Ü Students Will Be Able to Count from 1-20

Introducing German

Lesson 3


ü  colors

ü  numbers


ü  students will be able to count from 1-20

ü  students will be able to identify basic colors

ü  students will be able to describe flags of countries in the German-speaking world


ü  color cards

ü  Das Deutschbuch: pp. 6-7


A. Greetings (approx. 5 min)
Review saying hello and introducing yourself:

Guten Tag! Wer bist du? Wie geht’s?

B. Numbers (approx. 10 min)
Introduce the numbers 1-10 two or three numbers at a time:

Eins, zwei, drei // vier, fünf, sechs // sieben, acht, neun, zehn

Write the following rhyme on the board and go over the words:

eins, zwei, Polizei

drei, vier, kaltes Bier

fünf, sechs, alte Hex’

sieben, acht, gute Nacht

neun, zehn, auf Wiedersehen

Continue practicing by counting non-stop from 1-10 and then backwards.

C. Numbers 11-20 (approx. 5 min)
Introduce the numbers 11-20 in a similar fashion. Look at page 6 in Das Deutschbuch. You can also practice counting by twos and threes.

D. Total Physical Response (approx. 8 min)

Use Total Physical Response to practice numbers. Demonstrate each new verb. Get the students even more involved by having them carry out the command quickly (schnell), slowly (langsam), loudly (laut), or quietly (leise):

klatschen (to clap)

klatscht 2mal

klatscht 4mal

klatscht 6mal

gehen (to walk)

geht ___ Schritte nach vorn (2/ 5/ 8)

hopsen (to jump)

hopst 2mal/ 4mal/ 6mal

gehen (to walk)

geht ___ Schritte zurück (3/ 5)

klopfen (to knock)

klopft 1mal/ 3mal/ 5mal

E. Game: Autsch! (approx. 7 min)

Play the game Autsch! Write the numbers 1-14 on the board. Start by counting with your students. When you get to 3, say Autsch! instead of 3. Keep on conting. When you get to 13, say Autsch! again [***Depending on what level our students are at, you can also include multiples of 3 such as 6/ 9/ 12/ etc.***] You an cross out the numbers to indicate that students are not supposed to say anything with a 3 in it. When you think that the students understand, ask all of them to get up. Start again. When students make a mistake, ask them to sit down (Bitte setze dich hin – help them with a gesture so that they know to sit down). The students will understand quickly that this is a competition.

F. Colors (approx. 5 min)

Begin by writing the following colors on the board:

blau, weiß, rot, Schwarz, grün

braun, orange, violet, gelb, rosa

golden, silbern, grau

Pronounce each word before students repeat after you. Then students guess the English equivalents.

Using color cards, ask students questions:

Ist das grün? Blau?

Welche Farbe ist das?

G. Die Fahnen (approx. 5 min.)

Do the activity on page 7 in Das Deutschbuch where students can practice their newly acquired knowledge of colors.