Teacher Leader - Phase 1 Submission Guidelines

Teacher Leader - Phase 1 Submission Guidelines

Teacher Leader - Phase 1 Submission Guidelines

Submission due by 5pm on May 9th, 2017

The Teacher Leader application opens on Monday, April 24th.As part of Phase 1 of the Teacher Leader selection process, candidates are required toperform a video classroom observation, and submit the accompanying lesson plan and artifacts utilized in that lesson.

Video Classroom Observation Instructions

Video classroom observations are an authentic opportunity to learn more about your teaching practices, while providing you more control over the lesson observed.

Video Length &Filming Tips - We ask that you film the lesson in its entirety. The ideal way to film a class is to have a colleagueactively film it, so he/she can move around the classroom and zoom in on students working/discussing when appropriate. If that is not possible, the camera should be positioned such that you and as many students as possible are clearly visible and audible. Please remember to fully charge the camera battery and test that the camera is fully functional and sound is adequate, prior to having your colleague filmthe lesson.

Lesson Plan Materials & Extended Response

Candidates arerequired to submit the lesson plan, along with any relevant artifactsutilized inthe video observation.

Extended Response - In order to provide additional context on the materials submitted, we require that youprovide a brief explanation(directly into the online application) of how your lesson’s objectives fit into the larger context of the unit, semester or year and how you have designed your lesson to help students meet those objectives. Your answer should concisely address the following: (200 - 400 words)
- Why is each activity designed the way it is?
- What is the intended outcome?
- How does the activity allow you to check for understanding during the course of the lesson?

Application Submission Instructions

Phase 1 application materials should be stored and shared via pasting aGoogle Drivefolder link in the application portal (instructions below). Please title the documents with the following convention: yourname.documenttitle.doc (for example: johnsmith.lessonplan.doc).

Saving Video Observation & Lesson Plan Materials in Google Drive

  1. Open Google Drive via your Google account(If you do not have a Google account, please sign up for an account through this LINK.)
  2. Create a new Google Drive folder (title as your full name)
  3. Drag and drop your video observation, lesson plan and lesson plan artifacts into the folder.

Google Drive Sharing Instructions

  1. Open Google Drive, and locate folder you want to share.
  2. Open folder and click the share icon on the top-right corner of page.
  3. Once the Share with Others box is open, click Get Shareable Link on top right corner of box.
  4. Copy the link and paste the folder link in the Google Drive Applicationfield.

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