Single Honours Open Day Programme

Single Honours Open Day Programme






Wednesday 10th February, Wednesday 17th February, Thursday 25th February, Friday 4th March, Wednesday 9th March 2016

10.00 am onwards – Experience Sheffield Exhibition, Level 2 Students Union (map ref 120) – The Open Day commences with an optional opportunity to visit our Experience Sheffield Exhibition. You can choose to take a tour of our libraries, sports facilities or award-winning accommodation. You can also find out how you can enhance your learning journey and increase your skills and employability. What you see and do is up to you, and most activities will begin at 10.00. You can plan your visit by looking at the Exhibition webpage ().

Please note that a specially tailored campus tour is included as part of the Department of Politics Open Day, and will depart from Firth Court after you have registered at 11:45. You therefore do not need to book onto one of the Exhibition’s campus tours. Our tours do not include the Library or accommodation, so if you would like to have a tour of either of these, you must do this during your time at the Experience Sheffield Exhibition. You can find out more details about how to reserve your place to visit the Library and accommodation on the Experience Sheffield Exhibition website.

We recommend that you allow 2 hours to visit the Exhibition and see the Accommodation. After you have visited the Exhibition please make your way to Firth Court, which is the designated registration point for the Politics Open Day.

11.45-12.00 pm – Registration and Tour of the Campus, Firth Court (map ref 105) – Please come to the foyer of Firth Court, where our student ambassadors in blue tee-shirts will register you for the Department Open Day. Our ambassadors will then take you on a campus tour, including our award-winning Students Union, the main campus area, and the Sports Centre, before bringing you to the Department of Politics.

12.45 pm – Welcome & Course Information, Politics Department, Elmfield (map ref 31) – There will be a short welcome from the Head of Department, Professor Nicola Phillips, and a presentation by Dr Simon Rushton, Director of Recruitment.

1.30 pm – Buffet Lunch – Lunch and an opportunity to meet members of academic staff.

2.15 pm – Q&A Session with Staff and Student Ambassadors – Applicants: talk with student ambassadors and The Politics Society; guests of applicants: Q&A Session with Dr Simon Rushton and student ambassadors.

2.45 pm – Politics Taster Session – Join one of our lecturers to experience a mini-lecture in our lecture theatre, and get a real taste of the teaching that we offer.

3.15 pm – End of Open Day. Please note that all visitors are free to leave before the end of the programme if necessary for travelling.

If you arrive late, miss an event, or have any problems on the day, please contact

Katie Hunter on 07717 864122

All events are subject to change.