Should Not a Priority Over Our Children

Should Not a Priority Over Our Children


None – No advantages – N/A
  1. none
  2. NONE
  3. I see no advantage for kids. Savings financially would be the only advantage that I would see and that
  4. should not a priority over our children.
  5. I really don't see any advantage to it
  6. I cannot think of one reason this would be good.
  7. I do not see an advantage for anyone. Teachers can use summer time for additional development.
  9. I see no advantage.
  10. I don't see any advantage
  11. None
  12. Nothing
  13. Can't think of a advantage
  14. None
  15. Don't know
  16. I do not see any advantages.
  17. Can't see advantage or disadvantage at this point.
  18. Honestly can't think of any. Utilities will remain close to the same, salariesetc will remain the same.
  19. I wouldn't. But people with full time jobs and little kids wouldn't be able to find enough daycares to watch them kids to go to. And is it gonna mean longer days and how will it affect are community
  20. none
  21. I can think have NO advantage of a 4 day school week. Unless the teachers and admin give up 1/5 of their pay as they are taking 1/5 of their work days away. As if the entire summer isn't enough break for these teaches they now what 3 day weekends.
  22. I do not feel there are truly any advantages. I do not believe the staff will actually use that day off for PD, but rather as a free day.
  23. I see no advantage to the student by reducing the school week to 4 days
  24. Absolutely nothing!
  25. Not an advantage at all. What are you going to do with the kids whose parents work and now have to find sitters for a day a week. Do we really want young kids in school for a man extra hour
  26. No advantage at all!
  27. n/a
  28. Not sure that there would be any advantages.
  29. ?
  30. Uncertain
  31. Unsure right now
  32. I do not know of any advantages at this point. I would be interested in honest data from schools already implementing this program that are of similar size and socioeconomic status as our school and community.
  33. Nothing
  34. Nothing
  35. None
  36. Nothing
  37. I don't see one
  38. No advantages.
  39. It wouldn't effect me either way
  40. Nothing.
  41. I can not think of an advantage for the students in having a four day school week.
  42. N/A
  43. none
  44. Nothing
  45. none
  46. None
  47. I do not see an advantage
  48. ?
  49. None
  50. Nothing
  51. Nothing
  52. No
  53. At this time I do not see any advantages to switching to a 4 day school week.
  54. None
  55. I don't really see any advantages to it. I see it causing problems for parents to find daycare and daycare to have spots.
  56. Not a good idea . they already dont get a good education
  57. None
  58. Nothing
  59. I don't see an advantage.
  60. None
  61. NONE
  62. Not sure
  63. None
  64. There is none
  65. None
  66. I do not consider there to be an advantage.
  67. Parents of younger children would have to pay for daycare and daycares are already overloaded.
  68. If the school calendar were adjusted to year round, then maybe there would be an advantage.
  69. None at this time.
  70. None for students.
  71. cant really think of one as a parent who works that 5th day.
  72. Not sure, but I'm not opposed to it

Save the District Money
  1. The only advantage I could see that could possibly be a advantage is cost savings. I am assuming since this was not mentioned in the new article that the savings is very limited.
  2. Financial
  3. Less transportation costs
  4. Savings on bus service and food service
  5. A four day week can cut down expenses
  6. Savings for District in areas of transportation, utilities.
  7. Save school district money.
  8. cost savings to school
  9. I feel the savings for the school in transportation and energy savings would be a step in the right direction.
  10. Cost saving
  11. cut cost for the district
  12. The school would save money as far as operating costs associated with the building being utilized an extra day, as well as food costs, and bus operation one less day per week.
  13. There are also financial advantages as well such business students 1 less day, 1 less day of lunches and so on
  14. Economic savings for school district
  15. save on utilities for the school, less on busing costs.
  16. This would save the school district money.
  17. Saving money on things such as electricity, water, gas for buses, etc.
  18. Save money on running the buses.
  19. Cheaper on transportation for school.
  20. Maybe slight financial gain for district
  21. Save the school districts money!
  22. I believe the district would be able to save money going to a four day school week.
  23. It would save the school money.
  24. Reduction in bus trips.
  25. Should be financial savings to the district if implemented correctly
  26. Cost savings in utilities, food and transportation costs for the district.
  27. Financially beneficial for school and students.
  28. Less cost for busing. Maybe less cost for school building heating/cooling, etc.
  29. Cost to school,
  30. The school district would save on transportation expenses, lunch expenses, custodial expenses, and other operating costs. I see no advantage to the students nor their families.
  31. Savings of transportation, lunch expenses, some custodial costs. No advantage to the students nor their families.
  32. Less transportation cost
  33. Slight savings of transportation costs.
  34. Savings of teacher pay, if the plan would be to reduce pay commensurate with the hours.
  36. Lower cost to school district with hourly wages, bus transportation, and utility costs.
  37. Save money on transportation, lunch service, possibly utilities, and maybe non teaching salaries
  38. Save on transportation, utilities, etc..
  39. Saves money on transportation.
  40. School Expenses would be less.
  41. Save on gas for the school with running buses. Teachers who live out of town can save gas also.
  42. Save minimal money on bussing.
  43. Would save school district money,
  44. Saving the school money
  45. Financial savings for the school district.
  46. money savings on busing and school lunch program,
  47. Transportation cost
  48. Saves the district money in some ways
  49. Save $ on bus and utilities
  50. less transportation cost for students, less utilities bills for school district,
  51. savings for the school district
  52. Not really advantage to me but see advantage for financial reasons for school
  53. lower school taxes since all teachers would have less work
  54. That we would be able to save money.
  55. for a district, maybe fiancial savings.
  56. Operational/Financial savings - transportation, heating/cooling, meals, etc.
  57. Transportation savings
  58. I think it would give a cost advantage to the school because they will not require transportation on the 5th day,
  59. Only one...cost savings for the district.
  60. For the school, probably financial.
  61. * financial, less transportation, janitorial, lunch and other support staff
  62. I feel it would be financially better for the district.
  63. Saving money on transportation, saving money on meals,
  64. Expense savings
  65. Less cost to school.
  66. Reduction in bus trips. Cutting the legs out from under Holy Rosary's transportation.

More teacher prep time
  1. Teaching staff would have 1 "child free" day a week.
  2. gives teachers the chance to prepare on the extra that they don't teach.
  3. Teachers being well prepared and well rested.
  4. more time for teachers to plan and get their work done.
  5. More prep time for teachers
  6. and a full day for teachers to prep without students.
  7. An advantage could be that the teachers could have an extra day for preparing work for the week
  8. Give staff a day of planning.
  9. To be able to plan better for the school day.
  10. No teacher service days during the week the whole year. Their service days will be the day of no students. The teachers will have time to accurately keep up with parent portal.
  11. Possibly some for teachers prep.
  12. As a teacher I would appreciate having a day to analyze data in order to differentiate groups based on ability. It is very difficult to grade, assess, and create interventions without bringing a ton of work home.
  13. I would be able to put more effort into my lesson plans, grading and making sure I meet every child's need. Right now I feel like I am drained and therefore my students aren't getting the best teacher that they could possibly have
  14. staff meetings, more prep time for teachers to plan more rigorousclassroom instruction and activities, etc.
  15. I believe that the teachers would benefit by being more prepared.
  16. I like the fact that a four day school week would allow teachers to have additional time to get materials ready and to plan more thoughtful instruction.
  17. More preparatory time for teachers.
  18. More collaboration/time for teachers to work
  19. Advantage to teachers. If I'm understanding correctly, more time in their classrooms.
  20. I think the staff would be more focused.
  21. better quality planning time for staff members,
  22. An extra prep day/day off.

More teacher PD / collaboration time
  1. Teachers being able to have PD days without canceling school or having half days.
  2. staff development days could be scheduled for that 5th day of the week.
  3. Greater opportunity for cross curricular endeavors, -More Professional Development time, -More focused teaching
  4. built in professional development day
  5. More uninterrupted PD time for teachers.
  6. more PD time for teachers
  7. give teachers plenty of time to work on training.
  8. It would also allow for Professional Development Days for the teachers.
  9. regular professional development opportunities;

Reduce absences, Give time for appointments
  1. Appointments on the day off...less absences.
  2. A day of the week for scheduling appointments for students and staff but if they are using the school calendar, which is out a year in advance, this really shouldn't be an issue.
  3. possibly better attendance, appointments could be made on that day & not all the signing out
  4. Would know what day to schedule appointments
  5. better attendance
  6. easier to make appointments
  7. It should increase attendance as parents hopefully would schedule appointments with doctors, dentist, etc would be scheduled on the day off.
  8. better attendance
  9. Possibility of having better attendance from students and staff.
  10. I believe that having a day off during the week may cut down on students and staff being gone by using that day for appointments.
  11. more compliant with absences
  12. Catching all DrAppts
  13. I would like to believe parents would schedule medical appts./senior pictures/hair appts. etc. on the day school would be out so attendance would be better.
  14. Being able to schedule dr appointments on Monday.
  15. -Less faculty absenteeism
  16. The extra day off would allow parents to plan appts better resulting in children missing less school
  17. Higher attendance rates
  18. Day for Dr appointments.
  19. Set day for doctor appointments
  20. . I could also schedule my doctor appointments on the day we have off, and that would in turn cause less subbing.
  21. fewer sick days due to routine dr visits (can schedule on day off),
  22. Parents can use the day that students are not in session to schedule appointments.
  23. students would not miss as many days for dr/dentist appts, would save money on substitute teachers - teachers absent for dr/dentist appts, with one more day at home there may be fewer sick days for students and staff
  24. I think having the extra day off each week would allow students and staff a day to make appointments so they would not miss as much school.
  25. Cut down on absenteeism with both students and staff.
  26. Schedule appointments on days off
  27. Fewer issues with attendance
  28. Improvement in Attendance
  29. a day during the week to make appts that the kids would normally miss school for.
  30. Reduction in student and staff absences.
  31. better attendance of staff and students
  32. On a personal level this would be extremely convenient for taking care of those Dr appointments on the child's business day off which would also help attendance.
  33. Could make appointments for kids
  34. More options for doctor appt etc.
  35. Time for doctor appointments
  36. Staff and students attendance would be better because appointments could be made on day off.
  37. Be able to make appointments on the day off for students and teachers.
  38. It would also allow us to schedule appointments and not miss school.

Less stress for students / teachers. More energy at school
  1. Would give staff/students a "mental" break.
  2. Better Teacher and Student Morale- extra day to be ready for the students and the students get an extra day to be well rested and be engaged to learn if they had a busy weekend
  3. Increased morale;
  4. Kids would be more active in school and prepared with energy.
  5. maybe less burnout
  6. My 5year old wouldn’t be so wore out from a 5 day week
  7. Less stress for children. Less burnout for parents and children.
  8. Less chance of burnout
  9. better attitudes,
  10. My oldest daughter goes to college 4 days a week. This seems to keep burnout at bay and keep her more interested in school so I believe attendance would improve and there would be less disciplinary actions
  11. Another day for children to rest. I feel like everybody is so busy...... that sometimes they can't learn to their full potential. Especially if a student is involved in multiple extra activities.
  12. Also I would think that since everybody loves 3 day weekends that in turn would boost attendance and moral
  13. Focus of students
  14. Students will be more focused at school.
  15. More time with my kids on the weekend. With a weekday off, we would be less likely to have other obligations such as sporting events. Saturdays and Sundays fill up with church, extended family, and sporting events. While that is all good, it would be great to have a weekday for relaxing and recharging.
  16. Longer weekends if was going to be traveling out of town
  17. Children need downtime. They get burnt out on school and I definitely think an extra day off would be beneficial.
  18. More down time less pressure
  19. More "down" time (public school eats up the majority of childhood with little time to just explore and grow) as well as independent study based on the child's interests, rather than limited to the narrow selections offered by the school.
  20. Morale boost by simply having more rest and each weekend being a long one:-),
  21. Giving the children an extra day of rest from school/stress,
  22. Less stress,
  23. More time off and more motivated/interested while there.
  24. Longer weekends More rested students

More family time / vacation time / time off
  1. 3 day weekend
  2. more family time on days off.
  3. More family time
  4. It offers more free time for the kids to be active,
  5. longer weekends
  6. Longer weekend for the kids to enjoy.
  7. extra family time
  8. Shorter week
  9. 3 day weekend
  10. Longer weekends.
  11. More family time.
  12. Who doesn't want a 4-day work week, at least most weeks? The faculty and staff will love it. Students will have more time away from school, which may be great for some.
  13. Think kids would get more of a break. Isabelle has epilepsy so I know it would benefit her a lot. Everyone in our household loves the 4 day week idea. Really hope this passes!
  14. For children, having a three-day weekend.
  15. More time for kids to be home where they can be kids,
  16. It would also be nice for people that travel on the weekends.
  17. Being able to do extended weekend trips, doctors’ appointments,
  18. My children will be home more. Maybe they won't be as busy. It would mean less trips to town.It might mean more rested children and less sickness. We like the idea but have many questions.
  19. 3 day weekend for staff and child.
  20. Kids would get more free time.
  21. Teacher and families could have extended weekends.
  22. Get to spend more time with my kids.
  23. More free time for students.
  24. longer home time for family events.
  25. I think an advantage would be more time spent with the family.
  26. More family time on the weekends. And availability for those of us that only have our children every other weekend. It would be 3 full days and that would be fantastic.
  27. Spend extra day w/ my child!
  28. More time home with children over weekend
  29. More family time
  30. Just more free time.
  31. plus the weekends my children are at their fathers they will have time to complete homework and get rest.
  32. more time for family
  33. Opportunity for families to take advantage of a three day weekend.
  34. Not having to fight them to get up.
  35. When we go on vacation we can take more time. Being able to spend more time with my children.
  36. More family time, extended weekends,
  37. Being able to do more things as a family.
  38. More time with a parent,
  39. more sleep
  40. More family time at home