Staff Present: Ellen Rose

Staff Present: Ellen Rose

May 4, 2017

Members Present: Fr. Dan Mrnarevic, Kelly Restad, Russ Prochko, Keith Holly, Ryan Brunner, Steve Zidon

Staff Present: Ellen Rose

Guest Presenter: Maura Ferguson

  1. Call to order – Director Restad called the meeting to order.
  2. Prayer – Fr. Dan led prayer.
  3. Review Agenda – Agenda approved.
  4. Holy Family/St. Mary’s School Report: Maura Ferguson, Development Director for Holy Family, presented cost analysis, income statement and 2018 projections for Holy Family/St. Mary’s School. Discussion centered around working together, future plans and funding students. There was also discussion about bringing scrip to St. Mary’s. Maura is still working on it. Adoration will take place for Hudson Tanabe, a student at Holy Family/St. Mary’s student who has leukemia, next Thursday from 9:30 to 2:30 at Holy Family. To show unity people are invited to wear orange and there will be wrist bands available for sale. Maura expressed her appreciation for what St. Mary’s does now but asked if there was any way St. Mary’s could do more in the way of funding it would be greatly appreciated.

According to the May 5th, 2016 finance council minutes finance council is to revisit annually what it does for the school. Council discussed St. Mary’s finances and the repairs that are taking place and a motion to stay with the same amount as 2016 with the same criteria was made, seconded. Passed unanimous.

  1. Standing Reports

a)Pastor’s Report – Father Dan reported that his last day at St. Mary’s will be June 28th. He will be going to St. Timothy’s in Manvel. Father James Gross will be St. Mary’s new pastor. There will be receptions after Father Dan’s last Masses on June 24th and 25th. He would like to be able to still celebrate Mass at Parkwood Place if possible and he will help at St. Anne’s. Father said that the new pastor will most likely want to preside at the council meetings. He reported that there will be new curriculum for the religious education students and there will be a Deanery meeting on May 19th to discuss the new unified curriculum.

b)Financial Reports

  1. Income Statement – (emailed) Council discussed income statement. Motion to approve. Approved.
  2. City Specials – Last month council voted that they were not in favor of the new street lights because we were told they were going to be cost prohibitive. Since then we received letters from the City telling us the future special assessments on the property and it was not cost prohibitive at all. Council voted to approve.

c)Personnel Report

  1. Emergency Response Plan – Ellen contacted the ND Safety Council to see about their Houses of Worship Violence Planning & Management course. This will involve training of key staff and parishioners in the event of a threat. Motion was made to approve the training with $1,000 expenditure and if more money is needed Ellen will need to seek further approval from council. Council voted to approve.

d)Maintenance Report

  1. North parapet wall bid – One bid was received from Bradco Restoration, Inc. Council approved.
  2. Johnson Controls will finish up their work on Monday.

e)IT Report – Kelly reported that he will be looking for and installing a new projector and screen. He has been dealing with ongoing problems with a couple computers at St. Mary’s.

  1. New Business

a)Father Dan thought it would be a good idea to have combined council meeting in June and maybe have a potluck at Fr. Gross’ convenience. He will let us know when that is.

  1. Adjourned