for overlap and gaps.

A few words of caution...

Please be careful how you use and dispose of any printed maps where you have identified there are people sleeping outdoors and in hidden places. In some of the early campaign cities the survey found that large numbers of individuals who were street homeless had been the victims of attacks. While these attacks had taken place before the survey was held, and had nothing to do with the maps, it highlights the importance of taking extra care of people's safety through our own actions.