Seminar: Philippine Culture and Current Issues

Seminar: Philippine Culture and Current Issues

Seminar: Philippine Culture and Current Issues

Course Content

More than the usual image you may have of the Philippines as a country of bananas, Smokey mountain and street children or Cebu as a number one Japanese holiday destination… you will learn more and beyond. This course will give you basic knowledge, better understanding and appreciation of the diverse aspects of Philippine culture and current affairs.

The topic areas will cover the rich cultural heritage, the blending of foreign and native influences, the traditional and modern life represented in music, dance, language, values, beliefs, food, festivals, etc. Bamboo dance, children’s games, movies, a taste of Philippine cuisine and participating in Philippine Festival and or concerts in Nagoya are just among other exciting things you will enjoy and experience.

Students will be asked to choose topics to research on and present them in class. Each week we will be sharing current news reports about the country.

To highlight your seminar experience, we will have a face-to-face cultural discussion or interaction with university students in the Philippines through video-conferencing.

For you who want to make a difference in the lives of others you can join a volunteer program to build homes and lasting relationships in the Philippines which the teacher organizes. So, his course is also meant for you!

Course Goal

The goal of the course is for students to be well-informed, to gain a better understanding and appreciation of the Philippine culture and its current situation.

The students will study the geography, historical and cultural background including the arts, values, beliefs, socio-economic and political systems, etc. and be aware of the contemporary issues and events such as people power, overseas workers, population and health issues, and economic development. To achieve these goals research, technology, discussion, analysis and critical thinking skills will be enhanced. Students will be asked to choose topics to research on and present to class. The teacher also presents and gives supplementary information about the topic of the day.

Weekly schedule:

  1. Introduction. Trivia questions. Map reading. General information
  2. What is culture? Selection of topics for research and presentations
  3. Video showing. Glimpse of the country’s origin, food, sights and sounds
  4. Topics can be any of the following or chosen by students: History
  5. Outstanding men and women
  6. Language and education
  7. People and prayer power
  8. That’s entertainment
  9. Diet & health/Traditional cuisine vs. fast foods
  10. Transportation/Travel and Tours
  11. Fashion trends, art and music
  12. Sports and games
  13. Job seekers/Entrepreneurs
  14. The youth and yuppies
  15. Overseas Filipino workers
  16. Final exam. End term cultural program/Report


Reflection paper and homework/News 30% Quizzes 25%

Presentation/Video conference 25% Participation/Attendance 20%

No textbook required