Syllabus for Biology I

Syllabus for Biology I

Patrick Henry High School
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Roanoke, VA 24015

Mrs. Jessica Lawrence

Room: 2214


Website can be accessed through the Patrick Henry High School website.

Phone: 853–2255 ext. 7214

***Tutoring available before school starting at 8:00 – 8:30am Monday through Friday or BY APPOINTMENT***

I.  Course: Biology I

II. Text: Biology (Prentice Hall 2004 edition)

III.  Course Description:

Biology is the study of living things and their processes. During this school year all students will make measurable progress in scientific investigation skills, laboratory techniques, and an understanding of the principles of living things. Students will explore science as a process, cell structure and function, genetics and heredity, evolution and classification, diversity of living organisms and their ecological roles, animal structure and function.

For more information on specific SOL’s covered and tested please visit the DOE at

IV.  Objectives:

·  Teach students practical scientific skills, which they can use to investigate, study, and explain the world around them.

·  Help students reach a deeper understanding of how Biology impacts their daily lives.

·  Each student will pass the Virginia Biology End of Course SOL test.

V.  Timeline/Calendar:

1st 9 weeks

·  Characteristics of Life

·  Scientific Investigation

·  Organic Compounds and Water

·  Cell Parts and Functions

2nd 9 weeks

·  Photosynthesis and Respiration

·  Cell Cycle – Mitosis and Meiosis

·  DNA and Replication

3rd 9 weeks

·  Genetics

·  Evolution

·  Classification

·  Viruses, Bacteria, Protists, Fungi

·  Ecology

4th 9 weeks

·  Plants

·  Invertebrates

·  Vertebrates

·  Human Biology

***For more information refer to the Curriculum Guide and the Course Map***

VI.  Course Requirements:

a.  Binder (or a section in one)

b.  Paper every day

c.  Pencil/pen every day

d.  PASS Laptop

e.  1-2 Quizzes per Unit per nine-week grading period

f.  Labs and Homework

g.  Benchmark Tests

h.  Biology SOL test in May

VII.  Policies: ** (Additional information can be found on the Course Map and Curriculum Guide attached)**

Attendance: You are expected to be in class, on time every day. If you cannot be in class let the teacher know as soon as you can. If you know you are going to be out ahead of time; ask for the work you are missing and let the teacher know. You are responsible for all make up work anytime you miss class.

Homework: Homework is expected to be completed and turned in on time. You will be required to complete some assignments outside of the classroom, and they are to be turned in by the beginning of the next class. It may not be turned in later unless you were absent the day it was assigned.

Make-up Work: It is the student’s responsibility to find out what material has been covered in his/her absence. Any work missed due to absences, field trips or suspensions must be made up within five (5) school days. Late work will not be accepted after this five day period and will result in a zero on that assignment. Please check the website for class notes and assignments when absent.

Grading: There is a 10 point grading scale A-F (100-59). In this class your grade is based on the total number of points that you earn. Grades will be updated weekly on Parent Portal, and posted bi-weekly in the classroom.

Benchmark Tests worth 200 Points Each

Quizzes worth 100 Points Each

Labs and Projects worth 100 Points Each

Classwork worth between 10 and 100 Points based on effort required

Assessments: During the school year you will be given multiple assessments on the SOL topics we will be covering. There will be Benchmark Tests as well as 1-2 quizzes (snapshots) per unit depending on the units being covered. If you at some point do not score an acceptable grade on a snapshot you will be given an opportunity to retake it to earn a higher grade.

Laboratory Assignments: You will be expected to follow all safety regulations for laboratory experiments. If you cannot follow procedures then I reserve the right to remove you from the lab and give you a zero, “0”, for the lab if you behave in an unsafe manner. Lab participation may also be denied if you fail to return the lab safety contract.

Electronics: All electronic devices will be put away during class. No part of the device can be out during class. If so I reserve the right to take your electronic device and turn it into your hall office. The outlets in the classroom are NOT places for you to charge your phones or electronic devices. If I see something charging I WILL take it and turn it in to your hall office. You are also expected to follow any other school policies on electronics.

Assessment Reminders: I will be sending text messages and email reminders to those students/parents who provide their phone numbers and/or email address. The text messages will be coming from a secondary source and the instructions on how to receive the message are attached to the signature page sent home on first day. You can sign up for email reminders by visiting my Biology webpage and filling in the online form.

Additional Resources: There will be an online copy of the textbook available for students to access. There are additional links to help review materials covered in class on the class web page. If you have any questions feel free to contact me any time.

How to succeed in this course:

1.  Keep a well-organized notebook. Your notes need to be kept in your binder. All worksheets, handouts, and graded work from class should be kept and organized by units covered.

2.  Turn in assignments completed and on time. This will give you a better grade and prepare you for upcoming assessments.

3.  Complete all make-up work in a timely manner.

4.  Follow teacher’s instructions and be respectful of class expectations.

How will you be graded?

You will be assessed for both your effort and your understanding of the material. Class work and home work are graded on both and assessments are graded more on understanding, but effort can give you a few points if you are unsure. You will have multiple classwork/homework assignments, quizzes, semester exams, 3 benchmarks, and one SOL Test.

Teacher Communication: You can come to tutoring any morning or after school by appointment in room 2214. If you have questions or need help you may email me at anytime and I check my email multiple times daily and in the evening. If you are home sick and would like to know what you are missing you can check my website through the Patrick Henry High School website. If you have a question during the day you may email me or call me at 540-853-2255 ext. 7214, if I do not have a class I will be happy to speak with you. If I am in class I will call you back as soon as I can. I also will be sending home a text message option with your students and for parents. You can receive text message reminders of upcoming assessments to your cell phone, your child’s phone, or both. * There is no charge, but you need to have Text Message capabilities with your phone plan*

Statements for Students with Disabilities: Any student with a documented disability will receive the accommodations in his/her IEP or 504 plan. If those accommodations are not sufficient for academic progress, the teacher, student, or parent may contact the case manager to arrange for a meeting to discuss additional options.

Statement on Academic Integrity: Patrick Henry seeks to maintain an optimal learning environment. General principles of academic honesty include respect for the intellectual property of others, the expectation that individual work will be submitted unless otherwise allowed by an instructor, and the obligations both to protect one’s own. All students are expected to understand and abide by these principles. Students representing the work of another as their own will receive a grade of “F” on that assignment. Students will sign a pledge on every assignment indicating that they have neither given nor received help.

Technology: In this class we will be using a lot of technology. You will need to be familiar with the School Fusion (school website), with, Microsoft Word, Power Point, and Excel documents, Email, laptops, microscopes, smart board, calculators, etc. I will give you a tutorial of School Fusion in class. We will also learn how to use the Microscopes, but if you have questions about other programs or technology please let me know and I will be happy to help you.

You will be required to submit assignments on the computer. If there are technical difficulties print a hard copy and bring it to class. If it is on Moodle, email me and I can fix the problem. If changes in due dates need to be made and are brought to my attention before the due date I will be happy to make arrangements accordingly.

If you have reservations about turning work in online you may always email a copy of your work to , as well as turning in on the appropriate site (our class website or Moodle).

*** In order to use the computers that we WILL be using, you must complete and abide by the acceptable use policy***

Class Expectations:

In order to make our class an effective place to learn, you are expected to behave according to the following guidelines.

A.  RESPECT your teacher and your fellow students. RESPECT school equipment.

  1. Example: Do not talk during instruction, Return equipment and materials before leaving class, Do your own work, Do not put others down.

B.  Be “ON TASK”. Pay attention and follow instructions.

C.  TRY! Try assignments even if you may not understand completely. Try a problem, refer to notes, try again, then ask the teacher for help.

D.  Aim to SUCCEED!!!! Do not settle for just passing Aim for an “A”.

It is expected that students will be respectful and strive to succeed. Please read the Student Handbook and abide by all school policies. If a student is having problems with attendance, attention, behavior or academics, I will call home to alleviate the problem.