Subject: AAPPL Test Administration Information

Subject: AAPPL Test Administration Information

Subject: AAPPL Test Administration Information

Welcome to the AAPPL testing 2016! This email contains important information regarding test administration, including directions for logging in to the Client Site.

Your students have been loaded into the AAPPL system.

Be sure to review your class lists immediately to check for accuracy.

Send requests for changes to Cindy Perry no later than FRIDAY, MARCH 25. (Contact Information: (801) 826-5029 or )

You will receive the following AAPPL TESTING information via DISTRICT MAIL:

Printed class list and student log-in tickets (bring on test day and collect at the end of each test period)


Client Site Manual, with instruction on retrieving student results and instructions for help during administration of the test.

Be ready if you encounter problems on testing day.

• Please make sure, in advance of testing, and on the day of testing, that you will have access to local IT Support during testing. (In elementary schools this may be your AC; in secondary schools this will be your Ed Tech.)

The vast majority of problems encountered relate to the computer’s headphone and microphone settings, which is unrelated to AAPPL, and must be resolved on site. (Please note that if you are using the Google Chrome browser, you must select "Allow" at the top of the page for the microphone to work.)

If you have any problems with AAPPL that you cannot resolve by closing the browser and logging the student back in to the test, for immediate assistance please call the AAPPL Help Desk at 800-486-8444 and press "1." Alternatively you may email . Please include the name and login of the student who had a problem with the test, and a detailed description of the problem, so we can trace, and resolve it for you.

• With questions regarding student rosters, contact Cindy Perry at (801) 826-5029

• Your feedback on the test and the testing process is valued and encouraged! Thank you for helping to make this testing process better every year. Please email feedback to Michèle Harward ( ), Cassie Kapes () and Ofelia Wade ()

The login to your Client Site:



Thank you for your time and care to prepare for the AAPPL Test.


Cindy Perry, Technical Manager of Testing Data

Michèle Harward, WL 6-12th

Cassie Kapes, Secondary DLI

Ofelia Wade, Elementary Dual Language Immersion Director