Son of John of Gaunt and Catherine Swynford. (C.P.XII Pp.39-45)

Son of John of Gaunt and Catherine Swynford. (C.P.XII Pp.39-45)

John BEAUFORT, K.G. (ca.1371-1410)

Earl of Somerset; Marquis of Dorset.

Son of John of Gaunt and Catherine Swynford. (C.P.XII pp.39-45)

= 1 Margaret, daughter of Thomas, Earl of Kent. (ibid.)

She 2 = Thomas, Duke of Clarence. (ibid.)

Sons: Henry(qv), John(qv) and Edmund(qv). (ibid.)

May-Sep 1390 Joined the crusade of the Duke of Bourbon to Barbary. (ibid.)

6 Dec. 1391 Knighted before this date. (ibid.)

7 Jun. 1392 Granted 100 marks a year. (ibid.)

1394 In Lithuania, on the crusade of the Teutonic Knights. (ibid.)

27 Oct.1396 Present at the meeting of Richard II and Charles VI. (ibid.)

9 Feb. 1397 Legitimated. (ibid.)

10 Feb. Created Earl of Somerset. (ibid.)

29 Sep. Created Marquis of Dorset and Marquis of Somerset. (ibid.)

20 Nov.Constable of WallingfordCastle. (ibid.)

5 Feb. 1398 Constable of Dover Castle and Warden of the Cinque Ports for life. (ibid.)

9 MayAdmiral of the Fleet. (ibid.)

2 Feb. 1399 Admiral of the Fleet of Ireland. (ibid.)

13 Oct.Attended the coronation banquet in Westminster Hall. (ibid.)

13 Dec.He was granted all castles, lands etc. forfeited by Sir Ralph de Lumley.

(C.P.R.1399-1401 p.173)

10 Feb.1400He was appointed Chamberlain of England for life. (ibid. p.192)

8 Nov.He was granted all of the forfeited lands of Owen de Glyndordy in North

and South Wales. (C.P.R. 1399-1401 p.384)

11 Nov.He was granted custody of all manors, lands etc. of the late Lady of Harrington, widow of Sir Robert de Haryngton, during the minority ofFulk Fitzwaryn.

(C.P.R. 1399-1401 p.380)

25 Nov.He was granted two beds with fittings and pillows, which had been forfeited

by John, Earl of Devon, by reason of his treason.

(C.P.R. 1399-1401 p.387)

30 Nov.He was granted a bed with various trappings. (C.P.R.1399-1401 p.394)

Jun. 1401 Appointed to attend Queen Isabel to Calais on her return to France.

(C.P.XII pp.39-45)

Summoned to a Great Council at Westminster. (ibid.)

1 Nov.Captain of Calais. (ibid.)

16 Nov.He was granted many lands in Devon formerly held by Sir William

Asthorp. (C.P.R.1401-5 p.17)

6 Jul. 1402 Escorted the King's daughter, Blanche, to Cologne for

her marriage to the Count Palatine of the Rhine. (C.P. XII pp.39-45)

Jan. 1403 Accompanied Joan of Navarre from Camaret to Cornwall. (ibid.)

28 Sep.King's Lieutenant of South Wales. (ibid.)

1403 He was a Captain in the standing force in Wales and the garrison at

Carmarthen. (

1 Mar. 1404 Appointed to the King's Council. (C.P. XII pp.39-45)

20 Oct.Constable of England. (ibid.)

15 Feb.1405 Keeper of ClarendonForest. (ibid.)

20 Jan.1406On a commission of the peace for Devon. (C.P.R. 1405-8 p.490)

13 Feb.1407On commissions of the peace for Devon, Dorset and Leicestershire

(ibid.pp.490-1 and 493)

7 May Constable of Corfe Castle for life. (ibid.)

14 May1408On a commission of the peace for Leicestershire. (C.P.R. 1405-8 p.493)

3 Jul. 1408 Conservator of the truce with Flanders. (C.P. XII pp.39-45)

Jul. 1409 Unhorsed Jean de Werchin, Steward of Hainault, in the lists at Smithfield. (ibid.)

16 Mar.1410 Died. (ibid.)

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