TEACHER INFORMATION: Coach Basingerbs University of Arkansas

TEACHER INFORMATION: Coach Basingerbs University of Arkansas

Course Syllabus

Biology I

COURSE DESCRIPTION: Biology 1 is a freshman level course that will consist of 8 units the united that will be covered are included at the end of this syllabus. This is a two semester course; upon successful completion of this course 1.0 credit will be awarded toward graduation.

TEACHER INFORMATION:Coach BasingerBS – University of Arkansas


TUTORIAL TIMES: 7:30 AM – Monday, Tuesday, and Thursday ( except for one week out of each month when I have morning duty)


  • Prepare students to problem solve and understand biological processes.
  • Understanding of the living world around us.


  • 3 Ring binder, 1.5”
  • Bring one of the following items for classroom use
  • College ruled notebook paper
  • 2 rolls of papertowels


  • Reading- outside novels, short stories, essays
  • Essays- Narrative/Descriptive, Argument, Expository
  • Journals/Response logs- Reflections
  • Group Projects- team building, cooperative learning, group presentations
  • Portfolios- synthesize and tie essays and projects for reflection purposes

GRADING POLICY: A minimum of two daily assignment grades will be recorded each week of the grading cycle and a minimum of two major grades (tests, major assignments, projects, etc.) will be recorded each grading cycle. Daily grades will comprise 40% of the report card grade and major assignments will comprise 60% of the report card grade. The three grading cycles will account for 85% of the semester grade and the semester final exam which will be project-based will account for 15% of the semester grade.

The West Orange-Stark High School grade conversion scale is as follows:





69 & BelowF

LATE ASSIGNMENTS: Assignments must be submitted in a timely manner as they are reflective of the work that is being completed at the time. I want to return corrected work in a timely manner to give students feedback on the work completed. In order for work to be graded fairly and to be valid, then it must be submitted before corrected assignments are returned to other students, thus it is imperative that the student completes work and submits it on the due date.

Assignments MUST be turned in on the day they are due. Late work is not accepted, if the assignment is not turned in on the due date, then the student will receive a zero for a grade. The teacher may elect to provide an extra-credit assignment to replace a zero which is earned for missing work. However this is strictly at the teacher’s discretion.

MAKE-UP WORK: If a student is absent from class and his/her absence is excused by district policy, he/she may then turn in the assignment on the day he/she returns to school without a penalty. It is the student’s responsibility to obtain, from their teacher, the assignments missed during their absence from class. For each day the student is absent, they will receive one day to turn in the missed assignment.

ACADEMIC DISHONESTY: Academic dishonesty (including but not limited to plagiarism, cheating, etc.) is not acceptable. Cheating includes the copying of another student’s work – homework, class work, and/or test answers and claiming it to be one’s own work; talking during a test; accessing the internet during class/test without permission; use of any forbidden or electronic device such as study aids, cheat sheets, calculators, or cell phones without the express permission of the teacher. Plagiarism is the use of another person’s original ideas or writing without giving credit to the true author. A student found to have engaged in academic dishonesty will receive a grade of “zero” for the assignment in question, as well as disciplinary penalties, according to the Student Code of Conduct.

TRUANCY: If a student is deemed to be truant from class, (Unexcused absence from the class) not make-up work will be allowed per the West Orange-Cove CISD policy.

TARDINESS: It is important that students arrive at class and are ready to begin class when the bell rings. Tardiness will not be tolerated. On the fourth tardy, the student will be assigned to after school detention.

FOOD AND DRINK: Food and drinks are not allowed in class/common areas. Food items will be confiscated and thrown away.

ID POLICY: Students are required to wear their IDs to class and have them visibly displayed every day. Failure to wear IDs properly will result in implementing school-wide procedures for such violations.

HALL PASSES: No student will be allowed to leave the classroom without a pass. Passes will not be issued to conduct personal business, meet with teachers, or retrieve items from lockers. Students should use the bathroom during class changes. There is no hallway movement or leaving class after the first ten minutes of class.

PERSONAL COMMENTS: Daily classroom procedures have been reviewed. By establishing routine procedures little time should be wasted. It is my desire that with our combined effort and support that your child has a successful school year.

Biology 1 Course Layout

  1. Scientific Process Skills
  2. Lab Safety
  3. Measurement
  4. Scientific Methods
  5. Experimental Design
  6. Modeling
  1. Environmental Systems
  2. Biotic and Abiotic Factors
  3. Adaptations in various ecosystems
  4. Competition among organisms
  5. Symbiotic relationships
  6. Food webs and energy flow
  7. Microorganisms
  8. Balance in Biological systems
  9. Ecological Succession
  10. Properties of water
  11. Carbon/Nitrogen cycles
  12. Conservation of natural resources
  13. Pollution
  1. Cell Structure and Function
  2. Biological Organization
  3. Enzymes and Biomolecules
  4. Cell Structure
  5. Osmosis and Diffusion
  6. Photsynthesis and Cellular Respiration
  1. Cells and Molecular Genetics
  2. Cell Cycle
  3. Mitosis
  4. Cell Differentiation
  5. DNA structure and replication
  6. RNA and Protein Synthesis
  1. Genetics
  2. Meiosis
  3. Foundation of genetics
  4. Mendel’s Law of Heredity
  5. Mono- and dihybrid Punnet Squares
  6. Genetic Engineering
  7. Gene Expression and Regulation
  1. Evolution
  2. Evolution as a theory
  3. Fossil record and homologous structures
  4. Diversity among organisms
  5. Natural Selection
  6. Origins of Life
  1. Classification
  2. Taxonomy and Classification
  3. Invertebrates and Arthropods
  4. Vertebrates
  5. Plant Classification
  6. Fungi and Protists
  7. Bacteria and Viruses
  1. Biological Processes and systems
  2. Plant Systems
  3. Human body systems
  4. Internal Feedback Mechanisms
  5. Cancer
  6. Careers in Science


Coach Basinger - Room 809


  • Listen courteously when others are talking
  • Be truthful and honest
  • Respect the teacher and my peers
  • Be prepared for class each day with the necessary materials and supplies
  • Cooperate with others
  • Be on time for class and seated when the tardy bell rings
  • Not eat or drink in class
  • Observe all rules in the student handbook
  • Always do my best! SUCCESS NOTHING LESS!

Cell Phone Policy:

Use of Cell phones, tablets, i-pods, or any other multimedia devices will not be permitted during class. Use of these items will result in getting them taken up and turned into the front office. This is in accordance with the student handbook.

Course Syllabus

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