SUBJECT: Triage Nurse Responsibilities SECTION

SUBJECT: Triage Nurse Responsibilities SECTION

Fairfield Community Health Center

Clinical Policy Manual


SUBJECT: Triage Nurse Responsibilities SECTION:





APPROVAL DATE: October 4, 2013EFFECTIVE: ______

Purpose: The triage nurse will be responsible for handling different tasks in the office to assist with the workflow and to streamline some of the repetitive duties of the providers and other clinical staff.


Reports and Results

  1. Triage nurse will review the PAQ for critical lab results and notify the physician via task to review in inbox. At Main Street, results will be forwarded to PCP resident.
  2. Triage nurse will inform provider by tasking or calling, reports or results that require immediate attention as indicated by verbiage that does not say “normal, nothing significant found” or labs that have the letters “L, H or C”. Triage nurse will NOT interpret results.
  3. Triage nurse will inform all patients of normal test results as instructed by the provider and document in patient chart using the Telephone Template.
  4. Provider will instruct nurse to inform patient of abnormal test results with strict instructions as to what needs to be relayed to the patient. Nurse will document in patient chart using the telephone template.

Nurse Visits

  1. Triage nurse is responsible for nurse visits, which may include immunizations and injections. Nurse will obtain a full set of vitals and document in patient chart reason for visit, vitals and duty performed as ordered by the provider.

Prior Authorizations

  1. Triage nurse will obtain prior authorizations for any medications or procedures ordered by the provider, insuring appropriate documentation of information.

Messages, Emails and Calls

  1. Triage nurse will respond to all phone messages left by patients within 24 hours and document in patient chart using the Telephone Template. The message, conversation and outcome of patient concerns will be documented with date and time corresponding with call.
  2. Triage nurse will also handle all calls from patients regarding care and determine if an appointment is necessary/appropriate in which case the triage nurse may schedule the appointment. If the patient requires urgent provider input, the provider is tasked and verbally notified. If the patient requires emergent evaluation the patient is referred to the Emergency Room/EMS. A response is required and the provider’s nurse will consult with the provider as needed to determine care.
  3. Messages received via email from the patient will be responded to within 24 hours of receipt. Medication refills will be responded to in 72 hours. Nurse will document email in telephone template indicating message was received via email. Once complete, the message is then saved and attached to the patient chart.

Drug Representatives

  1. Triage nurse will contact drug representatives when there is a need for additional sample medications to be brought into the office. Lunches may also be scheduled according to the provider’s availability.

Other Duties as Assigned

  1. Triage nurse will be available to assist in the clinic rooming patients, assisting with procedures, or working at the front desk.
  2. Triage nurse may be responsible for ordering clinical supplies using PSS.
  3. Triage nurse will update community resource lists and specialists contact information regularly.
  4. Records requests, VFC, sample medication log, referrals and other duties as assigned.

Responsibilities: Triage nurse